CSU Live Testimonial

Zeinab Mourad

Zeinab Mourad
Master of Islamic Studies

"I’m a Youth Worker and noticed a huge gap in service provision for the Muslim community. I wanted to study something that would nourish my mind and stimulate thought, and at the same allow me to serve my community.

"I was able to fit study into my life as the course was so flexible and it suited my needs. Having it structured the way it is with night and weekend classes meant that I didn’t need to put my other life goals aside. I could balance work, study, community and family commitments.

"The classes consist of a diverse variety of perspectives, with people from all walks of life, making for robust discussions, with people sharing experiences and learning not only from lecturers but also from classmates. My fellow students feel like a family.

"The staff at the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) have been very supportive. They run a number of community events and provide resources that have helped me along my study journey.  

"This course has really built for me a secure foundation of knowledge on to which I can expand when working with the community. I will be the first in my family to graduate with a master’s qualification, which is very exciting.

"This entire journey has been a series of memorable experiences; we have laughed together, challenged social paradigms together, been disappointed with world events together, smiled together, had picnics together and much more. It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride."