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Water Refill Stations

Free Water Project

CSU is providing alternatives to bottled water on our campuses, through the installation of new bubblers and bottle refilling stations, and the sale of reusable bottles at our retail outlets.

The removal of bottled water sales from CSU campuses has many environmental benefits, including:

  • Reduced energy associated with production, packaging and transport of bottled water;
  • Reduced waste produced by disposable bottles; and
  • Triggering cultural change, by encouraging staff and students to consider the impact their everyday choices can have on their environment.

Find the Water Refill Station Near YOU

Use the table below to find the location of water refill stations on your local campus. For the exact location please visit FMCentral, go to Map Enquiry and activate the Sustainability Folder for your chosen campus.

Wagga Wagga





Building 10
David Morell Labs (wall mounted, top building facing courtyard)
Building 666
Peter Till Science
& Health Labs (three within building)
Building 1295 Science Labs / Human Movement (external opposite 1297)Building 1000         Bar / Bistro / Gym / Kitchen (external opposite 1001)

Building 901 Learning Centre

Building 12
Keith Swan Theatre
Building 673
Gordon Beavan Building
Building 1275 Accommodation
Building 1001       Admin Office (two within building) Building 902 Teaching & Learning / Cafe
Building 13
William Merrylees Library (front & back entrance & inside level 2)

Building 674.101 Facilities Management

Building 1410 Phillips Building Building 1005     Library Building 922      Court amenities
Building 20
Student Amenities Centre (internal zip tap near The Hub exit)
Building 715 Community Engagement & Wellness CentreBuilding 1411 Mansfield (two wall mounted bubblers on each level & one external t

Building 1006 Dental Teaching Facilities / Clinic (Reception & Simulation Clinic)

Building 30 Dentistry and Health Sciences (internal lower level)

Building 751 C.D. Blake
Lecture Theatre (one inside & one outside)
Building 1412 Truskett Library (two, both external to building)Building 1010 Ingold House (on path opposite to 1010)
Building 230
Centre (adjacent to toilets)
Building 752 Gums Cafe Building 1414 Mason Building (external in corridor)Building 1013 RJ Napier Building
Building 268
Sutherland Labs

Building 753  The Nowik
Learning Commons

Building 1470 Community Engagement & Wellness Centre (three refill stations)Building 1014 School of
Community Health
Building 279
Gymnasium (internal)
Building 754 Learning &
Teaching Hub
Residences   The Towers & John Oxley Village (scattered throughout)Building 1016 Demountable
Classroom 4 (external to building)
Building 289
National Life
Sciences Hub (locker area)
Building 761 Teaching Building