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Curious? Short Films

This page is updated regularly with links to short films that are environmentally or socially themed. These resources come from a variety of sources and can be used as a teaching resource or for personal viewing! Perhaps even share around the workplace!

The films have been placed below themed headings for easier navigation through topics.

Eco-Ethics in Industry 

Eco-Designer - Sustainability in Design: Zoe Pook; David Waterworth; Georgia McCorkill; Green Collect

These very short film clips have been taken from interviews of four creative industry professionals. The films are resources for those in design who are aiming to embed sustainability into their designs.

Human Costs

The Human Cost of Power (short version)

This new short film explores the health impacts associated with massive expansion of coal and unconventional gas in Australia.


The Story of Solutions

This short film is the new release by the makers of The Story of Stuff, The Story of Cosmetics and others. It highlights the way we 'play the game' and challenges us to play a new game that works towards a 'goal' of 'better' and not 'more'. It explores how we can move our economy in more sustainable and just direction - better health, better jobs and a better chance to survive on the planet. 

Climate Change and Religion in Australia (Greenpeace Australia)

This short film was made in 2013 by Greenpeace Australia in conjunction with religious leaders representing the Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Catholic faith traditions. They call on Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott to wind back coal exports and recognise the moral implications of inaction on cliate change. The leaders have written an open letter to the Australian people.

Waste to Wages - Community Recycling Enterprises

There are a growing number of Community Recycling Enterprises in Australia. The aim of these community recycling enterprises are to reduce landfill and create jobs, which are sustained by the sales of items collected through recycling depots and waste stations. These items are sold through recycled resource stores and tip shops. These enterprises benefit the whole community through good waste management practices, through the creating employment and providing items at low costs back to the community.

The Current - Source to Somewhere

A mix of environmental activism and adventure sport, The Current, documents the source of the water of the Colorado River, where it is extracted and how important the resource security is under a changing climate. Four friends white water raft the river from its source whilst documenting the adventure and the importance of sustainable water use.  

AYCC 2012 Highlights

Australian Youth Climate Coalition is for youth activism against climate damaging practices. They build support and promote renewable energy. 

Bill McKibben's Thought Bubble: The Fight of Our Time

Bill McKibben is the fouder of, a global thinker and leader, and author of several books. In this short film he shares a call to action to break the power of the fossil fuel industry.

If You Drink Coffee, Here's a Fact You Need to Wake Up To

Everything leading up to your morning coffee is the absolute worst — from standing in line to the person in front of you ordering a half-soy-half-skinny double shot with cherry syrup and a pinch of cinnamon, to the barista getting your name wrong. (Is that a job qualification?) But as bad as all that is, what if the worst thing about our morning java is something we don't even see? 

Lifecycle of 'Stuff'

Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a 20 minute film by The Story of Stuff team, including Annie Leonard who narrates the film. It takes the viewer through the lifecycle of 'stuff'. From resource extraction to final disposal, the film briefly explains how various stages through the lifecycle of 'stuff' affects the human population, our natural resources, the climate and our happiness. Definitely worth more than one view!

This is Your Life Cycle (2012) & Life Pscycle-ology (2010)

The Secret Life of Things is a great website that provides many educational resources. These short films are taken from the website and take the viewer through the lifecycle of the product.

Impacts of Climate Change

Global Warming Menu

A short film by WWF to raise awareness about the impact of global warming. WWF Paraguay made a lunch cooked on the asphalt. Published on April 15, 2014.  

ABC Catalyst - Extreme Weather

A 20 minute special that reviews the increase in global extreme weather events. It explains some of the mechanisms behind the high frequency and magnitude of extreme events, such as heat waves, floods and blizzards, that have killed tens of thousands of people over the last few years.

First Country to Convert to Renewable Energy

Tokelau is the smallest country in the world and one threatened by rising sea level as a result of our changing climate. Since November 2012 it was the first country in the world to be 100% renewable energy after installing a solar unit and removing all fuel generators.

Advances in Technology Efficiency

Intelligent Lighting Inspired by a School of Fish

A small Aussie start up is aiming to light up the corporate world. Organic Response is a business that started out in a Melbourne backstreet. The switched on founders are in line for a slew of international awards for their sensor technology and in line for a swag of contracts in the 200 billion dollar lighting control market.


AYCC - Climate Super Heroes

Individuals targeting super funds to divest super from climate damaging companies and investing super into renewable energy and other environmentally and socially ethical companies.