Green Steps Program

A decade ago, a group of students at Monash University decided they wanted to start putting their university learning's into practice, so they established the Green Steps program to provide a hands-on, practical approach to learning that translated theories into action. Green Steps is now run by the Monash Sustainability Institute in conjunction with host universities such as CSU. Green Steps bridges the gap between knowledge acquired at university and skills required in the 'real world' of work. Green Steps has proven to be a valuable platform for people embarking on an environmental career, with the majority of Green Steppers going on to work in the environment sector and making a positive difference within organisations and the community.

Green Steps has alumni of over 700 people, and has partnered with over 300 different organisations in sustainability projects across Australia. Last year, the program was honoured with a Banksia Award in the education category.

Green Steps is offered to tertiary students through selected host universities around Australia. Typical course intake is around 12-16 people. Green Steps is free to successful applicants. As you would imagine, places are limited and the application process is highly competitive.


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