Business and Industry Engagement - Best Practice

Message to our students, staff and local community

As an educational institution, we’re viewed as a leader in growth and innovation. It’s our responsibility to engage with the community, in particular with business and industry and commit to working together to benefit wider society.

CSU’s relationship with business and industry may be to share physical space or equipment; to encourage collaborative teaching and research projects, to incubate or support new companies; or to provide real-world learning opportunities for students or recent graduates.

CSU, like other educational institutions, contributes to the local economy. We do this directly; through the procurement of local products and services, or indirectly; by strengthening the local workforce through skills development. You can support this by using (and encouraging others to use) local businesses and services.


Champion Position Campus
Sandra Wallace Regional Relations Project Officer, Strategic Planning and Information Port Macquarie
Peter Fraser Director, Government and community relations, Office of Vice Chancellor Bathurst
Wes Ward Media Officer, Division of Marketing and Communication Albury-Wodonga
John Rafferty Sustainability Community Co-operative, Lecturer School of Environmental Sciences Albury-Wodonga

Progress toward best practice

This framework was benchmarked with Business and Industry Interface on 7 September 2016.

This graph shows our progress toward best practice across the eight activity areas for this framework.

The below graph illustrates our progress towards best practice across the eight (8) activity areas.  The orange bars reaching four (4) highlight best practice and the lower bars in blue indicate CSU’s current baseline ratings.

Business Engagement and Business and Industry Interface - September 2016

CO2 Australia’s Aaron Soanes and CSU Green Manager Ed Maher

Partnership between CSU and CO2 Australia who provide our carbon offsets