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Our Commitments

At Charles Sturt University (CSU), sustainability is a key strategic priority area, encompassing course and campus needs, with the vision of continually improving our performance in the sustainability space. 

CSU Green works towards the actions and outputs outlined in CSU's 2015-2016 Sub-Plan (Infrastructure Physical and Virtual), which is part of the broader University Strategy.  


(what we do)


(what we deliver)


(what difference we make) 


  1. Implement stage 1 at Wagga and Bathurst Campuses
  2. Expand scope to stage 2 facilities at Wagga and Bathurst Campus
  3. Implement at smaller campuses

OP3.1 Implement Energy Performance Contract

OC3 Improved performance in sustainability

  1. Establish large scale PV project at Wagga Wagga (subject to a change in the University's appetite)
  2. Identify other opportunities including external funding.
  3. Secure investment and run initiatives

OP3.2 Expansion of on-campus embedded energy generation capacity

  1. Implement improvement initiatives against the LiFE priority areas through a process involving organisation-wide participation and decentralized assignment of responsibilities. The LiFE priority areas are defined as:
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Learning, Teaching and Research
  • Partnership and Engagement
  • Campus Operations

OP3.3 Holistic integration of sustainability principles across curriculum, research and operating practices

  1. Progress against OP3.1; OP3.2; and OP3.3 above
  2. Identify other opportunities, e.g. purchasing offsets, other
  3. Take action.

OP3.4 Improved carbon footprint

In addition, CSU Green assists with the management and monitoring of CSU's LiFE program and works towards meeting the following targets and objectives:

Talloires Declaration 

In 2007, CSU became a signatory to the Talloires Declaration, an international commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education, signed by over 350 other universities around the world.

Through this Declaration, CSU has committed to take the following actions for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy into teaching, research, operations and outreach:

  1. Increase awareness of environmentally sustainable development
  2. Create an institutional culture of sustainability
  3. Educate for environmentally responsible citizenship
  4. Foster environmental literacy for all
  5. Practice institutional ecology
  6. Involve all stakeholders
  7. Collaborate for interdisciplinary approaches
  8. Enhance capacity for primary and secondary schools
  9. Broaden service and outreach nationally and internationally
  10. Maintain the movement.