Action plan


Here are a few things you can do to enjoy our sustainable spaces and reduce energy use:

  • Learn how to use the features of your building to maximise comfort and energy efficiency – contact CSU Green to find out more
  • Use outdoor courtyard and green spaces for studying, meetings and events
  • Open workspaces up to natural light and views to the outdoors
  • Get fit with active transport choices and use our end-of-trip facilities to store your bike or take a shower.

Examples of sustainable construction and renovation

"The connection between sustainability and projects, and therefore project management is not often articulated. Some of the most sustainable choices in project management are in things like, ensuring we are not investing in redundant facilities, that we embrace building design that works with the climate. Most important is ensuring that the give back to the campus, environment and community for the project is greater than the project’s expenditure.

In my role, the link can be challenging. You need to make the conceptual, practical. Having a sustainability framework established upfront, is the only way I know how to manage the wide array of sustainability aspects and their interrelated trade-offs front of mind for the length of a project. For the Port Project, we chose to group aspects into; User Comfort and Wellbeing, Transport, Operations, Water, Social and Community, Energy and Carbon, Sustainable materials.  Then pursue strategies within each of these. No single aspect of a build project can be considered the most important. The key is in utilising the framework to help drive project decisions."

Maree Neary – Special Projects Manager

Construction Site- Dubbo