Current Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
VIDEO CONFERENCING: Due to system upgrades the video conferencing system will be unavailable for short periods during the evening. Staff and Students NA 20-Jun-2018 18:00 22-Jun-2018 21:00

The Division of Information Technology provides a secure and reliable computing environment for all students and staff. In order to achieve this, scheduled systems maintenance is required to occur from time to time in a managed way so as to minimise any disruption to IT services.

Evidence from student engagement indicates the least disruptive times for students is early mornings. As such, the preferred maintenance window for:

  • Student Online Systems is Thursdays 5.00am - 8.00am.
  • Non Student Online Systems is Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

The maintenance window will allow enhancements that require a disruption to a CSU system to be implemented, tested and approved in an optimal time frame.

If you are a student and require more information about a service disruption please contact Student Central. If you are a staff member and require more information about a service disruption please contact the IT Service Desk..

Planned Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
My Research (Research Master) will be unavailable from 5 pm Thursday 21st of June to 1 pm Monday 2nd of July while the system is upgraded to the new version. Research Office Staff, Researchers, and Higher Degree by Research Students For urgent enquiries relating to information contained in Research Master during this period please contact the Research Office on 02 6933 2578. 21-Jun-2018 17:00 02-Jul-2018 13:00
INTERACT2 (BLACKBOARD) will be unavailable between 12am (midnight) and 6am Sunday June 24th while the vendor undertakes maintenance. Interact2 (Blackboard) users only. Note: Interact/MSI is unaffected. N/A 24-Jun-2018 00:00 24-Jun-2018 06:00

Concluded Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
EZPROXY, GPS, EQUELLA, CSU REPLAY, SMART TOOLS, WEB KIOSK EASTS, MSI, CSUSAP, BIEMS, FAST, WWW (NON CMS), ECOMMS, MESSAGE CENTRE, EXAMS, TIMETABLING, BRIDGIT: Security updates will be applied to a range of services during the course of the morning. Services may be temporarily affected during this period. Staff & Students NA 21-Jun-2018 05:00 21-Jun-2018 08:00
Students accessing STUDENT PORTAL are seeing intermittent cases where the Dashboard fails to load. The "Loading Dashboard" message remains on-screen. Students Clear the browser cache and reload the page or load the page under http rather than https 18-Jun-2018 09:05 20-Jun-2018 08:25
ADOBE CONNECT (Online Meeting) will be unavailable between 6am and 6pm AEDT on Saturday 16th June while the vendor upgrades to version 9.7 All Online meeting users N/A 16-Jun-2018 06:00 16-Jun-2018 18:00
SELF SERVICE PORTAL (CHERWELL) & CHERWELL CLIENT - Cherwell Operations will be installing system patches and upgrades on the hosting infrastructure on Saturday, 19 May 2018. While we do not anticipate any service being interrupted for the entire maintenance period, you may experience disruption to your service at any time during the window and up to the full duration. All CSU Staff Access to the service is still available, however, service may be occasionally disrupted or slow. 16-Jun-2018 02:00 16-Jun-2018 09:00
Search based on GOOGLE SEARCH APPLIANCE returning errors All users hitting CSU sites except for www.csu None 14-Jun-2018 13:40 14-Jun-2018 14:00
The Change Password page and the My Offer and Activate Login/Forgotten Password process will be unavailable on Wednesday 13th June from 18:00 – 18:30 whilst enhancements are being completed. Staff and Students N/A 13-Jun-2018 18:00 13-Jun-2018 18:25
PASSWORD and ACCOUNT changes are taking longer than expected to pass through the systems. This is due to a large volume of changes occurring. All staff and students updating details or passwords will be impacted N/A 08-Jun-2018 15:15 08-Jun-2018 20:00
PAGEUP - We have been notified that our recruitment system provider, PageUp People Ltd, recently detected unusual activity on their system. They are currently investigating the issue. As a precaution, we have decided to temporarily remove staff access to the PageUp system via SSO. ALL Staff While the system is unavailable please contact HR via or 84884 When the OK to access PAGEUP again is given users will need to logout of existing SSO sessions, close their browser, including ALL tabs / windows and then log into PAGEUP. Is this is not done they will still get the "ACCESS DENIED" message. 08-Jun-2018 11:45 18-Jun-2018 09:35
ACSES - Academic Course & Subject Entry System is to be updated to include a further release of the Subject Offering Admin Roles previously managed by the SCMF process. The upgrade will be performed via a rolling install so while no outage is expected the performance of applications hosted on the servers may be impacted. Users of the ACSES System, AWMS, CFS, Special Cons & Student Survey may experience performance issues or drop outs while this work is performed. Not Available - wait 5 minutes and retry. 07-Jun-2018 06:00 07-Jun-2018 08:00
SPECIAL CONSIDERATION - The application is currently experiencing long load times and appears unresponsive. All students and staff needing to apply for or process special consideration requests. N/A 05-Jun-2018 09:35 05-Jun-2018 10:30