Current Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
NETWORK, PHONES, WIRELESS - A significant number of student resident buildings are currently without power due to maintenance work being undertaken by DFM contractors. STUDENT RESIDENCES in Wagga 300-400 range of buildings numbers. NA 10-Feb-2017 09:20 To Be Advised

The Division of Information Technology provides a secure and reliable computing environment for all students and staff. In order to achieve this, scheduled systems maintenance is required to occur from time to time in a managed way so as to minimise any disruption to IT services.

Evidence from student engagement indicates the least disruptive times for students is early mornings. As such, the preferred maintenance window for:

  • Student Online Systems is Thursdays 5.00am - 8.00am.
  • Non Student Online Systems is Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

The maintenance window will allow enhancements that require a disruption to a CSU system to be implemented, tested and approved in an optimal time frame.

If you are a student and require more information about a service disruption please contact Student Central. If you are a staff member and require more information about a service disruption please contact the IT Service Desk..

Planned Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
CLOUDSTORE AND AAF FEDERATION: On Wednesday 22 February from 6.00pm – 7.00pm, the AAF will be conducting standard maintenance to all of its services. During this time there will be intermittent access to AAF Services. See for a complete list of services. Staff and Students NA 22-Feb-2017 18:00 22-Feb-2017 19:00
SMART LEARNING (COURSESPACE) will be unavailable to facilitate the implementaiton of new features (sprint 9) Smart Learning course teams N.A 22-Feb-2017 18:00 22-Feb-2017 19:30

Concluded Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
The WIRELESS service is currently experiencing intermittent connection problems. DIT apologise for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Wireless clients Please retry your connection 20-Feb-2017 09:30 20-Feb-2017 11:10
There is an issue accessing PEBBLEPAD from the internet. Access is fine when on a CSU campus or using a vpn connection. When attempting to connect from the internet the browser will time out. All users accessing PEBBLEPAD from the internet Use the following URL when accessing from the internet 16-Feb-2017 23:30 17-Feb-2017 09:10
CSU_REPLAY - Will be unavailable while enhancements are made to the service. Users of CSU-Replay none 16-Feb-2017 07:00 16-Feb-2017 08:00
SAL+ will be unavailable for a short period while changes to the application are implemented. This will affect lookup of information through IGMS and changes to group and service membership will be delayed. Lookup of Credit Package Management and Credit searches will also be unavailable for a short while. Users of IGMS, staff (SAL+ and CPM), students and staff (RPL - Credit search) N/A 16-Feb-2017 07:00 16-Feb-2017 08:00
NETWORKS - Orange Building 1001 will experience a Network Outage from 5pm to 7pm tonight - Tuesday 14th February 2017. As the final Campus Comms Room is upgraded to its new Network Equipment. All staff resident in Building 1001 - Adminstration All other CSU Orange Campus Buildings will still have network connectivity. 14-Feb-2017 17:00 14-Feb-2017 19:00
SUBJECT OUTLINES: Staff have reported issues when updating and publishing Subject Outlines. DIT are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience. STAFF publishing Subject Outlines N/A 10-Feb-2017 13:05 10-Feb-2017 13:45
DUBBO NETWORK - Network services are currently unavailable in Dubbo. The cause for this is currently unknown, this message will be updated once the reason is known and an ETA to fix is available. DUBBO staff and students none available 09-Feb-2017 17:00 09-Feb-2017 19:05
PHONES. Due to the current power outage affecting the Wagga Wagga campus, calls to the phone conferencing system (37555), as well as calls into the Wagga campus will be unavailable. All staff for conferencing as a workround. 09-Feb-2017 10:30 09-Feb-2017 11:10
WIRED and WIRELESS NETWORK, and PHONES on WAGGA Campus are currently unavailable. A power outage appears to be affecting a large part of the campus. DIT are investigating, no current ETA on restoration of service. Staff and Students on Wagga campus. None 09-Feb-2017 08:10 09-Feb-2017 11:10
NETWORKS: Orange Building 1002 has lost its network connection and will be offline for the remainder of the day. Issues have been encountered during the Network equipment refresh causing a delayed return to service for this building. There are no timetable bookings for any rooms in this building for the remainder of the day so we expect no impact from this disruption. Move to another building. 08-Feb-2017 15:00 08-Feb-2017 17:00