Current Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
PHONES - When calling some 4G LTE mobile phones from a CSU phone the call will go straight to voicemail. DIT are working with Telstra to resolve this issue. Staff N/A 03-Apr-2017 14:25 To Be Advised

The Division of Information Technology provides a secure and reliable computing environment for all students and staff. In order to achieve this, scheduled systems maintenance is required to occur from time to time in a managed way so as to minimise any disruption to IT services.

Evidence from student engagement indicates the least disruptive times for students is early mornings. As such, the preferred maintenance window for:

  • Student Online Systems is Thursdays 5.00am - 8.00am.
  • Non Student Online Systems is Wednesdays 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

The maintenance window will allow enhancements that require a disruption to a CSU system to be implemented, tested and approved in an optimal time frame.

If you are a student and require more information about a service disruption please contact Student Central. If you are a staff member and require more information about a service disruption please contact the IT Service Desk..

Planned Service Disruptions

         There are no planned service disruptions

Concluded Service Disruptions
Description Customers Affected Other Ways To Access Service Start End  
CSU NETWORK - CSU Albury's network will be going down for scheduled maintenance to resolve an unplanned issue. 2 separate disruptions are expected, around 10-15 minutes each, starting at 8:20. Users in Albury None available, wait for services to be restored or use mobile connectivity in the meantime if possible. 26-May-2017 20:20 26-May-2017 20:55
CSU NETWORK - CSU Network connections at Albury may notice slowness due to an unexpected issue. Work will be completed tonight to resolve this, in the meantime anybody experiencing issues loading web pages etc should refresh the page after waiting for a few seconds. Web browsing users at Albury None available, retry after a few seconds. 26-May-2017 14:20 26-May-2017 20:55
SAL+ and IGMS will be unavailable for a short period while changes to both applications are implemented. For IGMS users, this will affect lookup of information through IGMS and changes to group and service membership will be delayed. For SAL+ users, changes to the SAL and student cohort membership will be unavailable. Lookup of Credit Package Management and Credit searches will also be unavailable for a short while. Staff (IGMS, SAL+ and CPM), students and staff (RPL - Credit search) N/A 25-May-2017 07:00 25-May-2017 08:00
Phones, wired and wireless networks will be unavailable from 7am until 8am on Saturday 20th of May in buildings: 1412, 1299, 1413, 1455, and 1420 while maintenence is performed. (Bathurst campus) DIT Apologises for any inconvenience this may cause. Staff and Students None 20-May-2017 07:00 20-May-2017 08:00
WWW: CMS is currnetly unavailable. DIT are investigating Staff and Students NA 19-May-2017 16:15 19-May-2017 16:15
CSU SINGLE SIGN ON (SSO) is being upgraded on Thursday 18th May 2017 7:00 am to the latest version to improve both the security and reliability of the existing authentication system.

NO OUTAGE is expected.

If, however you notice anything out of the ordinary during this period or receive any error messages when logging in, please take a screen shot.

The following applications use SSO:
All Users none 18-May-2017 07:00 18-May-2017 10:00
AWMS will be unavailable for a period of approximately 5 minutes while the application is upgraded. ACSES and Survey may be slower than normal while this work is performed but will otherwise be unaffected. Academics and School/Faculty Staff who use AWMS None 17-May-2017 18:10 17-May-2017 18:20
STAFF.CSU will be unavailable while updates are applied to the What's New service. DIT apologise for any inconvenience. All Staff. Nil 17-May-2017 18:00 17-May-2017 18:10
WEBKIOSK / ALESCO FORMS: Alesco forms and webkiosk will be unavailable while the service is restarted to fix an emergency issue. NA NA 17-May-2017 13:20 17-May-2017 16:10
VPN - DIT will be performing maintenance on the VPN at 5:30PM to improve connectivity and reliability. Staff and Remote Contractors N/A 11-May-2017 17:30 11-May-2017 18:30