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Welcome to DIT

What is happening in the Division?

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Extended DIT Service Desk hours
DIT are extending the Service Desk support hours during session 1 and 2
Monday to Thursday 6pm - 9pm

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Self Service Communications Directory
Staff can use self service Communications Directory to update their own fax, external phone number, location and mobile phone number.

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Internet Browser Recommendations & Support
To assist staff in navigating the varying requirements & functionality of web services at CSU, DIT have provided the most appropriate browsers to use for a range of devices/platforms.

Mobile Strategy

Mobile Strategy
The primary purpose of the CSU mobile strategy is to give consideration to the next generation of drivers and strategies providing opportunities to leverage mobile technology to engage our online community.

Online Courseware Armelenos
DIT provides access to online learning modules to all CSU staff and students free of charge.
Enhance your capability to effectively use IT services, computers and software from beginners to advanced levels.

Student printing changing to Duplex by default
Combatting the consumption of over 1 million pages through student print requests in 2012 alone, DIT in cooperation with DLS has introduced duplex printing as the default setting for student printers across all Australian Campuses.

Online Self Service (current CSU staff)
Save time, access logged requests
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Keep informed with the progress of all incidents and requests you've logged with DIT.
We are committed to processing these as quickly as possible and providing you with complete visibility.

Internet Access System (IAS)
DIT have developed a faster way to access the internet. A new automated desktop client has been rolled out to the CSU community. This provides access to the Internet when you login to your computer.
Find out more about IAS Staff or Students

CSU Replay
CSU Replay is an easy & effective way to create learning and teaching and non-learning and teaching content for on-demand use, that may be integrated into the CSU Online Learning Environment. Find out more about CSU Replay Staff or Students

DIT Reports

Download the latest Roysys Benchmark and OLE Services Report to ILSC. View our reports.