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Access and Logins

Access and Account Logins


When you commence employment at CSU, you are allocated a username and password.

Your username stays with you for the length of your University working life but your password needs to be changed every 60 days.

You will receive a reminder (via email) when you have 10 days left to change your password. If you fail to change your password within the allocated time, it will expire.

If it expires, you will still be able to log on to the University network and staff.csu but you should change it via the Change your Password link on staff.csu as soon as possible. This will reinstate your user account but can take up to 60 mins to filter through all the CSU platforms and you may need to reboot your PC for full access. Please note - the Banner and Alesco databases will not accept any special characters (any of the following: ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + ~) in their passwords.

If you forget your CSU password, you can change it without speaking to the IT Service Desk. To update your password, go to staff.csu (you may need to do this on a fellow staff member's computer), and select Forgot your password when prompted for your username and password. Once you've changed your password, you can log on as normal about 15–30 mins later.

CSU will never send emails asking for your username and password. If you receive an email which supposedly comes from CSU asking for detailed information and you are unsure what to do, contact the IT Service Desk. Please see Phishing for more information.