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Eduroam Network (Off Campus)

What is this service?

Eduroam stands for Educational Roaming and is an agreement between educational and research institutions to share wireless access at participating institutions. The eduroam wireless network allows you to connect using your CSU staff account when visiting participating institutions in Australia and around the world. It allows visitors from participating institutions to use their home account to connect to eduroam when visiting CSU.

The service works by sending login requests back to the home institution for authorisation, if the home institution accepts the person's account details (username and password) then they are allowed to connect to the visited institutions eduroam network.

The use of the eduroam network is governed by the eduroam National Policy for Australia and New Zealand.

What is included?

  • Ability to connect to the eduroam network when visiting participating institutions in Australia and around the world using your CSU username and password
  • Automatic wizard to configure your wireless settings ready for use at participating institutions
  • Ability to access the Internet, your email and CSU resources from participating institutions

What should I expect?

Target availability of service Each institution is responsible for the availability of the eduroam network on their site. Each home institution is responsible for the ability to authenticate their students when visiting participating institutions.
Support hours
Special access conditions Must have an active CSU student account and a wireless capable device that has been configured to connect to eduroam.
Significant incident response 
Significant Incident resolution 

How do I initiate this service?

Your device must be configured to connect to eduroam. If you have already connected your wireless device to the CSU wireless network your device is ready to connect to eduroam at a participating institution. If you have not connected it previously or have deleted the settings you will need to configure it now using and selecting eduroam.

Connecting at the participating institution

You must add after your username when trying to login to eduroam so the visited institution knows where to send the login request for authentication e.g. if your username is jsmith01 enter using this format:

How much does it cost?

The ability to connect to the eduroam wireless network in Australia and around the world is centrally funded by the University and provided at no additional cost to staff. There are no charges incurred when connecting to the eduroam network at participating institutions.

Where can I find online self-help or more information?

How do I request support for this service?

Ensure you are using the correct format for your username. It must have after your username or you cannot connect. Double check you are typing your current password correctly and it has not expired.

CSU is responsible for problems with authentication and the partner institution is responsible for problems with availability of the eduroam network. If you can see the eduroam network, your settings are correct but you cannot connect to it please contact the IT Service Desk on 1300 653 088 (local call charge) or (02) 6338 4357 with a detailed description of the issue you are having.