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Welcome to FMCentral, Charles Sturt University's online portal for wayfinding and space management. FMCentral displays interactive CSU campus maps - which can be customised to highlight campus facilities and services – and building floor plans. Discover how FMCentral can help you by clicking on the relevant button below.

FMCentral is also available for smartphones and tablets through the CSU 2 mobile app (download this through your relevant app store)

What is FMCentral?

As well as displaying campus maps, FMCentral contains the University's most current space management information. Space management allows the University to effectively manage spaces and physicals assets. Data collection and validation for the FMCentral network is an ongoing process.

About FMCentral

Our FMCentral Help Guides

Need help using FMCentral? Access the help guide below. This guide can also be accessed within FMCentral by selecting the blue question mark at the top right corner of the main panel.

Our Guides

Helpful tips

  • DFM has produced an easy to follow, step-by-step flyer on how to use FMCentral
  • FMCentral tip #1 - Emailing a link that will direct a person to a specific space on campus
  • FMCentral tip #2 - Using FMCentral to find the location of Video-conference rooms
  • FMCentral tip #3 - How to print a campus map or a building floor plan from FMCentral
  • FMCentral tip #4 - Searching for a building on campus?
  • FMCentral tip #5 - Accessing building photos from FMCentral
  • FMCentral tip #6 - Accessing building Emergency Plans & Hazardous Materials Registers


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