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CSU aims to transform and maintain each campus for the benefit of students, staff, visitors and communities. University support projects improve physical facilities, on-campus infrastructure and building maintenance, ranging from enhancing academic offices and recreational areas, improving roads and campus services and updating plant and equipment. These projects also include strategic approaches such as estate planning and management and sustainability initiatives.

Current projects (5)

Agriculture Avenue

Wagga Wagga West Agriculture Avenue

Location: Wagga Wagga
Estimated completion date: December 2017

Proposed roadworks to the western section of Agriculture Avenue from The Gap Road to Starvation Lane.

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Gordon Beavan Building

Lift replacement - Gordon Beavan Building

Location: Albury-Wodonga
Estimated completion date: November 2017

Replacement of an existing lift in the Gordon Beavan Building to meet compliance requirements. The lift will provide access to all five floors, including some that are not served by the current lift.

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WW Bus Shelter Impression

Wagga Wagga Bus Shelter

Location: Wagga Wagga
Estimated completion date: September 2017

The Division of Facilities Management is rolling out the 2017 – 2019 planned program works that involves new Bus Shelters across CSU Campuses. The first of these works include a new Bus Shelter for Wagga Wagga Campus. The bus shelter will be available for staff and students and will provide protection and safety from the elements such as rain, sun and wind.

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Solar PV Project Wagga

Wagga Wagga Solar PV (Photovoltaic) Installation

Location: Wagga Wagga
Estimated completion date: August 2017

In 2016 CSU became the first carbon neutral university in Australia. This project continues to enhance CSUs reputation as a leading practitioner of sustainability within the university segment.

CSU will install over 6,000 solar panels over the rooftops of various buildings at our Wagga campus. The installed capacity of the system will be 1,774 kW making it one of the largest rooftop installations in Australia.

The electricity generated by the panels will be enough to provide 20% of the electricity usage of CSU at Wagga Wagga.

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Wagga HV supply

HV single point supply upgrade

Location: Wagga Wagga
Estimated completion date: July 2017

This project will establish a single HV metered supply point to the Essential Energy network through the installation of a new 11kV main switch switchboard. The move from two metering points to a single point on the Wagga Wagga campus will result in significant yearly savings and will allow for a more controlled network – especially during planned and emergency power outages.

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