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Charles Sturt Campus Services (CSCS) forms can be found below the list of CSU forms

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Academic Institutional Leadership Positions 1.9 MB
Academic Promotion  
Accident/Incident Report  
Acting Appointment - Senior and Executive Staff 1.8 MB
Acting Appointment or Higher Duties Allowance (HDA) - Professional/General Staff 1.0 MB
Banking Details  
Casual Academic Contract - Indigenous Academic Success Program (IASP) 1.0 MB
Casual Academic Contract - Long Version 1.0 MB
Casual Academic Contract - Standard Version 1.6 MB
Casual Professional/General Staff Form - Multiple Positions 987.6 KB
Casual Professional/General Staff Form - Standard 985.6 KB
Change of Fraction 993.2 KB
Change of Personal Details 960.9 KB
Change Salary GL Account Code  
Change Work Function or Field of Research (FOR) 914.3 KB
Coursework Masters Support Scheme  
CSU Card 526.7 KB
Employee Development and Review Scheme (EDRS)  
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Data Collection 374.6 KB
External Course Application (Division/Faculty Funding) 61.5 KB
External Course Application (Organisational Development Funding) 62.0 KB
Flexible Working Hours Scheme Timesheet - Excel Format 43.0 KB
Flexible Working Hours Scheme Timesheet - Word Format 91.0 KB
Graduate Certificate in University Leadership and Management  
Indigenous Language Allowance 1.3 MB
Individual Flexibility Arrangement 899.7 KB
Job/Position Classification Review for Professional/General Staff  
Leave - Annual and Personal (Including Carers Leave) 1.4 MB
Leave - Cancel 987.3 KB
Leave - Defence Force 974.0 KB
Leave - Jury and Witness 976.5 KB
Leave - Long Service 1.4 MB
Leave - Long Service (Reimbursement for costs of replacing a staff member)  
Leave - Parental 1011.2 KB
Leave - Purchased: Application to Purchase 1017.1 KB
Leave - Purchased: Application to Take Leave 969.8 KB
Leave - Special 990.9 KB
Leave - Without Pay 989.3 KB
Leave - Workers Compensation 912.4 KB
New Employee Information 1.4 MB
Part-Year Employment - Elect Payment Option 959.4 KB
Part-Year Employment - Non-Attendance Period Advice 897.2 KB
Postgraduate Study Support Scheme for Professional/General Staff  
Probation - Academic Staff Template A: Initial Objectives 68.0 KB
Probation - Academic Staff Template B: Staff Member's Probation Review Report 126.5 KB
Probation - Academic Staff Template C: Committee Report 83.5 KB
Probation - Academic Staff Template D: Confirmation of Appointment 84.5 KB
Probation - Academic Staff Template E: Supervisor's Report for Fixed Term <3 yrs 82.5 KB
Probation - Professional/General Staff Objective Setting 62.5 KB
Probation - Professional/General Staff Template 41.0 KB
Probation - Senior and Executive Staff 43.5 KB
Recruitment - Casual Advertisement Template  
Recruitment - Casual Advertising Form 978.5 KB
Recruitment - Direct Appointment Action Form 1.0 MB
Recruitment - Position Description Template: Academic and Professional/General Staff  
Recruitment - Position Description Template: Senior and Executive Staff  
Recruitment - Recommendation for Appointment: Senior and Executive Staff 995.4 KB
Recruitment - Recruitment Action Form: Senior and Executive Staff 1.0 MB
Recruitment - Recruitment Requisition  
Recruitment - Referee Check: Academic Staff  
Recruitment - Referee Check: Professional/General Staff  
Remote Work Agreement and WHS Checklist  
Renewal of Fixed Term Appointment or Secondment 1.4 MB
Request for Payment of an Allowance 1.5 MB
Request to Change a Position 957.0 KB
Resigning and Retiring: Checklist for Supervisors 483.4 KB
Resigning and Retiring: Notification of Exit 1.5 MB
Return to Work Plan (Workplace Adjustment) 40.8 KB
Salary Packaging Agreement and Authority  
Secondment Release Form 92.0 KB
Special Studies Program (SSP) for Academic Staff  
Study Leave for Professional/General Staff  
Tax File Number Declaration  
Team Planning and Review (Annual Form and Progress Form) 126.0 KB
Timesheet and Authorisation - Professional/General Staff 1.5 MB
Timesheet and Authorisation - Residences and Catering Staff 1.8 MB
Visiting and Adjunct Appointments  
Workplace Adjustment Funding Form 66.0 KB

Charles Sturt Campus Services (CSCS)

The below forms are to be used by employees of Charles Sturt Campus Services ONLY.

Equivalent forms for Charles Sturt University employees can be found in the listing above.