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Workers Compensation

Charles Sturt University is committed to preventing injury and illness through providing a safe and healthy working environment and providing for the welfare of employees. In the event of workplace injury or illness, the University has established procedures to support employees with a timely, safe and durable return to work. 

In the event of an injury or illness please follow the steps below:
1 Inform your supervisor.
2 Complete the Online Incident Report. Please attach any other information you might have to this report (e.g. medical certificate, accounts, etc).
3 The Division of Human Resources will notify the University's Workers Compensation insurer, advising them of your incident and any other relevant details.  The CSU Work Health and Safety Coordinator will also contact you to discuss your claim further.
4 If you are a staff member in NSW and you were injured on your way to or from work, you should also submit a report via the Online Incident Report as workers compensation might still apply.
5 Seek medical treatment as required and obtain a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity.
6 Contact the Peta Evans, Work Health and Safety Coordinator (Northern Campuses Tel: 633 84036) or Kristy-Lee Holmes, Work Health and Safety Coordinator (Southern Campuses Tel: 693 32731) or if further information is required.

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