Injured Workers Information Pack

This page provides important information to any staff who have experienced an injury at work and who have had a claim for workers compensation submitted.  The information contained on this page will assist these staff to better understand and navigate workers compensation.

Staff who have experienced an injury at work and who have had a claim for workers compensation submitted are strongly encouraged to read the letter titled:


This letter provides workers with useful preliminary advice regarding the claims process, important contact details and other general information regarding workers compensation.

The following table provides links to the information referred to in the "Workers Compensation and Injury Management Information for Employees" letter.

Information for injured workers who have had a claim for compensation submitted
SafeWork NSW  Brochure - Information for Injured WorkersThis brochure provides information for workers who have experienced an injury at work and need medical treatment and/or have a reduced work capacity as a result of their injury.
SafeWork NSW  Brochure – Doctors and WorkCover – Your Nominated Treating DoctorThis brochure explains the role and services provided by your nominated treating doctor (GP).
Workers Compensation Changes: Information for WorkersIn June 2012 the government introduced changes to the Workers Compensation Scheme in NSW. The reforms improve financial support for seriously injured workers, and provide more assistance for injured workers to return to work.  This fact sheet details the changes.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Workers CompensationThe provision of EAP counselling as part of an accepted Workers Compensation claim can lead to conflicts of interest.  This flyer provides information for staff who require counselling services and who also have an accepted workers compensation claim.
Workers Compensation Benefits Fact Sheet When an Injured worker in unable to perform his or her pre-injury job, or suitable alternative duties, as a result of a work related injury or illness, any weekly compensation that might be payable is calculated by reference to the workers pre-injury weekly earnings (PIAWE). The PIAWE is the average of weekly earnings over the 52 week period prior to the injury, subject to capping and conditions.

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