WHS Induction


Charles Sturt University has an agreement with ELMO Learning Services for the provision of a web based WHS Online Training for staff through a specifically designed portal.

Online training is offered to provide you with information to assist you in minimising risks that may effect your health and safety. This training is generic in nature and is meant to be supplemented with specific job or task related training at an appropriate time to achieve a good learning outcome.

CSU is also required to ensure that it can provide evidence that such information, instruction or training has been undertaken and a required level of competency achieved. Each ELMO module requires a score of 80% or greater in the assessments. On obtaining a score of 80% or more a record is then created and transferred to your personal details in the Human Resources database. A score of less than 80% is a learning opportunity for you to review the module and to undertake the assessment again. Each new assessment uses different questions from the ELMO question bank.

The current modules available for this online training have been designed to include a safety induction, emergency management training and the manual handling program initiative and consists of the following modules. Whilst they can be completed in any order, the preferred sequence is below, as it appears on the ELMO page:

  • Safe U @ CSU (all staff must complete)
  • Fire and Emergency Procedures (all staff must complete)
  • WHS for Managers (must be completed by any employee whose duties involve managing/supervising staff)
  • WHS Harmonisation (all staff are encouraged to complete - not compulsory)

The course below should also be completed as directed.

  • Understanding and Minimising Corrupt Conduct

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