Workplace Inspections 

Workplace Inspections are a useful method for identifying and reporting on hazards in our workplaces. These provide for a regular, systematic and standardised process of inspection that will identify hazards before they cause incidents (and perhaps injuries). These inspections will also assist to monitor compliance with other relevant OHS management systems requirements. 

The workplace inspection process should be coupled with the normal risk management approach adopted by the University. As such, any hazards you identify in the inspection should undergo risk assessment, giving consideration for the likelihood and consequence were an incident to occur in relation to that hazard. Suitable risk controls should then be selected and implemented based on the results of your risk assessment.

For more information on risk management see the Heath, Safety and Wellbeing section of the HR webpage under Managing Risks and then Risk Assessment.

For more information on Workplace Inspections and to access the Workplace Inspection checklist see the links below.


For relevant Faculty of Science workplaces (e.g. laboratories) see the Technical Services Centre 'Workplace Inspection' site for the appropriate inspection checklist and report.

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