Professional/General Staff - Flexible Working Hours

The flexible working hours scheme applies to professional/general staff at Levels 1-8.

It does not apply to:

  • academic staff;
  • professional/general staff engaged on shiftwork or set rosters;
  • professional/general staff at Level 9 and above.

Flexitime is subject to the operational needs of the University.

Privacy Statement - Flexible Working Hours

The personal information you provide on Flexible Working Hours Scheme Timesheets is protected by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998  (NSW).

Provision of this information is a requirement of participation in the Flexible Working Hours Scheme as set out in the enterprise agreement that regulates the terms and conditions of your employment by the University.

Access to the information you provide is available to yourself, your supervisor and Dean/Executive Director and those persons authorised to access the information in the course of their duties to the University.

This form shall be held in your workplace and filed as an auditable document and be retained for a period of six years.

Guidelines on Flexible Working Hours Scheme
Flexible Working Hours Timesheet (word version)
Flexible Working Hours Timesheet (excel version)

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