EO Online Introduction

Charles Sturt University is committed to creating an organisational culture in which all staff and students are treated fairly and which is responsive to the diversity of the University community. Everyone has the right to work and study in an environment free of unlawful discrimination and harassment.

EO Online: fair play on campus is an interactive, self paced, online training program about equal opportunity issues, which aims to assist you to;

  • understand your legal rights and responsibilities to achieve a discrimination and harassment free campus, and
  • increase your awareness of equity issues and strategies.

EO Online is organised into two modules:

  • All staff members are expected to complete Module 1 (EO for all staff).
  • Employees who are responsible for managing or supervising staff are also expected to complete Module 2 (EO for Managers and Supervisors).

The information covered in the modules is intended to provide general guidance on the application of equal opportunity related principles.  The approach taken by the University on some of the issues canvassed by EO Online may differ slightly to that described in the modules. You should follow the relevant University Policy when addressing such issues in the University.

Access to EO online

Access to EO online

The first time you enter EO Online you will need to register before you can complete the login.

EO Online Registration Instructions.  (Please click here for registration instructions before entering)

The first time you enter each module you will only be able to access each topic after you have completed the preceding page.  When you have completed the module you will be able to dip into any part of the module selectively. 

You can exit EO Online at any time.  When you log in again you should automatically be returned to the last page viewed.  Each of the two modules takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

If you experience any problems with accessing or using EO Online, please email chinley@csu.edu.au for assistance.

For further general information regarding EO Online, please see the quicklinks below for an EO Online Fact Sheet.


 EO Online Fact Sheet
 EO Online Registration Instructions

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