Organisational Change

CSU is committed to creating a culture that is responsive to organisational change and renewal. The Division of Human Resources is responsible for supporting and facilitating change and renewal at CSU.

Organisational change covers a continuum ranging from relatively minor change to significant change that triggers the change management process in the Enterprise Agreement. Regardless of the scale of the change, it is important to consider the impact on staff and to apply tools and processes that can make the change process easier for all parties.

The first point of contact for a manager considering introducing change is their HR Liaison Team. The team will assist in scoping the change and where necessary, work with senior HR staff on implementation.

Involving HR early in the process is likely to yield a more coordinated result. HR staff can assist with:

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Organisational and job design
  • Workforce planning
  • Case management
  • Change preparation and management


CSU Organisational Change and Renewal Framework
Change Dimensions - (PIRI)

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