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Help Release February 2017 | WORK IN PROGRESS |  Your patience and feedback is appreciated while this Help content is iteratively developed/improved throughout 2017.


Feedback        Please direct all feedback to

Support        For assistance with the Subject Outline Tool, please log a job in the DSL Service Request System (under Interact2 Help/Learning Technologies à Subject Outline).



The Subject Outlines Tool enables Subject Coordinators (or Nominal Subject Coordinators) to author Subject Outlines for all offerings which are active on the Subject Availability List (SAL).

The tool has been developed to improve process, reduce workload and assist compliance with the Subject Outline Policy including:


a standardised, lean, subject- and cohort-specific template;
automated inclusion of data from other CSU systems;
automated inclusion of approved non-editable ‘autotext’;
automated inclusion of standard editable autotext;
ability to create a single Outline for multiple cohorts;
clone function to support reuse/edit of the entire set of another Outline's authored content;
section content reuse to support reuse/edit of an authored section of another Outline;
quality control (QC) function to assist the Author in producing an Outline which complies with policy;
quality assurance (QA) work flow and functions to support QA of Outlines;
variations work flow and functions to support policy on variations to published Outlines;
staff access to Outlines created within the Subject Outlines tool;
staff access to past online Subject Outlines which were created using SOMS;
an online expand/collapse version of Outlines;
a portable and printable version of Outlines (PDF format);
a mobile version of Outlines;
student information when an Outline is either not yet published or undergoing a variation; and upon re-publication of a varied Outline.



Help Release Date: 7 February 2017