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Information on the Setup Wizard

When using Online Meeting you will need to ensure that your computer is ready to run. You will need to run the Setup Wizard to ensure your computer is ready. Please make sure that you run the Wizard at least 48 hours in advance of your first session so that you are ready to participate in your online session. You get prompted to run the set up wizard when you enter the classroom.

This information is available in two formats:


You will need to ensure that you have the latest Java update on your computer for Online Meeting to run. The latest Java download can be found at . You will need to delete any earlier versions of Java off your computer when installing the latest version.


You will need headphones or speakers and a microphone connected to your computer.

Microsoft LifeCam Webcam and Logitech USB Comfort Headset are recommended hardware that suit use with Online Meeting at CSU.

Online Meeting in Interact As a Participant

Online Meeting is a tool in Interact. When you open the tool it will look like this:

studetn view wimba

To enter a room

Click on the room and click Launch, after checking if students would be able to access the following:

To view an archive

If there are archives there will be a plus sign to the left of the room name in the online meeting tool.
To access the available archives click the plus sign.

To open the archive either:

  1. double click the archive;
  2. click the archive and select the launch button.

Once the archive is open:

It will run automatically once it is fully loaded. Be patient!

you will be able to:

  1. replay and pause by selecting the play triangle and pause icon above the text chat area .
  2. move to selected portions by moving the small triangle.
  3. download
    • mp3
    • mp4

student view archive

Online Meeting in Interact As a Presenter

Online Meeting is an elective tool in Interact. As a student you can set up a project site in Interact and choose Online meeting as a tool. The roles in online meeting are set according to the permissions in the Interact site.

When you open the tool it will look like this:

student view as a presenter

To create a room

Click on New and follow the prompts

To conduct admin on a room

Click on the room name in Interact, and click the appropriate button:

Room Administration
Content allows you to modify content
Reports allows you view results from polls and view chat log
Room info allows you to change the title of your room and change permissions for the room
Media allows you to change student privilege and bandwidth permissions
Features allows you to Change user status and enable breakout rooms
Chat enable private chat
Access enable guest access and limit number of participants in the classroom
Advanced allows advanced room and media settings to be set      

Invitation to Participants from Interact

  1. Create room in Interact.
  2. In Access tab, check box to enable guest access. The room id should appear in the box to the right.
  3. Click Create.
  4. When room is created, click on room name and click on Content button.

    online meeting content

  5. In the Modify Room page, click on Invite.

    modify room.jpg

  6. This creates an email invitation to send to participants.

    email student wimba

Linking to Online Meeting to Reuse content


For Technical help with Online Meeting please contact:

A Presenter’s Guide (.pdf) is available. This guide will direct you through setup and settings for using Online Meeting.

Help on the web can be found at WIMBA's Online Resources [.pdf]

The Foundations document links found below will help you get started

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