Information for Students undertaking Workplace Learning

Can I borrow items from the Library to take with me on workplace learning?
Yes. Your lecturer will provide the Library with a list of students on workplace learning.
I want to borrow some items to take with me but my workplace learning is for 6 weeks, and my normal loan period is only 4. Can I extend my loan period?
Yes, all students on workplace learning are eligible for extended loans.  Loan periods will be for the length of the workplace learning plus one week.
I am leaving to go on workplace learning about a week before my actual workplace learning starts. Am I able to borrow items to take with me and still get an extended loan period?
Yes. Extended loans may be issued anything up to a week before workplace learning commences.
Can I borrow items from the Library while I am away on workplace learning?
Yes. You can request items from the Library using the Workplace Learning Form. The Library will mail the items out to you. Remember to include an address that the items can be mailed to.

TIP - If you need some extra resources, ask your supervisor to bring some with them when they visit you on workplace learning.

I might need some copies of print journal articles or book chapters. Can the Library send them to me?
Yes, students can request copies of journal articles or book chapters using the online Workplace Learning Form. The Library will scan copies and send them to your email address.
I need to return some items to the Library but I am still on workplace learning. How do I do this?
Items can be returned to your closest CSU library through the mail. Please return items in a padded bag so they don't get damaged. For mailing addresses, please see our contacts page.
My workplace learning is close to another University. Can I use their library?
Yes, you may be able to borrow from their library. Please see: University Library Australia (ULA) National Borrowing Scheme.  Most university libraries are open to the public and allow access to their collection or photocopying facilities within the library.
I need to ask a question. How do I get help?
You can contact Student Central for help.

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