Alerting Services, RSS Feeds & Email

Table of content alerts
Receive the table of contents of newly published journals you have selected, often with links to the publisher's site with the article.
Search alerts
Also called Saved Search Alerts or SDI. Save a database search that is periodically re-run, with new matches to your search criteria sent to you.
Citation alerts
Citation alerts notify you when a specified article or author is cited in newly published articles. Most publisher sites limit results to citations appearing within their own journals, while some databases, e.g. citation databases, provide citations from many sources.
New publication alerts
Receive notification of new publications (other than journal issues) from a publisher or professional organization. This could include statistical reports, e.g. ABS, ABARES; government policy; proceedings; newsletters; standards, etc.
bX Hot Articles
Lists the most frequently read journal articles - updated monthly. Choose a topic from the drop down menu and see what other researchers in your area are reading now.

Examples of Alerting Services, RSS Feeds & Email


  1. Journal articles listed in an alert may be in journals to which the Library does not subscribe, and links to full-text articles may not work off-campus. Off-campus users may need to take extra steps to access linked content, i.e. use Primo Search to find and access the required article.
  2. Journal articles not available through CSU subscriptions may be requested via interlibrary loan.

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