Information Literacy @ CSU


Information literacy is the ability to:

  • recognise the need for information and determine the nature and extent of the information
  • find needed information effectively and efficiently
  • critically evaluate information and the information seeking process
  • manage information collected or generated
  • apply prior and new information to construct new concepts or create new understandings
  • use information with understanding and acknowledge cultural, ethical, economic, legal and social issues surrounding the use of information

Bundy, A.(2004)

The 21st century has seen a proliferation of information made accessible via new and continually emerging technologies. The quantity of unfiltered information available creates unprecedented challenges for the information seeker, resulting in a fundamental need for the development of effective information literacy skills.

In support of CSU goals and objectives, the Division of Library Services is committed to developing and promoting strategically focused and flexible Information Literacy skills training for all members of the CSU community. The Library collaborates with Subject Coordinators, Educational Designers and Learning Skills staff to embed information literacy and research skills into curriculum materials, and liaises with Indigenous Student Services to develop targeted services for Indigenous students.

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