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University Strategy

The University's Strategic Direction for 2017 - 22 was developed and approved by University Council in December 2016.  The latest versions of the Strategic Direction, University Performance Measures and a concept of how the strategy will work are below, along with a short video to take you through the key points.

The detailed planning work for the strategy is underway and expected to continue until June 2017.  Under Phase 2 below, you will find the latest information on this work, while further down on the page, Phase 1 outlines all the steps and documentation since February 2016.

Phase 2 - Towards Detailed Strategic Plan

This phase builds upon the Strategic Direction to develop the details. This is a very iterative process which looks at scope and resources and continually refines towards the final plans. We use a program logic model approach similar to the last strategic plan.

11. Official Release of Strategic Plan

10. University Council Approval of Strategic Plan

9. Strategic Project Development

Strategic Project Latest Documentation

Strategy Update

November 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
VCF Change Management
VCF Market Segmentation
VCF TOL Subject Example
VCF Acquisition Update
VCF Business Course Co-Creation
VCF Strategy Situation Analysis
Regional Impact
Programs for Stakeholder Impact (PSI) PSI Scope Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Organise for Community Impact (OCI) OCI Scope Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Transform Learning and Teaching
Transform Online (TOL)* TOL Update July 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
TOL Project Definition v3.10 Updated December 2017
TOL Update #2 August 2017
TOL Update #3 - Response to the NTEU Questions August 2017
TOL August Academic Consultations August 2017
TOL Update #4 Academic forums feedback August 2017
TOL Design Principals v1 August 2017
TOL Update #5 - Proposed operating models evaluation workshop August 2017
TOL Update #6 Consultation with VCLT September 2017
TOL Update #7 - Revised Operating model and Learning Experience Framework November 2017
TOL Update #8 Learning Experience Framework December 2017
Transform on Campus (TOC)* TOC Update July 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
TOC Project Definition v4 November 2017
TOC Project Overview v4 August 2017
Transform Quality and Distinctiveness (TQD) TQD Scope Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Internal Capability
Strategic Workforce Capability (SWC) SWC Scope Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Deep Understanding of Operations (DUO) DUO Scope Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Collaborate with Others (CWO) CWO Scope  Handout March 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
Market Oriented Organisation (MOO)* MOO Update July 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
MOO Project Definition v4.3 June 2017 Vice-Chancellor's Forum
MOO Update #1 August 2017
Market TRENDSearch September 2017

*Prioritised projects

Phase 1 - Towards Strategic Direction

Phase 1 involved broad involvement from across the University and used foresight techniques. The following provides an overview of the process and key dates, and includes documentation that was created and used along the way.

8. Council Approval (Dec 2016) of 2017-2022 Strategic Direction

7. Strategic Direction (Oct-Nov 2016)
This step refines or redesigns major strategic directions of CSU including:

  • Our Intent (CSU's nature and direction)
  • Our Attention (CSU's goals and key results for the next period)
  • Our Internal Capability (preliminary considerations before more detailed work in 2017)
  • 2017-2022 Strategic Direction.

6. 2030 Scenarios
Gary Saliba presents a video introduction on YouTube, to the four 2030 scenarios below.

5. Test Scenarios (Aug 2016)
This step wind-tunnels or tests our current strategy, plans, projects, values and beliefs against the scenarios, and identifies emergent themes.

4. Scenario Logics (May 2016)
This step uses the system map to determine the driving forces and critical uncertainties before us to help select the scenarios.

3. System Map (Mar-Apr 2016)
This step develops a system map which is a visual representation of the inter-relationships between the forces that are shaping CSU's environment.

2. Strategic Agenda (Feb 2016)
This step develops the key questions that, when answered, will give us the clarity and confidence in defining the Nature and Direction for CSU in next cycle.

1. Environmental Scan
This step considers our past and current environment, and outlines the forces that can affect us.