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Designing Courses at CSU

Course Design at CSU is a collaborative process between Course Directors, their course teams and the Division of Learning and Teaching. Whether a course or degree is brand new or selected for review, the design process follows a standardised, university-wide, phased process which includes the following components:

  • Selection Phase
  • Preparation Phase
  • Design Phase 1: Baseline, Standards and Products
  • Design Phase 2: Assessment and Subject Design
  • Design Phase 3: Module Design

The Process includes disciplinary content and the integration of Graduate Learning Outcomes which are integral to the CSU degree. Embedded in this process is approval of Indigenous Australian curriculum content via the Indigenous Board of Studies. All courses are approved and accredited by CSU Faculty Courses Committees and by external industry bodies if the courses have professional accreditation. The design process is enabled and supported by the bespoke software developed at CSU, CourseSpace. Course teams use the software to design and record their decisions and specifications of course, subject, assessment and module design.

Integrated into the course design process is the philosophy of online by design.

Alignment to the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Framework

The course design process aligns with the first element of the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Framework, Degrees designed for graduate outcomes. 

CLT Framework and Course Design