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Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education

Course Information for new students in 2018 is available at

The information below is for current students who have enrolled prior to 2018.

CSU teaching and learning support staff can enrol in the Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (GCLTHE) which comprises four of the following 8-point subjects.

Newly appointed academic staff should successfully complete two of these subjects as part of their probation:

  • EEL416
  • EEL409

More details about the Academic Staff Probation Policy, Procedures and Guidelines.  Your supervisor will also have more information about your probation requirements.

Academic staff who choose to complete the Graduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education need to select 2 of the following 3 subjects: EEL501, EEL502 or EEL513.

CSU Probationary Requirements FAQs

Why do I need to do complete EEL416: Learning & Teaching at CSU and EEL409: Learning & Teaching in Higher Education?

Both of these subjects support you to implement key CSU initiatives in your curriculum. CSU supports staff to undertake the GCLTHE to enhance the student experience.

EEL416: Learning and Teaching at CSU supports you to engage with systems, people and technologies at CSU and to make considered decisions about learning design.

EEL409: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education supports you to implement and evaluate some of CSU's learning and teaching policies.

What is the study mode for EEL416 and EEL409?

All subjects are offered in Online Learning mode.

How do I enrol in these subjects

Lodge an application for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education using the CSU Online Application Portal.

You must also complete the Application for Admission Supplementary Form.

If you experience difficulty lodging an online application, you can apply using the Application for Admission (.pdf).

Can I enrol in a single subject and not the whole GCLTHE?

If you enrol in a single subject in the GCLTHE, CSU will not be able to waive your fees. You will be liable for all fees up-front.

Do I have to pay the fees for these subjects?

Fees will be waived for all eligible staff who are required to complete subjects in the GCLTHE as a condition of their probation (including teachers employed at least 0.5 of the time teaching CSU subjects including academic associates in the School of Policing Studies teaching CSU subjects). CSU staff not in teaching roles who meet the admission requirements are encouraged to apply. Where CGS is not allocated, fee paying arrangements will apply.

Can I apply for exemption on the grounds of prior experience and/or study?

Applications for full or partial exemption from EEL416 and/or EEL409 should be made to your Head of School. To apply please complete the GCLTHE Exemption Form and include it and any supporting documentation with your Admissions Form.

How can I apply for "credit" on grounds of prior experience and/or study?

To claim either credit transfer or proficiency credit, you must first make an Application for Admission to the course. According to standard course rules, a student must be enrolled in order to apply for credit.

The course is governed by CSU course admission rules. These rules allow a student to claim credit transfer or proficiency credit (on the basis of Recognition of Prior Learning), for subjects within the course: CSU general information about Credit Transfer

To claim credit, apply using the credit transfer form (.pdf).

  • Credit transfer applies where you have studied equivalent subjects at postgraduate level in university learning and teaching. General education subjects will not be accepted for credit transfer
  • Proficiency credit allows you to make a claim for prior professional practice in university learning and teaching. In order to claim for proficiency credit you will need to :
    • provide evidence for your claim. This may include a letter of support from your Head of School
    • indicate how your evidence meets the Learning Outcomes of the relevant subjects.

I am not on probation. Can I still apply to enrol and will my study be fee exempt?

We encourage CSU academic and divisional staff involved in learning and teaching in higher education to take the course. Divisional staff who wish to apply for fee exemption need to supply endorsement from their Supervisor to be considered.

Divisional and academic staff who voluntarily enrol in the course should seek a letter of support from their supervisors.

The following non-CSU staff are also eligible to enrol in specific subjects in the GCLTHE on a fee-free basis as follows:

Study Centre staff are eligible to enrol in EEL502 Designing Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education on a fee-free basis.

Workplace learning educators who supervise CSU students in their workplace are eligible to enrol in EEL513 WPL: Theory and Practice on a fee-free basis.

To be eligible for fee-free enrolments all applicants need to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and to complete the Supplementary form.