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Online Learning

Whether you are new to online learning or you're still completing a course at CSU, you will find the Online Learning website helpful in providing the information and guidance you may be looking for to function and learn effectively within the University's extensive online environment.

Introducing - CSU Interact

CSU Interact CSU Interact is the virtual learning and teaching space at CSU where students and lecturers meet to build community, share knowledge, and work together in an online scholarly environment.

Find out more about CSU Interact.

Short Prep course:Introduction to Learning Online

Enrol in Introduction to Learning Online. This Study Link subject is a fully online and self-paced program providing you an opportunity to develop skills in using Web-based tools for communicating and collaborating effectively within CSU Interact,the University's online learning environment.

Listen to Student's...
???I am only just beginning my online learning career and this subject (Skills for Learning Online) is proving to be a brilliant first choice in my learning journey as it has opened my eyes up to what will be essential if I want to achieve success in this mode of learning.??? Therese, B. Business (HR)

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