Introducing my.csu

my.csu is a secure (password-protected) Web site that is your personalised portal to the full range of online services and facilities for CSU students and staff. This Web site brings together information that relates to you, and provides quick access to CSU online services and facilities by bringing together information from a wide variety of sources into one convenient location. my.csu also contains your eBox where official University communications will be sent.

Through the my.csu portal you are quickly able to use established links to:

Since my.csu is so important as the portal to all the online services necessary for CSU students, it is suggested you make my.csu the default home page in your web-browser. To do this:

Go to in your web-browser
Drag the address icon onto the home page icon
Click OK

Accessing my.csu

Useful Hint IconFull information on my.csu is available within the Help Guide . If you have questions that remain unanswered, post a question to my.csu Forum or contact Student Central