Desktop Tools Explained

My Subjects tool

CSU Interact Subject Sitestool or box displays the list of CSU Interact subject sites that you have access to. There should be a link for each subject you are currently enrolled in, and from within each Interact subject site you can access services such as your Subject Outline, subject forum and EASTS. To navigate to an Interact subject site simply click the subject code or title of the subject you need to view.

My Forums tool

The My Forums tool enables you to select the specific CSU forums you wish to display for easy access within your my.csu desktop. When you first logon to your my.csu desktop, there are no forums listed within the My Forums tool.

Within CSU there are basically two categories of forums: CSU general forums, like Student Life; Library Services; CSU General; etc. And there are specific subject forums that are automatically attached to the subject(s) you are enrolled in. CSU general forums are immediately available to you, but your subject forum(s) will not become available until three days before commencement of the study session.

To select the forums you wish to display within My Forums tool:

  1. Click on Modify.
  2. Select the Forums you wish to display by marking the check boxes.
  3. Click the Save button
  4. The Forums you selected will now be listed in the My Forums tool.

To remove a forum from the My Forum tool follow the above steps but simply uncheck those forums you would like to remove. Remember to save your changes.

Bookmarking in my.csu

The My Bookmarks tool enables you to store the addresses of frequently accessed Web sites. Creating bookmarks in this way allows you to access your favourite sites when using any computer with Internet access simply by visiting my.csu.

To add a bookmark:

  1. Click on Add. The Add Bookmark window opens, allowing you to now copy and paste the URL from the Webpage you want to add as a bookmark (or favourite).
  2. Enter a meaningful label and possibly include a description for the new bookmark.
  3. Click the Add button.

What's New

What's New is a communications tool to inform the CSU community of a wide range of University information. The tool also includes a classified section, which students may post to. The What's New tool shows messages grouped by day and then category: Official; General Information; and Classifieds.

my.csu desktop sidebarmy.csu Desktop Sidebar

The my.csu sidebar contains the following:

  1. Personal greeting, which can be modified for personal touch;
  2. Search box, which will only return search results from Quick Links categories; it does not search the WWW or CSU Web site;
  3. Password information, and a link to the password changing service; and
  4. Quick Links tool, containing links to many additional CSU online services and resources. Quick Links are grouped into categories. Each category, when selected, expands to show a list of links for that category. To collapse the open category, click the category title or icon.

The My Top 10 category automatically contains the 10 quick links you use most. This means you do not need to scroll or search for those links you use most frequently. If you haven't used this feature take a look and see what the top 10 links are for you.