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Charles Sturt University


Welcome to the web site of the University Council of Charles Sturt University. Charles Sturt University is a statutory authority established by the NSW Government under the Charles Sturt University Act 1989.

The Council is the governing body of Charles Sturt University and is invested with all the authorities, functions and powers of the University. The Council is accountable to the University's stakeholders, and under the law, for ensuring that the University manages its resources in a manner that is best designed to fulfill the objects of the University set out in the Act.

In a complex and rapidly changing educational environment, the University Council believes that:

  • Management must be empowered with the authority and flexibility to drive the University towards the achievement of its strategic objectives, and
  • Management should be exercised within a framework of effective accountability.

The Council is responsible to the University's stakeholders for setting the strategic direction of the University, ensuring accountability from the management of the University and maintaining and extending free academic inquiry and discourse.

Within this framework, the Vice-Chancellor and senior executive of the University have the flexibility to focus their attention and energies on the effective operational management of the University to achieve the University's strategic objectives, while the Council oversights management to ensure that its actions assist the University to meet its objects.

The Council believes that the University, as a publicly owned corporation, has a responsibility to set exemplary standards of ethical behaviour, both internally within the University as well as in its external relationships.

The name of the University honours the noted explorer, soldier and public servant Charles Napier Sturt. Charles Sturt arrived in New South Wales in 1827. His major achievement was as an explorer of inland Australia . He was particularly associated with explorations of the Macquarie, Lachlan, Murrumbidgee, Darling and Murray River system - the principal rivers serving the inland regions which the University has been established to serve.

These rivers, with their water conservation and irrigation projects, sustain the dynamic communities and rich agricultural industries that, in turn, support the University. Commenting on his own commitment to exploration, Sturt wrote:

A wish to contribute to the public good led me to undertake those journeys which cost me so much ... I sought that career, not, I admit, without a feeling of ambition as should ever pervade a soldier's breast, but chiefly with an earnest desire to promote the public good, and certainly without any hope of any other reward than the credit due to the successful enterprise.

Today, Charles Sturt University strives for excellence in education and research and the growth of our communities in the spirit of Charles Sturt - for the public good.