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What is eduroam

eduroam is a global initiative that stands for "Education Roaming"

Charles Sturt University is participating in this global initiative allowing staff and students to use wireless networks at other cooperating (EduRoam) Universities without the need for an extra account (at that university), this saves you time and effort in getting access back to your CSU resources as you will only need your CSU "username and password"

This site provides information about getting access to eduroam at CSU.

Where can I use eduroam?

You can use eduroam at over 500 sites world wide throughout 30 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and the UK.

Eduroam logoUsability of this service is different at each participating institution. This list of Participating Institutions will give you a rating of ease at that insitution.

Quick Settings

CSU staff and students may find these settings useful in checking their configuration.
These settings are required for eduroam to function correctly at other universities.

NOTE: eduroam does not work on campus for CSU staff and students.


Access Point Authentication
802.1X Security WPA/TKIP

EAP Type + Authentication Protocol

Please note: This is your email address

Conditions of use

The use of eduroam is governed by the Australian Eduroam Policy and the Charles Sturt University University Computing and Communication Facilities Policy [.pdf]

For visitors to CSU the Acceptable Use Policy of your home institution applies. The eduroam network is not content filtered and access by staff or students under-18 requires parental consent.

Authentication information is recorded by CSU and your home organisation in case of network abuse and for statistical purposes.

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