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Photo of Dr Abhishek Dwivedi Dr Abhishek Dwivedi

PhD. (Marketing), M. Mktg. Mgmt. (Hons 1), PGDM (Marketing)

Abhishek 'Abbey' Dwivedi has completed a PhD in Marketing in the area of Brand Management; specifically brand-extensions. Prior to joing CSU he had seven-year's teaching/tutoring experience at Griffith University (Gold Coast), University of Queensland (Brisbane) and Central Queensland University (Brisbane). He has taught Marketing Strategy, Global Marketing, Services Marketing, and Marketing Research. Prior to his PhD, Abbey completed a Masters in Marketing Management (Honours -1) and a PGDM (MBA) with a marketing specialization. Additionally, he worked in one of the largest research-based consulting companies in Saudi Arabia and has experience in the fast-moving-consumer-goods industry, and the IT hardware industry in India.

Abbey is actively involved in research in the Marketing domain. His research interests include brand-extensions, customer-equity, celebrity endorsements and marketing capabilities. He has published his research in the Journal of Brand Management, the Australasian Marketing Journal, the Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and the Journal of Consumer Marketing. Abbey has regularly presented his research at the Australia & New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) conferences in Australia & New Zealand.

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Teaching Responsibilities

  • MKT230 Market Research
  • MKT235 Strategic Brand Management
  • MKT240 Market Analysis
  • MKT340 Strategic Marketing Management

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Focus Areas
  • Brand extensions,
  • Celebrity endorsements,
  • Branding at non-profits,
  • Formative models.

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Professional Activities

  • Served as a Reviewer for ANZMAC, ANZAM conferences, as well as, for Journal of Services Marketing and Journal of Brand Management.

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Selected Publications

Refereed Journal Articles:
  • Dwivedi, A., Johnson, L. W. and McDonald, R. (2015). Celebrity endorsement, self-brand connection and consumer-based brand equity. Journal of Product and Brand Management, 24(5), 449-461. doi:
  • Dwivedi, A. (2015). A higher-order model of consumer brand engagement and its impact on loyalty intentions. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol 24, 100-109.
  • Dwivedi, A., Johnson, L. W., and McDonald, R. (2014; Accepted and forthcoming). Celebrity Endorsements, Self-Brand Connection and Relationship Quality, International Journal of Advertising.
  •  Dwivedi, A., McDonald, R. E., and Johnson, L. W. (2014). The impact of a celebrity endorser's credibility on consumer self-brand connection and brand evaluation. Journal of Brand Management, 21(7-8), 559-578.
  • Dwivedi, A. (2014). Self-brand connection with service brands: Examining relationships with performance satisfaction, perceived value and brand relationship quality. Services Marketing Quarterly, 35(1), 37-53.
  • Dwivedi, A. and Merrilees, B. (2013). Brand extension feedback effects: Towards a mediated framework, Journal of Consumer Marketing, .30(5), 450-461.
  • Dwivedi, A. and Johnson, L. W. (2013). Trust-commitment as a mediator of the celebrity endorser-brand equity relationship in a service context. Australasian Marketing Journal, 21(1), 36-42.
  • Dwivedi, A. and Merrilees, B. (2013). Retail brand extension feedback: An Asian branding perspective, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 25(2), 321-340. [Appears at 10th place in Emerald's Top 25 Most Downloaded Australian Authors for articles published in 2013]
  • Dwivedi, A. and Merrilees, B. (2013). Retail brand extensions: Unpacking the link between brand extension attitude and change in parent brand equity, Australasian Marketing Journal, 21(2), 75-84.
  • Dwivedi, A. and Merrilees, B. (2012). The impact of brand extensions on parent brand relationship equity. Journal of Brand Management, 19(5), 377-319.
  • Dwivedi, A., Merrilees, B., Miller, D. and Herington, C. (2012). Brand, value and relationship equities and loyalty-intensions in the Australian supermarket industry. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 19(5), 526-536.
  • Dwivedi, A., Merrilees, B. & Sweeney, A. (2010). 'Brand extension feedback effects: a holistic framework'. Journal of Brand Management, 17(5), 328-342.
Refereed Conference Publications/Presentations:
  • Dwivedi, A. (2012). Relationship quality; comparing a higher-order fully reflective model with a higher-order formative model. ANZMAC, University of Adelaide, Australia, from Dec 3-5 2012.
  • Sok, P., O'Cass, A. & Dwivedi, A. (2012). Unpacking the value creation processes in service firms. ANZMAC, University of Adelaide, Australia, from Dec 3-5 2012.
  • Dwivedi, A., Merrilees, B., Miller, D. & Herington, C. (2010). Building supermarket customer-equity. ANZMAC, Held in University of Christchurch, Christchurch, New Zealand, from Dec 3-5 2010.
  • Dwivedi, A., Sweeney, A.D.P. & Merrilees, B. (2007). Feedback effects in brand-extensions: Evidence from India. ANZMAC, Held in University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, from Dec 3-5 2007.
  • Dwivedi, A., Merrilees, B. & Sweeney, A.D.P. (2006). A model of the feedback effect of brand-extensions on parent-brands. ANZMAC, Held in Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia from Dec 4-6 2006.
  • Dwivedi, A., Sweeney, A. D. P. (2005). An exploratory study of consumer expertise and perceived fit in brand-extensions. ANZMAC, Held in Fremantle, Perth, Australia from Dec 5-7 2005.

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