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How to Apply

The Application  Process for the Bachelor of Primary Education Studies

Application deadlines

Main Admissions

Applications will be reviewed and offers will be made at five points during the year for the August 2014 intake.

  • November 30, 2013 
  • January 31, 2014 
  • March 28, 2014 
  • May 30, 2014 
  • July 15, 2014 

Full applications are due by 4:00pm on these dates.

There are a number of steps in the application  process.  Please read these instructions  carefully to ensure that your application package is complete and correct.  ALL requirements must be submitted by the application closing date and time.  You will need to reference the “Tips for Completing the Online Application  Form.” Please read this document carefully as it will assist you in  successfully completing and submitting your application. 

Required documentation in support of your application

1. Online Application Form

  • In order to complete your  application, you MUST SUBMIT it online. The online application form is here.
  • If you have previously started  an online application you MUST log  back in using the red link “Returning Users Click Here”.
  • Before you submit the online  application you must upload your Resume, Experience Profile and Experience Profile  Summary and a copy of your Undergraduate degree transcript.  Any Supplementary documents such as marriage  certificate, English Language test results or proof of citizenship must also be  uploaded as part of your online application.

2. Resume

  • Complete using the CSU Resume template and submit via the Document Upload section of the online application

3. Experience Profile and Profile Summary

4. Two References

  • You must provide two professional references from people with whom you have had an association in the last five years (e.g., teachers you have  volunteered with; people with whom you have worked in the same organization  for at least two years who can comment on your skills and aptitude for teaching, people  who know of your experiences working with children well enough to evaluate your  performance).   
  • Only two references  will be accepted – additional references will NOT be considered.
  • Please use the CSU Reference template. It is an electronic form that can be completed and circulated by email. Your Referees will also submit  their final reference directly to the Admissions Office by email using a  [Submit] button on the form.
  • All references must be completed and submitted  by the application closing date and time.

5. Transcript(s)

  • You must supply an official transcript showing completion of your  undergraduate degree.  We will accept a  copy or student issued transcript for initial assessment purposes however an  official transcript must be received at the CSU Ontario campus no later than the  application closing date.
  • Step #1 – Copy  or Student Issued Transcript
    To be able to assess your application a copy or student issued transcript(s) must be uploaded via the Document Upload section of the online application.
  • Step #2 – Original Transcript
    Place a request with the University from which you have  received (or are currently enrolled in) your undergraduate degree (and any additional degrees).  Have your academic  transcript addressed to “BPES Admissions” and sent directly to the CSU Ontario campus:

    Charles Sturt University, Ontario
    860 Harrington Court
    Burlington Ontario L7N 3N4
  • Your official transcript must show completion of  your degree 
  • ‘Student Issued’ transcripts will NOT be  accepted as an official transcript.

Please Note:  International Qualifications 

  • In special circumstances, such as international  qualifications, certified copies of original transcripts can be mailed or  delivered directly to the campus. For international qualifications, any documents not in English must be accompanied by a professional, certified translation.  The applicant must submit BOTH the non-English and translated documents directly to Charles Sturt University Ontario. 

All transcripts must be received by the application closing date.

Supplementary documentation that may be required with your application

Please  note all documentation MUST be notarized by a Justice of the Peace or Notary  Public 

  • Marriage Certificate
    Submit your notarized marriage  certificate if your university degree is issued in a surname other than the  surname that is on your application to this program. Upload via the Document Upload section of the online application
  • English Language Proficiency
    If you have completed your  studies outside of Canada, you need to check the CSU English Language Proficiency requirements. If you do NOT satisfy  these requirements, you must demonstrate your level of English proficiency by  providing English  language test results taken within the last two years. A notarized  copy of your test results should be submitted  via the Document Upload section of the online application.
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship
    If you were NOT born in Canada,  you will be required to provide evidence of your Canadian citizenship or  Permanent Resident status. You must submit this evidence (e.g. notarized copy  of Citizenship card or passport) via the  Document Upload section of the online application.

Application fee

  • A non-refundable Application  Fee of $100.00 CAD, is payable by cheque or money order/bank draft (made payable to Charles Sturt University, with the applicant’s name written on the cheque).  Payment can also be made on campus, in  person, by cash, debit or credit. Credit card payments can be made by fax to  905-333-8578.  Your payment must be accompanied by a copy of the CSU Ontario Remittance Advice form (available here). 
  • It is essential that the full name of the applicant  be included on the form of payment.
  • Mail or deliver the  Application Fee to CSU Ontario by the closing date to:

    Charles Sturt University, Ontario
    860 Harrington Court
    Burlington Ontario L7N 3N4

    Or Fax it to:  905-333-8578

Links to required documents

This COMPLETE package must be submitted by the  application deadline.  NO documents will be accepted after this date  and time.
Note:  ALL documents  will be retained by the University and will NOT be returned to the applicant.  Exceptions will only be made for original or notarized copies of international  transcripts, at the request of the applicant.

Application Inquiries: If you have submitted an application and have a query about it or the application process please contact us at

Please DO NOT contact the campus to inquire if your  application package has been successfully submitted online, and/or if your transcript(s) has been received. Be assured that the Admissions Team will  cross-check all received documents to ensure that your application package is  complete.  If it is not complete, you will be contacted via email regarding the missing documentation.

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