Vegetation Management Review Articles

This part of the guide consists of review articles on a variety of topics including information about the types of native vegetation in the region, processes that threaten native plants and animals, and recommendations for management. Approaches to vegetation establishments are covered, as are weed management and environmental weeds and local native seed collection and propogation.

This section also contains information on the status of native vegetation in the region, means of accessing catchment health, principles for revegetation, property planning, grazing management, restoring degraded landscapes and more. The review articles were developed by a range of authors with particular expertise in each topic. Where no author is listed, the information was compiled by the editors.

All of the documents below are downloadable PDF documents, which require Adobe Reader.


  1. Current Status of Native Vegetation in the Riverina, Mark Rowe 265k [PDF]
  2. The Benefits of Native Vegetation, Bruce Mullins 21k [PDF]
  3. Principles for Vegetation, Property and Regional Planning in Dryland and Irrigation Landscapes, John Naimo 30k [PDF]
  4. Assessing Catchment Health, David Eldridge 30k [PDF]
  5. Managing Wetlands, Deborah Nias 300k [PDF]
  6. Native Grasslands in the NSW Riverina, Ian Lunt 100k [PDF]
  7. Grazing Management, Paul Hutchings 157k [PDF]
  8. Restoration of Degraded Landscapes, Paul Hutchings 206k [PDF]
  9. Native Vegetation Establishment and Management Techniques, Martin Driver 3027k [PDF]
  10. Seed Collection and Propogation of Local Native Plants, Louise Bull 101k [PDF]
  11. Enviromental Weeds, Sue Brunskill 25k [PDF]
  12. Wildlife and Habitat Management, David Parker 95k [PDF]
  13. CPrivate Native Forestry: River Red Gum, Mike Thompson 31k [PDF]


  1. Wildlife in the Riverina 59k [PDF]
  2. Weeds of Native Vegetation 16k [PDF]
  3. What to Plant and Where in Wetlands 28k [PDF]
  4. Regional Nurseries Supplying Locally Native Plants 19k [PDF]
  5. Native Seed Suppliers 9k [PDF]
  6. Revegetation Costs 16k [PDF]
  7. Further Assistance and Contacts 12k [PDF]
  8. Native Plant Field Guides 10k [PDF]