Honours study

What is an Honours degree?

  • An Honours degree is a program that is completed during an intense period of study, either full-time or over two years part-time.
  • Some Honours programs are integrated into the undergraduate coursework program.
  • Most Honours programs involve an additional year of study, during which students undertake the required coursework and research components.

The benefits of an Honours degree

Honours study - get an industry edge

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the competitive job market - it shows employers that you have higher level critical writing and research skills.
  • Enables entry into research degrees undertaken at Master or Doctoral levels.

Studying at Honours level

Honours programs vary across university faculties.

They usually include a combination of a discipline development component (coursework) and a research development component (research project). The exact weighting of these components differs according to the academic discipline within which you are studying. The research project is completed in the form of a written dissertation or creative work, and can weigh 25%, 50% or 75% depending on your Faculty's requirements.

Applying to study Honours

You must have attained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5 or higher to be eligible to study at Honours level.

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