Pathways to uni

Pathways are an alternative form of entry into courses at CSU. Whether you are a school leaver, a TAFE student or someone looking to return to study after some time away, options exist to assist you in successfully entering university.

Preparing for University study

Diploma of General Studies

The Diploma of General Studies is aimed at recent school leavers who wish to study at CSU but do not meet the entry criteria or require further preparation.

The Diploma is a combination of TAFE and CSU Bachelor level subjects studied over two 17-week sessions. The subjects will provide a solid preparation for your university studies.

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Considering university study in the near future? A STUDY LINK subject may help you prepare for university study. You can study short, self-paced, online subjects and even finish before your formal studies commence.

By completing one or more STUDY LINK subjects you will not only increase your skills, you will also develop a clear understanding of the expectations of studying at University.

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Unsure which degree?

CSU offers some general undergraduate degrees providing another pathway to more specific studies. Due to the flexible program structure, you can choose your subjects to suit your own interests. These courses are eligible for HECS-HELP loans.

These broad-based degrees generally have lower admission requirements, so they can provide a great pathway if you miss out on a place in your preferred course.

For example, you could enrol in a Bachelor of Arts and choose subjects included in the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology). Because CSU's admission requirements recognise prior university study, successfully completing part of the Bachelor of Arts could grant you admission into the more specialised course. What's more, as you may have already completed some of the relevant subjects as part of the Bachelor of Arts, you'll start the Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) ahead of the field.

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TAFE NSWTAFE is a terrific pathway to uni. At CSU, we highly value students from TAFE and have developed many options to support and encourage students to further their study at University.

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CSUAdvanceCSUAdvance works closely with clients to develop customised training programs that meet the needs of the workplace and consider the attributes of the learners.

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Single Subject Study

Single Subject StudySingle Subject Study offers flexible study choices without the commitment of a full degree. Upgrade your qualifications, test the waters of a subject area, prove yourself capable of university study, or build your own degree, one subject at a time!

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