Every year we help thousands of busy people achieve their dreams and reach their goals through online education. How? Through flexibility and support.

We make learning accessible

Not everyone can call a halt to everyday life to study. Our flexible courses mean you don’t have to. CSU offers online education, on campus and blended learning options designed to fit in with your world, on your time. We have decades of experience and have helped transform thousands of lives by making the acquisition of new skills readily accessible...and our students do the rest!

Support to take you further

At CSU, you’re part of a community of support.

We understand that how far we each travel in life depends on having the right support, encouragement and guidance at the right time. Whether it’s online or in person, our students get the help they need when they need it.

This combination of flexibility and support, together with our industry-aligned courses, explains why CSU’s graduate employment rate is 10% above the national average, and why more than 20,000 students choose to study with us through online education each year.

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