Charles Sturt University (CSU) has developed this course for professional advisors and clients as an introduction to the field of estate planning.
For successful estate planning engagements, advisors and clients need to have the capability to communicate and to understand each other's roles and responsibilities in the professional practice. Establishing an appropriate understanding between advisors and clients to connect, cooperate and collaborate is essential when dealing with wealth preservation and transfer.
This course comprises discussion-focused assessments, interactive client scenarios and demonstrates other core skills that will assist in developing essential communication skills for adviser and client success in estates practice focused engagements. The learning approach of this course provides valuable preparation to clients investigating what estate planning entails and develops an understanding of the methods they can use to get the most out of working with professional estate planners.
In short, the course aims to:
The short course will be run over 4 weeks with 4 online modules comprising prerecorded lectures supported by a range of online learning material. You can study at your own pace with each module requiring approximately 5 - 6 hours of study. The modules are supported with online discussion forums where you can post questions and discuss issues with the presenter.

Please email Adam Steen to enrol.


Module 1
Wednesday 9th September
  • Welcome to Estate Planning
  • Estate Planning Foundation Skills
Module 2
Wednesday 16th September
  • Communicating with Clients
Module 3
Wednesday 23rd September
  • Advisor Clarity in Communication
Module 4
Wednesday 30th September
  • Agreeing the Scope of Work