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Outgrown your career?

If you feel like you've got more to give and you've reached your limit in your current role, then the flexible study options at Charles Sturt University could be the answer.

Let Charles Sturt University help you move into a bigger world.

In a bigger world, you'll:

  • embrace new ideas
  • expand your career prospects
  • meet new challenges
  • enjoy bigger professional networks
  • improve your earning potential
  • renew your personal and professional satisfaction

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Feel like plunging right in to a degree, postgraduate qualification or PhD?

Choose from a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses to top up your professional qualifications, further your career potential or explore a personal interest.

Why CSU?

  1. Relevant qualifications – At CSU, we work with our communities, industry and government to ensure our courses are relevant and of high quality. Many of our courses have work placement opportunities to ensure you enhance the necessary practical skills for your career direction.

  2. Flexible study options – Can't fit in full-time on campus study due to work and family commitments? Study part-time via distance education. Some students also choose to put a toe in the water by kicking off with Single Subject Study.

  3. Student support – A wide range of support is available for our students, including extensive library and online resources, academic learning skills support, financial assistance and counselling.

  4. New ways of thinking – One of the benefits of being a university student is being exposed to new ideas and testing long-held assumptions. Our graduates are known for their creative and critical thinking skills honed during their course but used to their advantage in the workplace.

  5. Industry links – CSU partners with industry to ensure we are in touch with industry requirements and our curriculum reflects industry best practice. This not only ensures you’re well equipped for the next stage of your career, but can prove beneficial when sourcing professional experience.

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You can apply online today. Applications for distance education and postgraduate courses are accepted all year round with course intakes in March, July and November each year.

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Before applying to study, you should read the available online course information. Make note of the Admission code as you will need this to complete your application.

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Explore flexible study options

Single Subject Study is a great way to learn new skills or explore your passions. You can upgrade your qualifications, test the waters of a university education, or even build your own degree, one subject at a time!

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