The icing on the cake

There are many layers to managing a small business. However, the majority of people learn 'on the job' and have to juggle numerous tasks and responsibilities in an effort to make a success of their business.

Charles Sturt University's (CSU's) Graduate Certificate in Small Business Management has been designed to offer small business operators an opportunity to enhance existing knowledge with tailored education in small business management.

This course provides industry-focused, flexible graduate studies for small business owners or managers. It is specifically designed to help small business operators gain the management knowledge and skills required to run their business. Also course fees may be tax deductible. Contact the Australian Tax Office or consult an independent tax accountant for advice.

At CSU, we understand that you already have the ingredients needed to operate a small business. We can help you put the icing on the cake.

Scholarship offer for NAB small business customers

CSU & NAB form new partnership. NAB is now offering customers 5 scholarships to complete the Graduate Certificate in Small Business at CSU. Visit for more information

Small Business Management Foundations Seminars

Charles Sturt University and Wagga Wagga City Council are pleased to introduce the Small Business Management Foundations Seminars for 2012.

For more information, Download the Information Brochure [PDF].

The small business sector accounts for 96% of total businesses in Australia, but more than half of small businesses fail within three years of start-up. Why?

Research indicates one of the primary reasons is the lack of management expertise.

Industry engagement

Incorporating action learning principles, you will work together to solve workplace problems. Diagnostic tools are also provided to allow you to benchmark your performance. The aim of the course is to allow new ideas to be generated, different processes to be learnt, and new relationships to be developed. In addition to the formal learning activities, you will learn from the networking opportunities with other people in small business, who may have already experienced and overcome challenges in their industry.

Increase business performance

The characteristics of the small business sector in Australia are diverse. No matter what business you are in and no matter what business cycle you are currently at (start-up, crisis/survival, growth), you need knowledge and skills in small business management. This course provides opportunities to leverage your existing knowledge to enhance the performance of your business.

The course also offers business practitioners who service the small business sector with a unique insight into how they operate. This knowledge can provide a competitive advantage for small business service providers, which could improve their business performance.

“We believe business-to-business interactions are critical to enhance successful business practice. As a result, industry engagement is pivotal to the course. You will be exposed to business mentoring opportunities, networking, collaborative learning, and group learning with other businesses through clusters.”

Dr Lan Snell, Course Coordinator (CSU).

Flexible learning

At CSU, we understand that small business owners and managers value ongoing education. We also understand that many small business managers learn informally and often on an 'as needs' basis. This course is designed to complement previous informal training by challenging existing knowledge, thereby providing opportunities for business innovation.

The course offers you flexible learning. Subjects are available for Single Subject Study and Online study. Single Subject Study gives you a flexible study option with the option of building your own qualification. Online study enables you to work with colleagues from different industry sectors and within different business cycles. All of the subjects are offered online, allowing you to graduate without having to come on campus. The course gives you the flexibility to do one or two subjects per session part-time, which means minimal disruption to your business. You will have access to an extensive online library of text and video-based resources at your fingertips. This gives you independence to study in a way that suits you.

There are many layers to managing a small business.

CSU's Graduate Certificate in Small Business Management offers small business operators an opportunity to:

CSU can help you put the icing on the cake.