At CSU we understand that success is about more than just grades.

We believe that curiosity and passion are vital ingredients and lead us all on the path to greater knowledge.

We also believe this is a path best travelled together, which is why we have developed a program specifically for TAFE graduates, called CU@CSU. This program provides TAFE Diploma and Advanced Diploma students with all the support they need when they decide to take the next step in their studies.

The CU@CSU program includes guaranteed entry into most undergraduate courses, credit for relevant study and TAFE to Uni Scholarships. TPC students who have achieved a TES of 157 or above are also eligible for guaranteed entry into non-competitive courses.

So, if you have a qualification from TAFE and are curious about studying at uni or have a passion you want to explore, we want to CU@CSU!

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CSU highly values TAFE qualifications, and is able to offer all TAFE Diploma and Advanced Diploma graduates, guaranteed entry into most undergraduate courses. TPC students who have achieved a TES of 157 or above are also eligible. Certain courses have enrolment limits, and therefore are not eligible for guaranteed entry.

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To help support TAFE graduates on their journey to greater knowledge, we have developed a dedicated scholarship program, called the CSU 'TAFE to University' Scholarship. There will be 32 scholarships available in 2014, and each is a cash scholarship worth $2,500.

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CSU is committed to providing as much credit as possible for prior TAFE study. This enables students to reduce the amount of study time required to complete a degree at CSU.

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CSU holds events and information sessions specifically for TAFE students, where you will learn more about university study including; what to study, living on campus, studying by distance education, plus lots more.

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At CSU we understand your study may need to fit around your work and lifestyle and therefore CSU has a number of study options including full time, part time, or single subject either on campus or by distance education (or a mix of both for some courses).

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CSU has created strong partnerships and pathway programs with TAFE. These pathway programs and courses create alternate options for entry and study at university, and include; degree pathway programs as well as the Diploma of General Studies, which, on completion, provides guaranteed entry into many CSU courses.

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For TAFE graduates making the transition to university study, CSU offers face-to-face weekend workshops at various locations prior to session one. The workshop will assist your transition between the two environments and prepare you with the skills and confidence to succeed at CSU.

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Student Testimonials

"I encourage anyone considering studying at university after TAFE. TAFE gave me the practical skills, but university has finetuned my knowledge, skills and determination"Warwick Clarke

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