2015 Subject Listing

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ACC100 Accounting 1 (8)

ACC101 Financial Planning for Business (8)

ACC110 Accounting 2 (8)

ACC200 Accounting Systems (8)

ACC210 Management Accounting (8)

ACC222 External Reporting (8)

ACC240 Financial Management of Small Business (8)

ACC260 International Accounting (8)

ACC275 Professional Practice in Accounting (8)

ACC281 Management Accounting A (8)

ACC282 Financial Accounting A (8)

ACC288 Accounting Information Systems (8)

ACC310 Management Accounting 2 (8)

ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting (8)

ACC322 Company Accounting (8)

ACC331 Auditing and Assurance Services (8)

ACC341 Accounting Theory (8)

ACC380 Management Accounting B (8)

ACC382 Financial Accounting B (8)

ACC384 International Accounting Issues (8)

ACC430 Accounting Honours Dissertation (F/T) (32)

ACC432 Accounting Honours Project/Dissertation (P/T) (32)

ACC501 Business Accounting & Finance (8)

ACC510 Issues in Management Accounting (8)

ACC511 Accounting & Information Systems (16)

ACC512 Management Accounting for Costs & Control (8)

ACC514 Financial Accounting (8)

ACC515 Accounting & Finance (8)

ACC518 Current Developments In Accounting Thought (8)

ACC519 Accounting and Financial Management for Small Business (8)

ACC520 Issues in Auditing (8)

ACC523 Accounting, Finance and Planning for SMEs (8)

ACC525 Financial Accountability in the Public Sector (8)

ACC530 Special Topic in Accounting (8)

ACC531 Accounting Dissertation (24)

ACC532 Issues in External Reporting (8)

ACC533 Readings in Accounting (8)

ACC534 Accounting Ethics and Corporate Governance (8)

ACC535 Strategic Cost and Management Accounting (8)

ACC536 Accounting and Business History (8)

ACC537 Social and Environmental Accounting (8)

ACC538 Accounting Project (8)

ACC539 Accounting Information Systems (8)

ACC540 Research Methodology (8)

ACC543 Principles of Casemix Funding and Costing (8)

ACC544 Decision Support Tools (8)

ACC545 Management Accounting for Hospitals (8)

ACC566 Acc Systems and Processes (8)

ACC567 Financial Accounting 2 (8)

ACC568 Auditing (8)

ACC583 CA Studies 4 (8)

ACC584 CA Capstone Studies (8)

ACC585 Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation (8)

ACC586 Ethics and Governance CPA (8)

ACC587 Strategic Management Accounting CPA (8)

ACC588 Financial Reporting CPA (8)

ACC589 Global Strategy & Leadership CPA (8)

ACC590 Financial Accounting and Reporting (8)

ACC596 Advanced Taxation CPA (8)

ACC597 Advanced Audit & Assurance CPA (8)

ACC598 Financial Risk Management CPA (8)

ACC599 Contemporary Business Issues CPA (8)

ACC601 Masters Honours Research P/T (64)

ACC602 Masters Honours Research F/T (64)

ACC701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

ACC702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

ACG501 Forensic Accounting (8)

ACG502 Business and Financial Analysis (8)

ACG503 Business Valuation (8)

ACG504 Communication in Business (8)

ACG505 Professional Work Practice (8)

ACG506 Financial Management of Small Business (8)

ACT101 Fundamentals of Voice and Movement (8)

ACT110 Masked Theatre (8)

ACT120 Fundamentals of Acting (8)

ACT121 Techniques of Acting (8)

ACT125 Rise of the Avant-garde. Naturalism to the Absurd (8)

ACT126 Modern Theatre Post World War II (8)

ACT201 The Actor and Process (8)

ACT202 The Actor and Performance (8)

ACT218 Theatre History (8)

ACT219 Architects of the Imagination: Comedy and Tragedy (8)

ACT224 Classic Theatre (16)

ACT225 Seeking Order in Chaos: Post-atomic Theatre (8)

ACT306 Acting, Voice and Movement 5 (8)

ACT307 Acting, Voice and Movement 6 (8)

ACT310 Australian Theatre (8)

ACT312 Collisions: 21st Century Performance (8)

ACT318 Theatre in Australia (8)

ACT320 Theatre and Television Projects 1 (16)

ACT324 Theatre & Cultural Action (8)

ADV102 Advertising Regulation Issues and Ethics (8)

ADV104 Understanding Advertising (8)

ADV105 The Advertising Business (8)

ADV202 Advertising 2 (0)

ADV205 Advertising Creative (8)

ADV206 Channel Planning (8)

ADV207 Channel Planning in Action (8)

ADV211 Advertising Copywriting (8)

ADV213 The Creative Process (16)

ADV308 Advertising Creative 2 (8)

ADV310 Advertising Strategy and Campaign Planning (8)

ADV312 Advertising Portfolio (8)

ADV314 Professional Advertising Practice (16)

ADV316 Advertising Fieldwork (8)

ADV317 Advertising Strategy and Planning (16)

AGB110 Agricultural Economics (8)

AGB125 Financial Planning for Agriculture (8)

AGB165 Agribusiness Systems (8)

AGB250 International Agriproduct Trade (8)

AGB260 Rural Change (Inquiry Tools) (8)

AGB301 Agribusiness Marketing (8)

AGB310 Agricultural Marketing (8)

AGB320 Supply Chain Management (8)

AGB340 Rural Resource Economics (8)

AGB351 Commodity Trade and Pricing (8)

AGB362 Managing Sustainable Development (8)

AGB363 Rural Change (Industry Project) (8)

AGB410 Agricultural Marketing (8)

AGB440 Rural Resource Economics (Post Graduate) (8)

AGB450 Agricultural Business Risk and Investment (8)

AGB520 Supply Chain Management (PG) (8)

AGB533 Agribusiness Management (8)

AGB550 International Agriproduct Trade PG (8)

AGB555 Managing Rural Change (8)

AGB575 Agribusiness Planning PG (16)

AGB581 Agricultural Business Management Dissertation (16)

AGF201 Agroforestry (8)

AGR141 Introduction to Ecological Agriculture (8)

AGR156 Plants in Agriculture (8)

AGR175 Introduction to Rural Management (8)

AGR202 Food Environment and Culture (8)

AGR203 Production Analysis and Optimisation (8)

AGR220 Extension (8)

AGR227 Water Resource Management (8)

AGR237 Property Planning and Development (8)

AGR301 Agricultural Systems (8)

AGR304 Agricultural Ecology (8)

AGR306 Biological Farming Systems (8)

AGR347 Rural Project (8)

AGR353 Human Ecology (8)

AGR358 Research Project (8)

AGR375 Agribusiness Planning (16)

AGR402 Reading in Science and Agriculture (8)

AGR475 Sustainable Agriculture: Issues and Viewpoints (8)

AGR501 Special Topic 1 (8)

AGR502 Special Topic 2 (8)

AGR503 Special Topic 3 (8)

AGR512 Property and Catchment Planning (8)

AGR520 Extension Post Graduate (8)

AGR575 Research Thesis (64)

AGR580 Research Methods (8)

AGR583 Alternative Agriculture (8)

AGR589 Advanced Applied Management (8)

AGR595 Managing Agroecosystems (8)

AGR601 Master Research (Agriculture & Wine) P/T (128)

AGR602 Master Research (Agriculture & Wine) F/T (128)

AGR610 Sustainable Agriculture Dissertation (16)

AGR701 Doctoral Research (Agriculture & Wine) P/T (192)

AGR702 Doctoral Research (Agriculture & Wine) F/T (192)

AGR712 Proposal for Applied Research/Investigation (32)

AGR715 Sustainable Agriculture Thesis (Full Time) (128)

AGR716 Sustainable Agriculture Thesis (Part Time) (128)

AGR722 Readings in Agriculture (8)

AGR775 Sustainable Agriculture: Issues and Viewpoints (8)

AGR795 Managing Agroecosystems (8)

AGS100 Livestock Production Systems (8)

AGS101 The Biological Environment (8)

AGS107 Precision Agriculture and Data Handling (8)

AGS201 Rural Revegetation (8)

AGS202 Applied Ecology (8)

AGS203 Agricultural Biotechnology (8)

AGS204 Livestock Breeding and Selection (8)

AGS300 Livestock Management (8)

AGS301 Weed and Pesticide Sciences (8)

AGS320 Water Policy and Management (EM) (8)

AGS400 Agricultural Industry Practicum (32)

AGS401 Integrated Agriculture (16)

AGS402 Weed and Pesticide Sciences (PG) (8)

AGS453 Human Ecology (PG) (8)

AHT101 Professional skills in Agriculture and Horticulture (8)

AHT102 Introduction to Agricultural and Horticultural Systems (8)

AHT231 Agricultural Finance and Business Management (8)

AHT254 Organic Agriculture and Horticulture (8)

AHT274 Industry Practice (8)

AHT401 Agroecosystems & Human Values (8)

AHT404 Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation (8)

ANT260 Indigenous Studies (8)

ANT702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

APS301 Pharmacology for Paramedics (8)

APS401 Prehospital Pharmacology (8)

ART108 Fine Art 2 (8)

ART113 European Art 1850-1920 (8)

ART114 Modern Art 1920-1970 (8)

ART210 Australian Art To 1939 (8)

ART214 Aspects of Design, 1850 to the Present (8)

ART215 Australian Art from 1939 (8)

ART218 Analysis and Image Development (8)

ART219 Traditional and Contemporary Practices (8)

ART222 Art, Technology and Culture (8)

ART223 Australian Aboriginal Art (8)

ART240 Introduction to Islamic Art & Design (8)

ART310 Issues in Contemporary Art (8)

ART315 Perspectives in Photography (8)

ART316 Italian Renaissance Art (8)

ART317 Art and Books (8)

ART318 The Body in Art (8)

ART330 Minor Study 3 (8)

ART331 Minor Study 4 (8)

ART401 Theories of Criticism (16)

ART402 Reading Subject (16)

ART403 Art History Dissertation (32)

ART501 Theories of Criticism (16)

ART502 Critical Reading and Research Subject (16)

ART503 Applied Criticism (16)

ART504 Topic Research and Development (16)

ART505 Exhibitions (48)

ART506 Exhibition/Performance/Project/Production (32)

ART511 Theories of Criticism (16)

ART512 Critical Reading and Research Subject (16)

ART513 Applied Criticism (16)

ART514 Topic Research and Development (16)

ART515 Exhibitions (48)

ART516 Exhibition/Performance/Project/Production (32)

ART601 Master Honours Research (Arts) PT (128)

ART602 Master Honours Research (Arts) FT (128)

ART701 Doctoral Research (Arts) PT (192)

ART702 Doctoral Research (Arts) FT (192)

ASC106 Equine Industry (8)

ASC110 Introduction to Animal Science (8)

ASC111 Comparative Animal Anatomy and Physiology (8)

ASC141 Riding Development (8)

ASC142 Equestrian Coaching (8)

ASC143 Horsemanship (8)

ASC144 Equestrian Administration (8)

ASC148 Introduction to Equine Science (8)

ASC171 Animal Anatomy and Physiology (8)

ASC180 Animal Handling and Health Care (8)

ASC181 Veterinary Office and Hospital Procedures (8)

ASC182 Foundations in Clinical Procedures & Veterinary Nursing (8)

ASC183 Foundations in Veterinary Surgical Nursing (8)

ASC201 Equine Reproduction & Breeding Management (8)

ASC202 Equine Locomotion (8)

ASC209 Horse Breeding Technologies (8)

ASC221 Animal Genetics (8)

ASC222 Animal Biotechnology (8)

ASC223 Animal Growth and Development (8)

ASC225 Assessment of Animal Welfare (8)

ASC248 Horse Behaviour and Training Management (8)

ASC261 Animal Reproduction (8)

ASC262 Veterinary Reproduction (8)

ASC273 Animal Nutrition (8)

ASC280 Diagnostics for Veterinary Technologists (8)

ASC303 Equine Health (8)

ASC305 Parasitology (8)

ASC306 Applied Animal Pharmacology and Therapeutics (8)

ASC307 Critical Reviews in Animal Science (8)

ASC321 Equine Exercise Physiology (8)

ASC323 Equine Nutrition (8)

ASC350 Animal Health (8)

ASC370 Ruminant Production and Welfare (8)

ASC380 Industry Practicum 1 (8)

ASC381 Industry Practicum 2 (8)

ASC391 Surgery and Anaesthesia Nursing (8)

ASC400 Professional Study Visit in Animal, Equine and Veterinary Sciences (0)

ASC405 Parasitology (8)

ASC406 Applied Animal Pharmacology &Therapeutics (8)

ASC407 Critical Reviews in Animal Science (8)

ASC412 Equine Nutrition (8)

ASC413 Equine Health (8)

ASC416 Research Project / Special Topic 1 (16)

ASC421 Animal Genetics (8)

ASC422 Animal Biotechnology (8)

ASC423 Animal Growth and Development (8)

ASC432 Research Project / Special Topic 2 (32)

ASC450 Animal Health (8)

ASC461 Animal Reproduction (8)

ASC470 Ruminant Production (8)

ASC473 Animal Nutrition (8)

ASC474 Intensive Animal Production (8)

ASC475 Meat And Fibre Science (8)

ASC509 Horse Rehabilitation (8)

ASC512 Equine Nutrition (8)

ASC513 Equine Health (8)

ASC516 Master's Research Project (16)

ASC517 Master's Research Project (16)

ASC521 Equine Exercise Physiology (8)

ASC525 Domestic Animal Behaviour (8)

ASC532 Master's Research Dissertation (32)

ASC533 Master's Research Dissertation (32)

ASC548 Horse Behaviour and Training Management (8)

ASC575 Meat and Fibre Science (8)

BCM210 Foundations and Techniques in Biochemistry (8)

BCM211 Foundations of Biochemistry (8)

BCM301 Food Biotechnology (8)

BCM302 Food and Beverage Biotechnology (8)

BCM411 Foundations of Biochemistry (8)

BIO100 Concepts of Biology (8)

BIO112 Principles of Ecology (8)

BIO115 Microbiology (8)

BIO145 Habitat Management (8)

BIO173 Introductory Biology (8)

BIO203 Animal Diversity (8)

BIO216 Conservation Biology (8)

BIO262 Vegetation Ecology (8)

BIO263 Methods for Environmental Data Analysis (8)

BIO312 Landscape Ecology (8)

BIO323 River and Floodplain Ecology (8)

BIO326 Vegetation and Disturbance Management (16)

BIO327 Wildlife Ecology and Management (16)

BIO328 Restoration Ecology (8)

BIO401 River and Floodplain Ecology (8)

BIO402 River Restoration and Protection (8)

BIO410 Landscape Ecology of Birds (8)

BIO416 Conservation Biology (8)

BIO430 Avian Biology (8)

BIO431 Avian Systematics and Biogeography (8)

BIO432 Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation of Birds. (8)

BIO433 Ornithological Methods (8)

BIO437 Captive Breeding and Reintroduction of Birds (8)

BIO439 Behavioural Ecology (8)

BIO441 Wildlife Management (8)

BIO446 Captive Reptilian Management (8)

BIO461 Applied Ecological Conservation (8)

BIO480 Ecology and Conservation of Waterbirds (8)

BIO489 Zoo Curatorship (16)

BIO521 Restoration Ecology (8)

BMS105 Science Communication and Methodology (8)

BMS126 Foundations Of Human Physiology (8)

BMS127 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 (8)

BMS128 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 (8)

BMS129 Physiological Sciences 1 (8)

BMS130 Physiological Sciences 2 (8)

BMS161 Health and the Human Body - Cells, Immunity, & Musculoskeletal (8)

BMS162 Health and the Human Body II - Systemic Human Physiology (8)

BMS171 Introduction to Functional Human Anatomy (8)

BMS172 Functional Anatomy of the Vertebral Column, Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limb (8)

BMS191 Human Bioscience 1 (8)

BMS192 Human Bioscience 2 (8)

BMS207 Clinical Biochemistry 1 (8)

BMS208 Human Nutrition (8)

BMS215 Microbial Biotechnology (8)

BMS216 Introductory Haematology (8)

BMS221 Human Bioscience 3 (8)

BMS224 Head and Neck Anatomy (8)

BMS229 Histotechniques (8)

BMS231 Biomedical Science for Nurses 1 (8)

BMS233 Nutritional Physiology (8)

BMS234 Podiatric Anatomy and Biomechanics (8)

BMS235 Protein Biochemistry (8)

BMS236 Pathophysiology for Allied Health Professionals (8)

BMS237 Integrated Clinical Placement 1 (8)

BMS238 Foundations of Biotechnology (8)

BMS239 Clinical Measurement (8)

BMS240 Human Molecular Genetics (8)

BMS241 Molecular Cell Biology (8)

BMS243 Nutrition, Metabolism & Human Disease (8)

BMS244 Podiatric Biomechanics and Paediatrics (16)

BMS255 Neuroscience for Health Practice (8)

BMS256 Exercise Science for Health Practice (8)

BMS257 Movement Science (8)

BMS263 Pharmacology for allied health professionals (8)

BMS264 Pathophysiology for allied health professionals (8)

BMS271 Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck, Pectoral Girdle and Upper Limb (8)

BMS291 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 1 (8)

BMS292 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 (8)

BMS301 Medical Science Special Topic (8)

BMS302 Clinical Biochemistry 2 (8)

BMS304 Fundamentals of DNA Fingerprinting (8)

BMS305 Genetic Engineering & Bioinformatics (8)

BMS306 Advanced Haematology (8)

BMS308 Immunology (8)

BMS310 Disease Processes (8)

BMS313 Infectious Diseases And Applied Immunology (8)

BMS314 Bacteriology / Mycology (8)

BMS315 Medical Microbiology (8)

BMS317 Integrating Paramedic Medical Science (8)

BMS321 Clinical Neuroscience (8)

BMS323 Infection and Immunity in Complementary Health (8)

BMS324 Immunohaematology and Blood Transfusion (8)

BMS327 Integrating Paramedic Trauma Science (8)

BMS329 Clinical Neurophysiology (8)

BMS330 Medical Physiology (8)

BMS332 Applied Cardiovascular Physiology (8)

BMS333 Clinical Cardiovascular Physiology (8)

BMS337 Histopathology (8)

BMS338 Clinical Bacteriology (8)

BMS339 Virology, Mycology & Parasitology (16)

BMS340 Pharmacology (16)

BMS342 Medicinal and Indigenous Foods (8)

BMS343 Evidence Based Complementary Medicine (16)

BMS344 Molecular Immunology (8)

BMS345 Therapeutic Proteins (8)

BMS346 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics (8)

BMS350 Health and Chronic Disease (8)

BMS351 Integrated Clinical Placement 2 (8)

BMS352 Molecular Pathology (8)

BMS406 Human Reproductive Biology (8)

BMS408 Biomedical Sciences Honours Project / Dissertation (8)

BMS415 Genetic Engineering & Bioinformatics (8)

BMS418 Immunology (8)

BMS438 Clinical Bacteriology (8)

BMS439 Virology, Mycology & Parasitology (16)

BMS500 Biomedical Research Methods (8)

BMS502 Fundamentals of Biotechnology (16)

BMS503 Techniques in Genetic Engineering (16)

BMS504 Bioinformatics and Proteomics (8)

BMS505 Intellectual Property & Regulation of Biotechnology (8)

BMS508 Research Proposal (8)

BMS509 Dissertation (16)

BMS510 Dissertation (32)

BMS511 Processes of Pathology (8)

BMS512 Integrated Medical Laboratory Science (8)

BMS513 Laboratory Quality Control (8)

BMS523 Applied Immunology (8)

BMS536 Applied Pharmacology for Nursing Practice (8)

BMS552 Molecular Pathology (8)

BMS601 Master Research (Biomedical Sciences) Part-Time (128)

BMS602 Master Research (Biomedical Sciences) Full-Time (128)

BMS701 Doctoral Research (Biomedical Sciences) Part-time (192)

BMS702 Doctoral Research (Biomedical Sciences) Full-time (192)

BUS001 Preparation for Studying Business (8)

BUS100 English for Academic Studies (8)

BUS110 Workplace Learning 1 (8)

BUS200 Entry to CSU Global (0)

BUS201 International Project (8)

BUS202 International Engagement (0)

BUS210 Career Preparation Skills (8)

BUS220 Workplace Learning 2 (8)

BUS301 Business Language and Culture (Economics) (8)

BUS302 Business Language and Culture (Marketing) (8)

BUS303 Business Language and Culture (Management) (8)

BUS304 Business Language and Culture (Accounting) (8)

BUS305 Business Language and Culture (Information Technology) (8)

BUS310 Principles of Six Sigma Methodology at Green Belt level (8)

BUS340 Practicum Group Project (8)

BUS345 Business Placement 2 (24)

BUS370 Workplace Learning 3 (8)

BUS383 Managing Global Business (8)

BUS384 Global Business Project Management (8)

BUS411 Honours Theory (16)

BUS412 Honours Research Methods (16)

BUS416 Business Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

BUS417 Business Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

BUS432 Business Honours Dissertation (32)

CCI100 Introduction to Media Production (8)

CCI300 Professional Practice in Communication and Creative Industries (24)

CCI500 Professional Communication Trends and Influences (16)

CCI502 Multiplatform Communication (16)

CHM102 Chemistry for Dental and Veterinary Sciences (8)

CHM104 Chemistry 1A (8)

CHM107 Chemistry 1B (8)

CHM108 Chemical Fundamentals (8)

CHM112 Introductory Environmental Chemistry (8)

CHM115 Chemistry 1A (8)

CHM209 Environmental Chemistry (8)

CHM213 Analytical Chemistry (8)

CHM214 Physical Chemistry (8)

CHM215 Inorganic Chemistry (8)

CHM216 Organic Chemistry (8)

CHM219 Organic And Physical Chemistry (8)

CHM306 Fire Chemistry (8)

CHM321 Laboratory Management Issues (8)

CHM323 Instrumental Analysis 1 (8)

CHM324 Instrumental Analysis 2 (8)

CHM335 Analytical Chemistry Industry Experience (8)

CHP102 Primary Health Care (8)

CHP103 Contemporary Issues in Aboriginal Health (16)

CHP203 Primary Health Care Research Project (16)

CHP303 Contemporary Illnesses of Indigenous Australians (16)

CHP307 Principles and Practices of Sustainable Community Development (8)

CHP309 Reflective Professional Health Practice (8)

CLS101 Clinical Studies 1 (8)

CLS102 Clinical Studies 2 (8)

CLS103 Paramedic Community Internship (8)

CLS104 Foundations of Clinical Practice (16)

CLS201 Introduction to Medical Emergencies (8)

CLS202 Life Span Health Issues and Paramedic Care (8)

CLS203 Internship 2 (8)

CLS300 Advanced Cardiology and Paramedic Practice (8)

CLS302 Internship 3 (8)

CLS307 Transition to Paramedic Practice (8)

CLS310 Major Incident Management (8)

CLS400 Advanced Paramedic Medical Emergencies (8)

CLS410 Major Incident Management (8)

CLS411 Paramedic Internship (8)

CLS412 Introduction To Internship (8)

CLT209 Media and Culture (8)

CLT404 Honours Dissertation (32)

COM103 Media Production and Presentation (8)

COM105 Communication (8)

COM111 Professional Writing (8)

COM112 Digital Media (8)

COM113 Commercial Radio Industry (8)

COM114 Presentation for Communicators (8)

COM115 Media Audiences & Public Opinion (8)

COM116 What is Public Relations? (8)

COM117 Directing Information Programs (8)

COM118 Media Production & Presentation 1 (8)

COM119 Media Production and Presentation 2 (8)

COM120 Reasoning, Values and Communication (8)

COM122 Australian Screen and Stage (8)

COM123 Screen Studies (8)

COM124 Communication in Context (8)

COM125 Radio Production and Content Management (8)

COM126 Production Planning (8)

COM173 Introduction to Communications (8)

COM212 Scriptwriting (8)

COM213 On Camera Performance (8)

COM216 Media Audiences & Public Opinion (8)

COM217 Indigenous People: Portrayals And Representation (8)

COM218 Organisational Communication (8)

COM219 Media, Communication and Globalisation (8)

COM220 Script Analysis and Interpretation (8)

COM221 Professional Ethics in Communication and Citizenship (8)

COM222 Public Relations Tactics (8)

COM223 Communication Management (8)

COM224 Communication Research Strategies (8)


COM226 Media: History and Society (8)

COM227 Culture, Society & the Media (8)

COM229 Documentary & Information Programming (8)

COM232 Public Relations Strategy (8)

COM233 Media Sales Principles (8)

COM234 Media Sales Presentation (8)

COM235 Media Promotions Project (8)

COM236 Making it Happen: Event Management (8)

COM312 Public Relations Internship (8)

COM313 SOS: Issues and Crisis Communication (8)

COM316 Advertising & Public Relations Research (8)

COM318 Public Affairs (8)

COM319 Media Ethics and Public Policy (8)

COM320 Professional Public Relations Communication Practice (16)

COM321 Communication Fieldwork (8)

COM322 Going Global: Regional and Global Public Relations (8)

COM323 Creative Storytelling: Cultures and Contexts (8)

COM327 Literature and Film (8)

COM337 Radio Workshop (24)

COM338 Public Relations Specialisations (8)

COM339 Strategic and International Public Relations (16)

COM340 Social Media (8)

COM341 Industrial Issues in the Arts (8)

COM343 Communication Project Management (8)

COM408 Communication Project/Dissertation Part Time (32)

COM416 Research Methods (Honours) (16)

COM417 Professional Workplace Research (Honours) (16)

COM418 Directed Reading (Honours) (16)

COM419 Company Management (Industry Practice) (Honours) (Full time) (16)

COM421 Theory Production, Performance (16)

COM425 Public Relations & Organisational Communication Honors Project/Dissertation (32)

COM427 Professional Workplace Research (Honours) (16)

COM428 Directed Reading (Honours) (Part time) (16)

COM429 Company Management (Industry Practice) (Honours)(Part time) (16)

COM430 Graduate Study Skills (8)

COM431 Project/dissertation Honours (32)

COM500 Dissertation (32)

COM505 Individual Communication Management (8)

COM506 Communication in Organisations (8)

COM510 Contemporary Communication Theory (8)

COM511 Communication Audits and Applied Research (8)

COM515 Communication Case Study Project (16)

COM517 Defence PR Imperatives (16)

COM520 Cultural Performance Research (16)

COM521 Drama and Theatre of Celebration (16)

COM523 Site-Specific Cultural Performance (16)

COM524 Dissertation (32)

COM525 Drama and Theatre of Celebration (16)

COM526 Site-Specific Cultural Performance (16)

COM527 Cultural Performance Research (16)

COM528 Seminar in Cultural Performance (16)

COM530 Responsibility, Reputation and Stakeholder Relations (16)

COM531 Issues, Risk and Crisis Communication (16)

COM532 Corporate Culture, Integrated Communication and Change (16)

COM536 Dramaturgy for Cultural Events (16)

COM538 Communication in Organisations (16)

COM539 Issues, Crisis and Reputation (16)

COM540 Corporate Culture, Stakeholder and Change Communication (16)

COM601 Master Honours Research (Communication) PT (128)

COM602 Master Honours Research (Communication) FT (128)

COM701 Doctoral Research (Communication) P/T (192)

COM702 Doctoral Research (Communication) F/T (192)

COM710 Communication in Society (16)

COM711 The Culture of Communication (16)

COM712 Communication & Technology: digital connectivity (16)

COM713 Communication in Practice (16)

COM714 Dissertation/Portfolio in Communication (Full time) (128)

COM715 Dissertation/Portfolio in Communication (Part time) (128)

CUS101 Border Agencies and Principles of Border Management (16)

CUS102 Regulating and Facilitating Trade (8)

CUS103 Customs Procedures (8)

CUS104 International Trade Terms and Documentation (16)

CUS105 Introduction to Tariff Classification (8)

CUS106 Introduction to Customs Valuation (8)

CUS201 International Trade Treaties and Conventions (16)

CUS202 International Air and Sea Passengers (16)

CUS203 Maritime Regulation and Enforcement (8)

CUS204 Principles of Cargo Control (8)

CUS301 Border Management Ethics and Governance (16)

CUS302 Supply Chain Security (16)

CUS303 Transnational Crime (8)

CUS304 Duty Suspension Regimes (8)

CUS401 Customs Management Theory and Practice (16)

CUS402 International Customs Law (16)

CUS501 Customs Management Theory and Practice (16)

CUS502 International Customs Law (16)

CUS503 International Trade Policy and Practice (16)

CUS504 Border Revenue (16)

CUS505 International Air and Maritime Law and Enforcement (16)

CUS520 Excise (8)

CUS521 Customs Reform and Modernisation (8)

CUS522 International Supply Chain Management (8)

CUS523 Environment Taxation (8)

CUS550 Customs Research Project (16)

DBA711 Research Issues (16)

DBA712 Research Methodology for Business (16)

DBA713 Developing a Literature Review (16)

DBA714 Business Specialisation Research (16)

DBA717 Thesis (Full-time) (128 Points) (128)

DBA718 Thesis (Part-time) (128 Points) (128)

DBL701 Business Leadership: Theory and Practice (16)

DBL702 Business Leadership Case Analyses (16)

DBL703 Critical Reasoning and Ethics for Business Leaders (16)

DBL704 Business Leadership Issues (16)

DBL710 Leadership Portfolio (64)

DES107 Design Implementation (8)

DES108 Design Communication (8)

DES109 Introduction to Stage and Screen Design (8)

DES213 Design and Production 1 (8)

DES214 Design and Production 2 (8)

DES304 Design and the Director (8)

DES307 Theatre and Television Projects (8)

DHS601 Master Research (Dentistry & Health Science) Part-Time (128)

DHS602 Master Research (Dentistry & Health Science) Full-Time (128)

DHS701 Doctoral Research (Dentistry & Health Science) Part-Time (192)

DHS702 Doctoral Research (Dentistry & Health Science) Full-Time (192)

DOH100 Clinical Practice and Theory 1 (16)

DOH110 Oral Health Sciences 1 (16)

DOH113 Community Oral Health 1 (8)

DOH121 Foundations of Dental Practice 1A (12)

DOH122 Foundations of Dental Practice 1B (12)

DOH124 Foundations of Dental Clinical Practice 1 (12)

DOH133 Oral Microbiology (8)

DOH134 Oral Anatomy & Histology (8)

DOH200 Clinical Practice and Theory 2 (16)

DOH201 Oral Health Practice 2A (12)

DOH203 Community Oral Health 2 (8)

DOH210 Oral Health Sciences 2 (16)

DOH211 Oral Health Anatomy (8)

DOH212 Oral Health Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 1 (12)

DOH213 Oral Health Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 2 (12)

DOH222 Nutrition & Oral Health Care Delivery (8)

DOH231 Dental Biochemistry (8)

DOH232 Dental Pathophysiology (12)

DOH241 Dentistry 2A (Restorative Dentistry) (12)

DOH242 Dentistry 2B (Removable Prosthodontics, Restorative Dentistry, Introductory Occlusion) (12)

DOH251 Dental Clinical Practice 2A (12)

DOH252 Dental Clinical Practice 2B (12)

DOH300 Oral Health Sciences 3 (16)

DOH301 Oral Health Practice 3A (24)

DOH302 Oral Health Practice 3B (32)

DOH310 Clinical Practice and Theory 3 (32)

DOH313 Community Oral Health 3 (8)

DOH321 Public Oral Health, Research and Community Service (8)

DOH331 Dental Clinical Practice 3A (24)

DOH332 Dental Clinical Practice 3B (24)

DOH341 Topics in Clinical Dentistry 1 (8)

DOH342 Topics in Clinical Dentistry 2 (8)

DOH401 Dental Clinical Practice 4A (24)

DOH402 Dental Clinical Practice 4B (24)

DOH411 Advanced Topics in Clinical Dentistry 1 (4)

DOH412 Medicine and Surgery for Dental Practice (4)

DOH413 Advanced Topics in Clinical Dentistry 2 (8)

DOH481 Dental Clinical Practice 5A (24)

DOH482 Dental Clinical Practice 5B (24)

DOH491 Gerodontics, Special Needs Dentistry, Dental Public Health (8)

DOH493 Advanced Clinical Options (8)

DOH551 Introduction to Dental Implants and Basic Restorative Implantology (16)

DOH552 Advanced Restorative Implantology (16)

DOH553 Basic Surgical Implantology (16)

DOH554 Advanced Surgical Implantology (16)

ECO110 Microeconomics (8)

ECO120 Macroeconomics (8)

ECO130 Business Economics (8)

ECO210 Labour Economics (8)

ECO215 Managerial Economics for Business Strategy (8)

ECO220 Macroeconomic Analysis (8)

ECO240 Forecasting for Business (8)

ECO320 International Economics (8)

ECO330 Regional Sustainable Development (8)

ECO355 Contemporary Economic Issues (8)

ECO356 Environmental Economics (8)

ECO360 Economic Evaluation (8)

ECO501 Business Economics (8)

ECO503 International Economics (8)

ECO511 Economics for Business (8)

ECO515 Managerial Economics (8)

ECO517 Economic Evaluation (8)

ECO701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

ECO702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

EDU105 French as a Second Language Part 1 (0)

EDU108 Kindergarten Part 2 (0)

EDU110 Special Education Part 1 (0)

EDU112 Intermediate Education Part 1 (0)

EDU120 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: Dramatic Arts (0)

EDU125 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: English (0)

EDU130 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: Geography (0)

EDU135 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: History (0)

EDU140 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: Mathematics (0)

EDU145 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: Science-General (0)

EDU150 Intermediate Additional Basic Qualifications: Visual Arts (0)

EDU155 Teaching Religion in Catholic Schools in Ontario (0)

EDU160 Reading Part 1 (0)

EDU165 Mathematics Primary and Junior Part 1 (0)

EDU170 Inclusive Classroom Part 1 (0)

EDU175 Mathematics Primary and Junior Part 2 (0)

EDU180 Reading Part 2 (0)

EDU185 Special Education Part 2 (0)

EDU190 Inclusive Classroom Part 2 (0)

EDU195 Kindergarten Part 1 (0)

EEA202 Managing the Classroom Environment (8)

EEA305 The Teaching and Learning Environment (8)

EEA306 Relationships & Pedagogy in the Primary School (8)

EEA310 Managing the Learning Environment (8)

EEA405 Relationships & Pedagogy: Birth to 3 Years (8)

EEA406 Managing the Classroom Environment (8)

EEB105 Health and Safety (8)

EEB106 Community Cultural Education Program (0)

EEB107 TEC Residential School (0)

EEB206 Pedagogies and Practice for Social Justice (8)

EEB220 Language, Literacy and Numeracy in Vocational Education and Training (8)

EEB308 Teaching Adult Numeracy in VET (8)

EEB309 Wellness and Wellbeing (8)

EEB310 International Cultural & Education Program (0)

EEB311 Teaching Adult Literacy in VET (8)

EEB312 Reflective Practice and Lifelong Learning (8)

EEB313 Citizenship, Indigenous Perspectives and Sustainabilities (8)

EEB330 Developing the Vocational Education and Training Practitioner (8)

EEB400 Professionalism and Issues in Care and Education (8)

EEB415 Dissertation Proposal and Literature Review (8)

EEB419 Education Studies: Indigenous Studies (8)

EEB422 Sustainable Environments and Communities (8)

EEB423 Leadership and Management (8)

EEB424 Workplace and Professional Literacy and Numeracy (8)

EEB425 Reflecting on Professional Practice: Assessment & Reporting (8)

EEB426 Becoming a Professional (8)

EEB427 Leading Early Childhood (8)

EEB428 Digital Literacy in Adult and Vocational Education (8)

EEB429 Issues of Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice in Adult and Vocational Education (8)

EEB432 Learning and Teaching Through Text in Adult and Vocational Education (8)

EEB433 Educational Transitions (8)

EEB434 Leadership in Early Childhood (8)

EEB435 Indigenous Studies for Teachers (8)

EEB436 The Law, Safe Schools and the Ontario Context (8)

EEB441 Reflective Practice and Lifelong Learning (8)

EEB501 Preparing a Literature Review (8)

EEB503 Reflecting on Education as a Profession in the 21st Century (8)

EEB504 Data-Informed Practice (8)

EEB505 Indigenous Studies for Teachers (8)

EED001 Adjusting to Study (BEd(Primary)) (0)

EED110 Child Development: The Early Years (8)

EED173 Human Development (8)

EED208 Aboriginal & Cultural Pedagogies (8)

EED214 Identity, Relationships and Education (8)

EED308 Adolescence and Learning (8)

EED403 Environmental Sustainability in Early Childhood (8)

EED405 Professional Transitions (8)

EED406 Education Studies: Teaching & Learning (8)

EED408 Successful Teaching (8)

EED409 Learning and Development K-6 (8)

EED413 Learning and Development 7-12 (8)

EED414 Foundations 5: Managing 21st Century Classrooms (8)

EED417 Education Studies: Child Development & Learning (8)

EED421 Education Studies: Inclusive Education (8)

EED441 Constructions of Adolescence and their Educational Implications (8)

EED442 Teaching for Learning (8)

EED450 Foundations 1: Child Development and Classroom Management (8)

EED502 Successful Teaching (8)

EED503 Learning and Development K-6 (8)

EED504 Learning and Development 7-12 (8)

EEE303 Training Design and Assessment (8)

EEE314 Assessment and Reporting (8)

EEE404 Assessment Practices in Adult and Vocational Education (8)

EEE405 Assessment and Reporting (8)

EEE503 Assessment and Reporting (8)

EEL104 History and Philosophy of Australian Education (8)

EEL106 Creating Learning Experiences (8)

EEL120 Social Context of Vocational Education and Training (8)

EEL203 Assessment for Learning (8)

EEL204 Child Health and Safety (8)

EEL205 Early Childhood Management: Policy and Practice (8)

EEL304 Educational Studies Portfolio (8)

EEL320 Learning Theories for Post Compulsory Education (8)

EEL407 Mentoring/Workplace PD Strategies for VET (8)

EEL409 Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (8)

EEL410 Special Topic in Education: Teacher as Researcher (8)

EEL416 Learning and Teaching at CSU (8)

EEL417 Learning and Teaching in an Institutional Context (8)

EEL418 Learning Theories for Post Compulsory Education (8)

EEL419 Introduction to Professional Practice (8)

EEL420 Extending Professional Practice (8)

EEL441 Literacies for Learning (8)

EEL445 The Individual in Society (8)

EEL500 Mentoring, Leadership and Change (8)

EEL501 Professional and Practice-Based Education (8)

EEL502 Designing Blended Learning Environments in Higher Education (8)

EEL510 Leading Professional Learning Organisations (8)

EEP101 Philosophical and Social Contexts of Education (8)

EEP106 Education, Society & Social Justice in Australia (8)

EEP304 Diversity and Difference in Early Childhood Education (8)

EEP305 Multiple Understandings (8)

EEP306 Pedagogy in Diverse Classrooms (8)

EEP400 Indigenous Education Studies (8)

EEP417 Rights of the Child (8)

EEP418 Education Studies: Contextualising Primary Education (8)

EEP419 Teaching Indigenous Studies Effectively (8)

EEP420 Understanding Indigenous Communities and the Child (8)

EEP421 Educational Transitions in Multiple Contexts (8)

EEP422 Child, Family and Community: EC Contexts (8)

EEP423 Managing the Adult Learning Environment (8)

EEP424 Pedagogies in Diverse Classrooms (8)

EEP425 Education in the 21st Century (8)

EEP426 Becoming a Teacher 2 (8)

EEP441 Reconceptualising Secondary Education (8)

EEP442 Cultural Politics of Education (8)

EEP443 Aboriginal Perspectives for Secondary Education (8)

EEP505 Education in the 21st Century (8)

EEP511 International Perspectives in Education (8)

EER403 Teacher as Researcher (8)

EER408 Educational Research: Methods & Practices (8)

EER409 Educational research: Culture, design and development (8)

EER411 Researching Teaching (8)

EER412 Issues in Early Childhood Education (8)

EER413 Research and Practice in Early Childhood Education (8)

EER414 Using Research in Early Childhood Education (8)

EER415 Special Study in Early Childhood (8)

EER416 Collaborative Inquiry (8)

EER500 Introduction to Educational Research (8)

EER501 Qualitative Research Methods (8)

EER502 Quantitative Research Methods (8)

EER504 Education as a Profession in the 21st Century (8)

EER505 Researching to Inform Practice (8)

EER701 Critical Research Literature Analysis (16)

EHR101 Sociocultural Foundations of Human Movement (8)

EHR108 Economics & Politics of the Sports Industry (8)

EHR109 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Behaviour (8)

EHR113 Growth, Development & Ageing (8)

EHR114 Aquatics and Track & Field (8)

EHR117 The Exercise Science Professional (8)

EHR119 Anatomy & Physiology 1 (8)

EHR120 Anatomy & Physiology 2 (8)

EHR126 Sports Media 1 (8)

EHR128 Understanding Research (8)

EHR129 Contemporary Perspectives of Health (8)

EHR200 Exercise Testing, Prescription and Rehabilitation (8)

EHR202 Human Exercise Physiology (8)

EHR211 Functional Anatomy & Human Performance (8)

EHR212 Young People's Health & Wellbeing (8)

EHR213 Applied Psychology for Sport and Exercise (8)

EHR214 Skill Acquisition (8)

EHR215 Health and Physical Activity Promotion (8)

EHR217 Principles of Sports Coaching and Performance (8)

EHR218 Biomechanics (8)

EHR219 Games, Sports & Contemporary Physical Activities (8)

EHR220 Sports Media 2 (8)

EHR221 Conditioning & Physical Activity (8)

EHR222 Exercise in Cardiorespiratory Health (8)

EHR223 Gymnastics & Dance (8)

EHR225 Growth, Motor Development & Ageing (8)

EHR226 Exercise Testing & Prescription (8)

EHR300 Neuromechanical Basis of Movement and Rehabilitation (8)

EHR303 Contemporary Issues in Physical Activity (8)

EHR305 Young People & Health Advocacy (8)

EHR311 Advanced Human Exercise Physiology (8)

EHR314 Exercise for Special Populations (8)

EHR315 Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation (8)

EHR318 Nutrition and Sports Performance (8)

EHR319 Sensory-Motor Integration and Rehabilitation (8)

EHR320 Work Integrated Learning Project (8)

EHR322 Major Sporting Events in Society (8)

EHR325 Advanced Conditioning (8)

EHR326 Psychosocial Aspects of Sport Injury (8)

EHR327 Indigenous Peoples: Sport, Identity & Culture (8)

EHR328 Ethics in Sport (8)

EHR329 Biomechanical Analysis of Movement (8)

EHR333 Politics & Economics in Sport (8)

EHR403 Pathophysiology of Chronic Conditions (16)

EHR404 Exercise Psychology in Rehabilitation Settings (16)

EHR405 Legal Concepts and the Sporting Industry (8)

EHR408 Sporting Contract & Employment (8)

EHR411 Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology (8)

EHR412 Functional Anatomy (8)

EHR413 Fundamentals of Biomechanics (8)

EHR414 Fitness Testing & Exercise Programming (8)

EHR415 Research Design & Statistics (8)

EHR416 Advanced Concepts in Exercise Science (16)

EHR417 Research Design in Exercise Science (16)

EHR418 Exercise Science Honours Seminar (16)

EHR419 Exercise Science Honours Dissertation (16)

EHR420 Motor Control & Learning (8)

EHR421 Applied Psychology For Exercise & Activity (8)

EHR422 Work Integrated Learning For Healthy Populations (8)

EHR423 Human Anatomy & Physiology (8)

EHR424 Nutrition for Exercise, Sport & Health (8)

EHR425 Exercise Across the Lifespan (8)

EHR426 Special Populations (8)

EHR427 Research Methods in Movement Science (32)

EHR428 Movement Science Honours Thesis (32)

EHR509 Clinical Assessment & Exercise Prescription for Chronic Conditions (16)

EHR510 Exercise Physiology & Health Care Practice (16)

EHR701 Doctoral Research (Human Movement Studies) Part- time (192)

EHR702 Doctoral Research (Human Movement Studies) Full- time (192)

ELN302 Literacies for the Future (8)

ELN402 Literacy Strategies for Learning (8)

ELN500 Exploring Literature (8)

ELS503 Teaching Reading in a Diverse World (8)

ELS504 Understanding Writing (8)

ELT021 Conference & Events Management (8)

ELT023 Club Management (8)

ELT024 Gaming Management (8)

ELT025 Timeshare Resort Management (8)

EMA101 Communication through Arts: Birth to Early Stages (8)

EMA116 Creative Arts 1: Arts experience (8)

EMA117 The Creative Arts: The Creative Process (8)

EMA208 Ceramics 2 (8)

EMA210 Teaching and Assessing the Creative Arts (8)

EMA301 Creative Arts in the Primary School (8)

EMA303 Creative Arts 2: Content & Context of Creative Arts K-6 (8)

EMA305 Thinking and Learning through the Arts in Early Childhood (8)

EMA320 Curriculum Method: Music in the Secondary School (8)

EMA410 Teaching and Assessing the Creative Arts (8)

EMA415 Curriculum Studies: Creative Arts (8)

EMA420 Practicum: Studio Pedagogy & Professionalism (8)

EMA441 Curriculum Method 1: Visual Art (8)

EMA442 Curriculum Method 2: Visual Art (8)

EMA450 The Arts (8)

EMC101 Let's Count (8)

EMC305 Investigation: Mathematics, Science and Technology (8)

EMC414 Curriculum Studies: Vocational Education & Training in Schools (8)

EMG100 Introduction to Emergency Management (8)

EMG101 Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (8)

EMG102 Emergency Decision Making (8)

EMG103 Emergency Management Plan Development (8)

EMG201 SOP's, Training and Exercise Development (8)

EMG206 Critical Analysis of Disaster Response (16)

EMG208 Post Impact Disaster Management (16)

EMG307 Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan (16)

EMG308 Disaster Recovery, Sustainability and Resilience (8)

EMG309 Humanitarian Relief (8)

EMG401 Risk Management in the Emergency Management Context (16)

EMG402 Contemporary Practice in Emergency Management (16)

EMG505 Work Based Project (16)

EMG506 Literature Review (16)

EMG507 Readings in Risk Management (16)

EMG508 Independent Study in Risk Management (16)

EMG705 Critical issues in research (16)

EMG706 Literature Review (16)

EMG707 Researching Professional Practice (16)

EMG708 Research Proposal and Presentation (16)

EMH104 HSIE: Learning About People, Places and the Past (8)

EMH204 HSIE Curriculum: Exploring Australian Identity (8)

EMH205 HSIE: Teaching About People, Places and the Past (8)

EMH302 Pedagogy of Relationships (8)

EMH304 HSIE: Education for Sustainability (8)

EMH419 Curriculum Studies: Society & Environment (8)

EMH441 Curriculum Method 1: Society and Environment (8)

EMH442 Curriculum Method 2: Society & Environment (8)

EMH450 Social Studies (8)

EML102 Written Communication (8)

EML106 Everyday Language and Literacies: Learning and Practice (8)

EML110 English 1: Language as Social Practice (8)

EML172 Apply Language and Learning Skills (8)

EML210 Primary English Curriculum: Reading Process & Pedagogy (8)

EML302 Investigation: Literacy (8)

EML305 ESL (English as a second language) Teaching (8)

EML307 Language and Communication (8)

EML309 Primary English Curriculum: Text Construction, Pedagogy & Processes (8)

EML400 Classroom Implications of Children's Film & Television (8)

EML409 Children's Literature (8)

EML433 Primary English Curriculum: Reading, Process & Pedagogy (8)

EML434 Literacies in the Early Years (8)

EML436 The Multimodal Writing Process (8)

EML437 Reading the Multiliteracies World (8)

EML439 English Curriculum: Pedagogies in the primary years (8)

EML440 English Curriculum: Understanding Language and Literacy (8)

EML441 Curriculum Method 1: English (8)

EML442 Curriculum Method 2: English (8)

EML443 Curriculum Method 1: Drama (8)

EML444 Curriculum Method 2: Drama (8)

EML448 Language and Literacy 2 (8)

EML450 Language and Literacy (8)

EML497 Curriculum Method 1: LOTE (8)

EML503 English as an International Language: Cultural and political issues (8)

EML508 Socio-Political Contexts of TESOL (8)

EML509 Grammar & Linguistics for Teaching Language (8)

EML510 Language: Theory, Acquisition & Development (8)

EML511 TESOL Practice as Inquiry (8)

EML513 TESOL in Practical Contexts (8)

EML514 Approaching TESOL Research (8)

EML515 Technologies for TESOL (8)

EMM106 Mathematical and Scientific Learning in the Early Years (8)

EMM108 Mathematics & Numeracy Studies (8)

EMM206 Mathematics in the Primary School (8)

EMM209 Mathematics: Content and Pedagogy (8)

EMM210 Mathematics in the Primary Years (8)

EMM310 Mathematics Curriculum (8)

EMM410 Mathematics in the Primary Years (8)

EMM411 Numeracy in the Early Years (8)

EMM417 Mathematics 2 (8)

EMM441 Curriculum Method 1: Mathematics (8)

EMM442 Curriculum Method 2: Mathematics (8)

EMM450 Mathematics (8)

EMR105 Health and Physical Education Studies (8)

EMR206 PDHPE in the Primary School (8)

EMR302 Personal Development, Health & Physical Education Curriculum (8)

EMR408 PDHPE Curriculum and Pedagogy (8)

EMR416 Curriculum Studies: Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (8)

EMR441 Curriculum Method 1: Health & Physical Education and Outdoor Education (8)

EMR442 Curriculum Method 2: Senior Health, Physical, Outdoor and Environmental Education (8)

EMR450 Health and Physical Education (8)

EMS108 Science & Technology Studies (8)

EMS207 Science and Technology Curriculum Studies (8)

EMS301 Science & Technology in the Primary School (8)

EMS308 Science & Technology Curriculum (8)

EMS406 Science and Technology Curriculum Studies (8)

EMS418 Curriculum Studies: Science & Technology (8)

EMS441 Curriculum Method 1: Science (8)

EMS442 Curriculum Method 2: Science (8)

EMS450 Science and Technology (8)

EMT103 Curriculum Studies 1: Technology (8)

EMT203 Design & Technologies: An Introduction (8)

EMT302 Understanding and Using New Technologies (8)

EMT303 Design & Technology Project (8)

EMT304 Critical Engagements with Technologies and Media (8)

EMT409 Technology for Adult Learning and Teaching (8)

EMT441 Curriculum Method: Agriculture (8)

EMT443 Curriculum Method 1: Information Technology (8)

EMT444 Curriculum Method 2: Information Technology (8)

EMT445 Curriculum Method 1: Design & Technology (8)

EMT446 Curriculum Method 2: Technologies (8)

EMT501 Educational Applications of Information Technology (8)

EMT503 Leadership in Learning and Teaching with ICT (8)

EMV301 Vocational Education: Professional Practice (8)

ENG202 Horticultural Irrigation (8)

ENG210 Food and Beverage Engineering (8)

ENG302 Winery Engineering (8)

ENM101 People and the Environment (8)

ENM109 Introduction to Professional Practice (8)

ENM163 Natural Resource Management (8)

ENM221 Conservation in a Global Context (8)

ENM308 The Challenge of Sustainable Development (8)

ENM309 Managing Projects and Resources (8)

ENM310 The Principles and Practice of Field Ecology (8)

ENM413 The Principles and Practice of Field Ecology (8)

ENM414 Environmental Management Internship (32)

ENM415 Environmental Management of Mine Sites and Contaminated Lands (8)

ENM421 Conservation in a Global Context (8)

ENM422 Environmental Impact Assessment and Auditing (8)

ENM424 Environmental Internship (24)

ENM433 People in the Global Environment (8)

ENM443 Resilience Thinking and Ecologically Sustainable Development (8)

ENM509 Managing Projects and Resources (8)

EPI103 Food Workshop 1 (8)

EPI104 Wood Workshop 1 (8)

EPI203 Metals Workshop (8)

EPI305 Professional Practice In Technology (8)

EPT113 Becoming a Health and PE Professional (8)

EPT122 Professional Experience 1 Early Childhood Programs: 3-5 Year Olds (8)

EPT123 Implementing Professional Knowledge in TAS Classrooms (8)

EPT124 Play and Learning (8)

EPT125 Child Development: Foundation to Year 6 (8)

EPT126 Becoming a Teacher 1 (8)

EPT127 English Curriculum: Pedagogies in the Early Years of Learning (8)

EPT173 Introduction to the Teaching Profession (8)

EPT215 Professional Experience 2 (Primary): Learning & Diversity (8)

EPT216 Professional Experience 1: 3 - 5 year olds (6)

EPT218 Student Learning & Engagement (8)

EPT221 Professional Experience 3 Early Childhood Programs: Birth - 2 Year Olds (8)

EPT241 Professional Experience - Introduction to the Secondary Context (8)

EPT308 Early Childhood Teacher In The Community (8)

EPT315 Professional Experience 3 (Primary): Teacher as Manager (8)

EPT316 Professional Experience 2: Early Primary (6)

EPT317 Professional Experience 3: Upper Primary (6)

EPT318 Communities as Contexts for Professional Practice (16)

EPT319 Practicum 4: Specialisation (8)

EPT320 High Level Facilitation Skills for Post Compulsory Education (8)

EPT321 Middle School Pedagogy in Practice: Junior Secondary (8)

EPT322 Training in Workplaces (8)

EPT326 Early Childhood Professional Practice (8)

EPT327 Effective Teaching in VET (8)

EPT329 Working Within The Community (8)

EPT330 Professional Knowledge & Practice Teaching (8)

EPT413 Practice of Teaching (Secondary) 3 (8)

EPT416 Teaching Internship (Secondary) (16)

EPT420 Integrated Curriculum (8)

EPT421 Primary Internship: Policy, Practice and Professionalism (16)

EPT422 Professional Experience 4: Birth to 2 Years (6)

EPT424 Professional Experience 5: The Beginning Teacher (16)

EPT425 Professional Internship: EC Teaching (Birth-Five years)/Nursing (16)

EPT426 Middle Schooling Professional Experience (8)

EPT427 K- 12 Middle Schooling Professional Experience (8)

EPT428 Leadership in Early Childhood Education (16)

EPT429 Professional Engagement (8)

EPT431 Understanding Primary Education (8)

EPT432 Professional Experience 1 (8)

EPT433 Professional Experience 2 (8)

EPT435 Professional Experience 4 (Primary): Emerging Professional (8)

EPT436 Transition to the Teaching Profession (8)

EPT438 Inclusive Education Practicum (8)

EPT441 Professional Experience 1 (8)

EPT442 Professional Experience 2 (8)

EPT445 Professional Experience: Internship (8)

EPT450 Foundations 2: Practicum Seminar (8)

EPT451 Foundations 4: Practicum Seminar (8)

EPT454 Professional Study in Wiradjuri Community Development (8)

EPT502 Issues in Professional Learning (8)

EPT504 TESOL Professional Experience (4)

EPT505 Inclusive Education Practicum (8)

EPT508 Professional Experience Research (8)

ERP404 Educational Honours Dissertation (32)

ERP405 Educational Honours Dissertation (P/T) (32)

ERP440 Research in VET (8)

ERP502 Master of Education Project (16)

ERP504 Research Thesis (24)

ERT701 Doctoral Research (Education) P/T (192)

ERT702 Doctoral Research (Education) F/T (192)

ERT704 Developing a Research Proposal (16)

ERT713 Doctoral Thesis P/T (128)

ERT714 Doctoral Thesis F/T (128)

ESA501 Mapping the Field of Educational Leadership (8)

ESA502 Educational Leadership in Contemporary Organisations (8)

ESA503 Leading Educational Change (8)

ESA504 Education Policy Analysis (8)

ESA509 Advanced School Leadership (8)

ESA510 School Leadership 1 (8)

ESA511 School Leadership 2 (8)

ESA512 International Educational Leadership (8)

ESA513 Leading Learning (8)

ESA514 Catholic Educational Leadership (8)

ESC407 Classroom Technologies (8)

ESC413 Web Pedagogies (8)

ESC415 Integrating Technology Across the Curriculum (8)

ESC515 Classroom Technologies (8)

ESC516 Web Pedagogies (8)

ESG401 Extending & Enriching the Curriculum for Gifted Learners (8)

ESG504 Providing Challenging Learning for Gifted Students (8)

ESL172 Language and Learning Skills (8)

ESR401 Teaching in Rural Secondary Schools (8)

ESR404 Education in Rural Places (8)

ESS201 Understanding Diverse Learners (8)

ESS304 The Inclusive Classroom (8)

ESS305 Inclusive Education (8)

ESS407 Understanding Literacy Problems (8)

ESS412 Developing Individual Education Programs (8)

ESS419 Principles of Inclusive Education (8)

ESS421 Foundations 3: Inclusive Education (8)

ESS422 Assessment and Evaluation for Learning (8)

ESS423 Designing and Managing the Inclusive Learning Environment (8)

ESS424 Early Intervention and Inclusion (8)

ESS426 Collaboration and Teamwork in the Inclusive School (8)

ESS440 Teaching and Learning in the Differentiated Classroom (8)

ESS441 Inclusive Learning & Teaching (8)

ESS450 Foundations 3: Inclusive Education and the Law (8)

ESS508 Inclusion and Early Intervention 0-8 Years (8)

ESS509 Principles of Inclusive Education (8)

ESS511 Inclusive Studies (8)

ESS512 Programming for Students with High Support Needs (8)

ESS513 Meeting the Needs of Students with Communication Difficulties (8)

ESS515 Preventing Reading Difficulties: A Schoolwide Approach (8)

ESS516 Understanding Mathematical Difficulties (8)

ESS518 Reading Difficulties: Prevention and Intervention (8)

ESS527 Inclusive Education Project (16)

ESS540 Designing the Inclusive School (8)

ESS599 Inclusive Education Legislation, Policy and Resourcing (8)

ETH201 Ethics, Law and Ageing I (8)

ETH204 Ethics for Creative Industries (8)

ETH205 Ethics and Law for Creative Industries (8)

ETH401 Ethics and Social Welfare (8)

ETH402 Vulnerability and the Ethics of Intervention (8)

ETH403 Bioethics (8)

ETH404 Ethical Issues in Correctional Management (8)

ETL401 Introduction to Teacher Librarianship (8)

ETL402 Literature Across the Curriculum (8)

ETL411 ICT for Innovative Practice (8)

ETL501 The Dynamic Information Environment (8)

ETL503 Resourcing the Curriculum (8)

ETL504 Teacher Librarian As Leader (8)

ETL505 Describing and Analysing Education Resources (8)

ETL507 Professional Experience and Portfolio (8)

ETL523 Digital Citizenship in Schools (8)

FDS101 Food Processing (8)

FDS151 Cheese Evaluation (4)

FDS202 Food Microbiology (8)

FDS304 Product Development (8)

FDS305 Quality Assurance (8)

FDS306 Waste Management (8)

FDS307 Food Chemistry (8)

FDS308 Food Technology (16)

FDS400 Technology of Cereals (8)

FDS401 Technology of Dairy Products (8)

FDS404 Cereal Science 1 (8)

FDS405 Cereal Science 2 (8)

FDS407 Cereal Science 4 (8)

FIN211 Financial Management (8)

FIN221 Investments (8)

FIN230 Financial Institutions and Markets (8)

FIN281 Finance (8)

FIN310 Commercial Banking and Finance (8)

FIN320 Financial Institutions Lending (8)

FIN331 Financial Planning (8)

FIN340 International Finance (8)

FIN350 Strategic Financial Management (8)

FIN360 Treasury Risk Management (8)

FIN370 Funds Management (8)

FIN380 Superannuation (8)

FIN381 International Banking and Finance (8)

FIN385 Trade and Business Finance (8)

FIN501 Financial Management Practice (8)

FIN510 Finance for Management (8)

FIN516 Corporate Finance (8)

FIN518 International Financial Management (8)

FIN521 Corporate Treasury Management (8)

FIN522 Financial Modelling (8)

FIN523 Lending and Financial Institutions (8)

FIN524 Applied Portfolio Management (8)

FIN525 Financial Institutions Management (8)

FIN526 Managing Commodity Prices (8)

FIN530 Financial Markets and Instruments (8)

FIN531 Investments Analysis (8)

FIN535 Strategic and Contemporary Financial Issues (8)

FIN560 Financial Planning (8)

FIN562 Risk Management and Insurance (8)

FIN563 Estate Planning (8)

FIN564 Superannuation and Retirement Planning (8)

FIN567 Investing in Property (8)

FIN571 Managerial Finance (8)

FPS101 Foundations of Paramedical Science 1 (8)

FPS300 Foundations of Paramedical Science 4 (16)

FSC200 Introduction to Forensic Science (8)

FSC201 Crime Scene (8)

GEO164 Earth System Processes (8)

GEO204 Ecological and Environmental Soil Science (8)

GEO303 Climatology (8)

GEO305 Groundwater Hydrology and Management (8)

GEO314 River Hydrology and Geomorphology (8)

GEO350 Wildlife Management (8)

GEO360 Community Engagement and Capacity Building (8)

GEO503 Climatology (8)

GEO513 River Hydrology and Geomorphology (8)

GER102 Gerontology Theory and Research (8)

GER203 Ageing in Rural Australia (8)

GER204 Aging and Professional Practice (8)

GER301 Choices and Options in Later Life (8)

GER302 Issues in Gerontology (8)

GER401 Choices and Options in Later Life (8)

GER402 Ageing Bodies, Ageing Minds (8)

GER404 Aging and Professional Practice (8)

GER406 Issues in Dementia Care and Communication (8)

GER501 Contemporary Issues in Gerontology (8)

GER502 End of Life and Palliative Care Issues in Ageing (8)

GER503 Leadership in Complex Aged Care Practice (8)

GPM413 Motivation and engagement (8)

GPM414 Organisational communication (8)

GPM417 The History of Terrorism (16)

GPM418 Contemporary Terrorism (16)

GPM424 Radicalisation, De-radicalisation and Counter Radicalisation (16)

GPM425 Applied Management in Law Enforcement and Security (16)

GPM427 Investigating and Prosecuting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (16)

GPM428 Operational Command (16)

GPM429 Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance (16)

GPM430 Foundations of Corruption and Misconduct (8)

GPM502 Politics, Power & Public Policy (8)

GPM507 International Policing (8)

GPM508 Radicalisation, Deradicalisation and Counter Radicalisation (16)

GPM510 Cyber Security: Terrorism, Crime and Warfare in the 21st Century (8)

GPM511 Executive Leadership (Law Enforcement and Security) (Part Time) (16)

GPM512 Executive Leadership in Law Enforcement and Security (16)

GPM601 Master Degree Thesis (96)

GPM705 Dissertation or Portfolio (64)

GPM707 Research Methods (32)

GPM708 Current Issues In Policing And Security (32)

GPM709 Identifying Best Practice In Policing And Security (32)

GPM710 Executive Command (96)

GPM711 Research Dissertation (96)

GRP103 Introduction to Digital Technologies and Design (8)

GRP115 Digital Publishing (8)

GRP117 Graphic Design Theory, Context and Practice (8)

GRP209 Design for Communication (8)

GRP222 Graphic Design 4 (16)

GRP223 Strategic Thinking in Design (8)

GRP224 Identity and Branding (8)

GRP225 Experimental Design (8)

GRP226 Advertising and Design (8)

GRP322 Professional Graphic Design Practice (16)

GRP329 Professional Practice and Folio (16)

GRP330 Illustration & Concepts (8)

GRP331 Professional Illustration (8)

HCS101 Introduction to the Social Sciences 1 (16)

HCS102 Communication and Human Services (8)

HCS103 Fields of Practice (8)

HCS111 Introduction to Social Welfare (8)

HCS200 Social Work Theory and Practice 1 - Foundations of Practice (8)

HCS202 Social Work Theory and Practice 2 - Micro Practice (8)

HCS204 Research Methods (8)

HCS205 Child Abuse & Child Protection (8)

HCS300 Social Work Theory and Practice 3 - Mezzo Level Practice (8)

HCS303 Social Work Field Education 1 (16)

HCS310 Mental Health Practice (8)

HCS321 Welfare Practice with Children, Young People and their Carers (8)

HCS400 Social Work Theory and Practice 4 - Macro Practice and Professional Identity (8)

HCS402 Social Work Field Education 2 (16)

HCS405 Social Work Theory and Practice 4 (16)

HCS406 Social Work and Human Rights (8)

HCS408 Social Work Honours Dissertation (16)

HCS504 Social Work Theory and Practice 4 (16)

HCS505 Social Work Field Education 1 (16)

HCS506 Social Work Field Education 2 (16)

HCS507 Social Work Theory and Practice 1 - Foundations of Practice (8)

HCS508 Social Work theory and Practice 2 - Micro Practice (8)

HCS509 Social Work Theory and Practice 3 - Mezzo level Practice (8)

HCS510 Social Work Practice in Mental Health (8)

HCS511 Social Work Theory and Practice 4- Macro Practice and Professional Identity (8)

HCS512 Mental Health Policy and Community Services (8)

HCS513 Understanding Children from Adversity (8)

HCS514 Supervising social work and human service students 1 (8)

HCS515 Mental Health Practice (16)

HCS516 Community Development (Advanced Specialisation) (16)

HCS518 Social Work Fields of Practice 1 (8)

HCS519 Social Work Fields of Practice 2-Mandated Practice (8)

HCS521 Practice Leadership in the Human Services (16)

HCS522 Supervising social work and human service students 2 (8)

HCS531 Leading Service Development in Human Services Organisations (16)

HCS541 Introduction to Systemic Counselling (8)

HCS542 Relationships Theory and Practice (8)

HCS543 Systemic Therapy Special Issues (8)

HCS544 Advanced Clinical Practice (16)

HCS701 Leadership in Human and Community Service Practice (16)

HCS702 Leading Service Development in Human Services Organisations (16)

HHS502 Psychiatry of Old Age (8)

HHS503 Adolescent Mental Health (8)

HIP100 Introduction to Health and Rehabilitation (8)

HIP112 Communication for Health Practice (8)

HIP201 Health and Rehabilitation through the Lifespan (16)

HIP202 Research for Health Practice (8)

HIP301 Complex Cases in Rehabilitation (16)

HIP302 Understanding Healthy Communities (8)

HIP303 Promoting Healthy Communities (8)

HLT100 Professional Issues in Health (8)

HLT200 Introduction to Health Informatics (8)

HLT301 Issues in Community Based Allied Health Fieldwork (8)

HLT311 Reflective Clinical Practice (32)

HLT312 Research in Clinical Practice (32)

HLT330 Research Methods in Health Sciences (8)

HLT333 Community Health Honours Research Preparation (16)

HLT341 Health Honours Proposal (0)

HLT410 Health Sciences Honours Research Project/Dissertation (32)

HLT411 Health Sciences Honours Research Project/Dissertation (32)

HLT430 Research Methods in Health Sciences (8)

HLT441 Health Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HLT502 Ageing, Policy and Social Construction (8)

HLT505 Research Methods in Health Science A (8)

HLT506 Health Master's Proposal (8)

HLT508 Health Master's Project (16)

HLT509 Health Master's Dissertation (32)

HLT510 Clinical Issues in Health (8)

HLT511 Clinical Judgement and Decision Making (8)

HLT515 Health Science Research Portfolio (32)

HLT516 Health Research Methods and Communications (16)

HLT539 Foundations of Teaching and Learning in Clinical Education (8)

HLT540 Assessment in Clinical Education (8)

HLT541 Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting (8)

HLT542 Professional Practice in Clinical Education (8)

HLT601 Master Research (Health) Part-Time (128)

HLT602 Master Research (Health) Full-time (128)

HLT603 Master of Health Science (Honours) Research Extension (0)

HLT701 Doctoral Research (Health Sciences) Part-time (192)

HLT702 Doctoral Research (Health Sciences) Full-time (192)

HLT703 Doctoral Research (Health Sciences) Extension (0)

HLT710 Clinical Issues in Health (8)

HLT711 Clinical Judgement and Decision Making (8)

HMT313 Project Management (8)

HRC408 Computing Honours Project/Dissertation (8)

HRC416 Computing Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HRC417 Computing Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HRC418 Computing Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HRC432 Computing Honours Project/Dissertation (32)

HRM210 Human Resource Management (8)

HRM310 Developing Human Resources (8)

HRM320 Issues in Human Resource Management (8)

HRM330 Strategic Human Resource Management (8)

HRM381 Managing People Cross Culturally (8)

HRM386 International Dimensions of Human Resource Management (8)

HRM501 Labour Market Studies (8)

HRM502 Human Resource Management (8)

HRM507 Research Methods (8)

HRM512 Values and Conflict in Organisations (8)

HRM514 International Human Resource Management (8)

HRM515 Human Resource Management (8)

HRM516 International Management Behaviour (8)

HRM523 Advanced Studies in Industrial Relations (8)

HRM527 Issues in Training and Development (8)

HRM528 Strategic Human Resource Management (8)

HRM531 Organisational Politics (8)

HRM532 International Human Resource Development (8)

HRM533 International Work Organisation (8)

HRM539 Managing People in Small Business (8)

HRM540 Theory of Conflict Resolution (8)

HRM545 Skills of Conflict Resolution (8)

HRM550 Evaluating Human Resources (8)

HRM552 Organisational Behaviour (8)

HRM560 Training and Development Environment (8)

HRM561 Developing Training Capabilities (8)

HRM562 Developing Individual Capabilities (8)

HRM563 Developing Workforce Capabilities (8)

HRM571 Managing People in the Information Age (8)

HRS408 Science Honours Project/Dissertation (8)

HRS409 Honours Research Design (8)

HRS410 Honours Research Methods (8)

HRS416 Science Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HRS417 Science Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

HRS424 Science Honours Project/Dissertation (24)

HRS432 Science Honours Research Project/Dissertation (32)

HRS433 Science Honours Research Project/Dissertation (32)

HRS440 Science Honours Research Project/Dissertation (40)

HRS448 Science Honours Research Project/Dissertation (48)

HRS449 Science Honours Research Project/Dissertation (48)

HRT106 General Horticulture (8)

HRT107 Introductory Landscape Design (8)

HRT202 Plant Taxonomy and Systematics (8)

HRT209 Landscape and Planting Design (8)

HRT221 Ecological Design Systems (8)

HRT234 Horticultural Science (8)

HRT301 Plant Propagation (8)

HRT302 Nursery Production (8)

HRT305 Plant Establishment and Management (8)

HRT306 Vegetable Crop Management (8)

HRT307 Flower Crop Management (8)

HRT308 Temperate Fruit and Nut Crop Management (8)

HRT309 Tropical and Subtropical Horticultural Crop Management (8)

HSC700 Research Critique and Publication (16)

HSC701 Reflective Practice in Health Science (16)

HSC703 Research project and report (64)

HSC704 Health Science Portfolio and Exegesis (32)

HSC712 Proposal for Applied Research/Investigation (32)

HSM161 Health Services Organisations (8)

HSM201 Health Measurement and Analysis (8)

HSM202 The Dynamics of Health Care Practice (8)

HSM288 Human Resources Management in Health Service Organisations (8)

HSM371 Issues in Health Services Management (8)

HSM401 Reflecting on Health Care Systems (8)

HSM402 Human Resources Management (Health Services) (8)

HSM403 Health and Aged Services Development (8)

HSM404 Management and Leadership of Health and Aged Care Services (8)

HSM405 Developing Systems for Safety in Health and Aged Services (8)

HSM406 Resourcing Health and Aged Services (8)

HSM408 Current Issues in Health Services Management (8)

HSM409 Evidence-based Health Care Delivery (8)

HSM410 Aged Care Services Policies (8)

HSM500 Online Management Practicum (32)

HSM510 Health Planning (8)

HSM512 Evaluating Health Service Performance (8)

HST101 The Short Twentieth Century I (8)

HST102 The Short Twentieth Century II (8)

HST201 Colonial Australia (8)

HST204 Twentieth Century Australia (8)

HST210 Media and Society in the Twentieth Century (8)

HST211 Gender, Sexuality and Identity in Europe from 1890 (8)

HST212 Film and History (8)

HST213 Australian Civics and Citizenship (8)

HST214 Medieval World (8)

HST301 International History from 1945 (8)

HST303 Literature and Society (8)

HST307 Applied History (8)

HST308 Australia and Asia (8)

HST310 Drugs and Alcohol: Historical Perspectives (8)

HST311 Philosophy of History (8)

HST401 History Dissertation (32)

HST411 Theory and Method of History (16)

HST412 History Reading Subject (16)

HST604 Master Honours Research (History) PT (128)

HST605 Master Honours Research (History) FT (128)

HST701 Doctoral Research (History) P/T (192)

HST702 Doctoral Research (History) F/T (192)

HYD200 Hydrogeology (8)

HYD300 Hydroclimatology (8)

HYD301 Special Topics in Water Systems Science (8)

IKC100 Indigenous Health (8)

IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities (8)

IKC102 Indigenous Australian Cultures (8)

IKC103 Indigenous Australian Histories (8)

IKC200 Contemporary Indigenous Australian Realities (8)

IKC201 Comparative Indigenous Studies (8)

IKC202 Indigenous Australians and Literatures: Critical Endeavours (8)

IKC300 Indigenous Australians and the Politics of Race and Representation (8)

IKC301 Wiradjuri Language (8)

IKC302 Human Rights and Indigenous Australians (8)

IKC303 Indigenous Australians and the Politics of Control (8)

IKC400 Wiradjuri Culture and Heritage (8)

IKC401 Rebuilding Australia's Indigenous Nations (8)

IKP101 Transition to Academic Writing Skills 1 (8)

IKP102 Introduction to Indigenous Studies (8)

IKP103 Introduction to Science (8)

IKP104 Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences (8)

IKP105 Introduction to Indigenous Histories and Contemporary Realities (8)

IKP106 Introduction to Mathematics for Life and Learning (8)

IKP107 Transition to Academic Writing Skills 2 (8)

IMI501 Marketing Practice (8)

IMI502 Marketing Analysis (8)

IMI503 Marketing Implementation (8)

IMI504 CRM e-Business (8)

IMI505 Applied Strategic Marketing Project 1 (8)

IMI506 Applied Strategic Marketing Project 2 (8)

IMI507 Applied Strategic Marketing Project 3 (8)

IMI508 e-Business Evolution and Context (8)

IMI511 Leading Business Innovation (8)

IMI515 Building Relational and Trust Capital (8)

IMI516 Quality Leadership Initiative (8)

IMI517 Leadership Coaching - Concepts and Practice (8)

IMI518 Operational Leadership Initiative (8)

IMI519 Embedding Strategic Leadership (8)

IMI520 Strategic Leadership Initiative (8)

INF100 Introduction to the Information Professions (8)

INF104 Fundamentals of Web Publishing (8)

INF105 The Digital Environment (8)

INF106 Information Sources and Services (8)

INF109 Bachelor of Information Studies Residential School (0)

INF110 Professional Study Visit (4)

INF111 Introduction to the Information Professions (16)

INF118 Professional Study Visit (2)

INF200 Supervision and Management (8)

INF203 Information Literacy (8)

INF205 Literature and Other Resources for Children and Youth (8)

INF206 Social Networking for Information Professionals (8)

INF208 Professional Placement (4)

INF209 Describing and Analysing Information Resources (8)

INF210 Collections (8)

INF211 Information Sources and Services (8)

INF212 Online Reference Services (8)

INF213 Information Architecture for the Web (8)

INF214 Professional Study Visit (4)

INF217 Fundamentals of Web Publishing (8)

INF303 The Information Society (8)

INF305 Engaging with the Information Professions (8)

INF308 Professional Activities (2)

INF309 Records, Archives and Society 2 (8)

INF310 Marketing of Libraries and Information Agencies (8)

INF315 Records and Archives Practice 1 (8)

INF316 Records and Archives Practice 2 (8)

INF317 Organisational and Personal Records (8)

INF318 Community Histories (8)

INF319 Preservation of Information Resources (8)

INF320 Web Usability (8)

INF321 Introduction to Research (8)

INF322 Advanced Web Design and Publishing (8)

INF323 Knowledge Management Processes and Systems (8)

INF325 Value-Added Information Services (8)

INF327 Project Management in Information Agencies (8)

INF329 Leadership in Library Services to Children and Youth (8)

INF330 Library Services for Children and Youth (8)

INF331 Information Services Around the World (8)

INF332 Community Outreach (8)

INF333 Human Resource Management in Information Agencies (8)

INF334 Research Data Management (8)

INF335 Records, Archives and Society (8)

INF336 Principles of Knowledge Management (8)

INF337 Information Retrieval Systems and Practice (8)

INF338 Records and Archives Practice (8)

INF339 Community Informatics (8)

INF403 Professional Experience (0)

INF404 Foundations for Information Studies (8)

INF405 The Digital Environment (8)

INF406 Information Sources and Services (8)

INF407 Professional Study Visit (PG) (4)

INF408 Professional Placement (PG) (4)

INF409 Online Reference Services (8)

INF415 Management of Information Agencies (8)

INF425 Describing and Analysing Information Resources (8)

INF429 The Information Society (8)

INF430 Audiovisual Archiving (8)

INF431 Preservation of Audiovisual Materials (8)

INF432 Audiovisual Archiving 2 (8)

INF433 Information Literacy (8)

INF435 Collections (8)

INF440 Information Architecture for the Web (8)

INF441 Principles of Knowledge Management (8)

INF443 Digital Preservation (8)

INF444 Professional Study Visit (MLIM) (2)

INF445 Professional Experience (MLIM) (2)

INF446 Fundamentals of Web Publishing (8)

INF447 Research in Practice (8)

INF448 Value-Added Information Services (8)

INF449 Research Data Management (8)

INF450 Research in Information Studies 1 (16)

INF451 Application of Bibliographic Standards (8)

INF452 Information Services Around the World (8)

INF453 Research in Information Studies 2 (16)

INF454 Information Studies Honours Dissertation (32)

INF455 Advanced Web Design and Publishing (8)

INF501 Readings in Information Studies (8)

INF504 Research Literature & Project Planning (16)

INF505 Library Services for Children and Youth (8)

INF506 Social Networking for Information Professionals (8)

INF507 Marketing of Libraries and Information Agencies (8)

INF513 Research Methods in Information Studies (8)

INF514 Human Resource Management in Information Agencies (8)

INF515 Strategic Management (8)

INF516 Leadership in Library Services to Children and Youth (8)

INF518 Community Histories (8)

INF519 Community Outreach (8)

INF520 Preservation of Information Resources (8)

INF521 Literature and Other Resources for Children and Youth (8)

INF522 Project Management in Information Agencies (8)

INF523 Knowledge Management Processes and Systems (8)

INF525 Web Usability (8)

INF526 Advanced Web Design and Publishing (8)

INF527 Records, Archives and Society (8)

INF528 Records and Archives Practice (8)

INF529 Organisational and Personal Records (8)

INF530 Concepts and Practices for a Digital Age (8)

INF531 Information Services Around the World (8)

INF532 Knowledge Networking for Educators (8)

INF533 Literature in Digital Environments (8)

INF534 Research Data Management (8)

INF535 Information Flow & Advanced Search (8)

INF536 Designing Spaces for Learning (8)

INF537 Digital Futures Colloquium (8)

INF538 Value-Added Information Services (8)

INF539 Information Retrieval Systems and Practice (8)

INF541 Game Based Learning (8)

INF542 Community Informatics (8)

INF543 Designing and Proposing a Research Project (16)

INF545 Professional Reflection and Practice (8)

INF550 Research Project in Information Studies (16)

INF701 Doctoral Research (Information Studies) PT (192)

INF702 Doctoral Research (Information Studies) FT (192)

INF711 Research Methods in the Information Sciences (16)

INF716 Dissertation/Portfolio in the Information Sciences (Part-Time) (128)

INR210 Industrial Relations in Australia (8)

INR310 Comparative Industrial Relations (8)

INR501 Industrial Relations Environment (8)

INR502 Industrial Relations System and Issues (8)

INR503 Industrial Relations Practice (8)

INR504 Industrial Relations and the Legal Environment (8)

INR510 Comparative Labour Relations (8)

INS101 Insurance Foundations (8)

INS102 Introduction to Insurance Classes and Products (8)

INS201 Policy and Claims Handling (8)

INS202 Introduction to Underwriting (8)

INS203 Insurance Law and Regulations I (8)

INS204 Insurance Law and Regulations II (8)

INS205 Risk Assessment and Management (8)

INS206 Managing Broking Operations (8)

INS301 Liability Underwriting Management (8)

INS302 Personal Lines Underwriting Management (8)

INS303 Underwriting - Commercial Lines Management (8)

INS304 Underwriting - Risk Management (8)

INS305 Marine Underwriting Management (8)

INS306 Statutory Classes Underwriting Management (8)

INS311 Liability Claims Management (8)

INS312 Personal Lines Claims Management (8)

INS313 Claims Management - Commercial Lines (8)

INS314 Claims Management - Reinsurance (8)

INS315 Marine Claims Management (8)

INS316 Statutory Classes Claims Management (8)

INT002 Winery Tour (4)

INT003 Wine Evaluation (4)

INT004 Cheese Evaluation (4)

IRR200 Principles of Irrigation (8)

IRR300 Irrigation Management (8)

IRR400 Principles of Irrigation (Post Graduate) (8)

IRR401 Management of Irrigation Systems (8)

IRR402 Critical Factors in Irrigation (8)

ISL100 Islamic Worldview and Faith Essentials (8)

ISL101 Mantiq (Logic) and Critical Reasoning (8)

ISL110 Fiqh (Islamic Law) of the Five Pillars (8)

ISL150 Muslims In Australia: Faith And Practice (8)

ISL151 Islam in the Modern World (8)

ISL170 Ihsan (Spirituality) Essentials (8)

ISL171 Akhlaq (Morality) and Adab (Manners) in Islam (8)

ISL181 Sirah (Life of Prophet Muhammad) (8)

ISL202 Usul al-Din (Foundational Islamic Theology) (8)

ISL211 Usul al-Fiqh (Methodology of Islamic Law) (8)

ISL230 Usul al-Tafsir (Methodology of Qur'anic Exegesis) (8)

ISL232 Usul al-Hadith (Methodology of Prophetic Traditions) (8)

ISL260 Introduction to Arabic Reading (8)

ISL261 Beginner Arabic Language 1 (8)

ISL262 Beginner Arabic Language 2 (8)

ISL263 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 1 (8)

ISL271 Purification of the Heart (8)

ISL282 History of Prophets: Adam to Jesus (8)

ISL311 Islamic Ethics in the Contemporary World (8)

ISL312 Religious Service and Community Leadership (8)

ISL313 Islamic Family Law (8)

ISL331 Advanced Study of Tafsir (Qur'anic Exegesis) Literature (8)

ISL333 Advanced Study of Hadith Literature (8)

ISL353 World Religions in Australia (8)

ISL355 Women in Islam and Islamic Cultures (8)

ISL364 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 2 (8)

ISL365 Advanced Arabic Grammar (8)

ISL383 Islamic History: 632 to Present (8)

ISL399 Guided Research (8)

ISL400 Islamic Worldview and Faith Essentials (8)

ISL410 Islamic Law I: Jurisprudence (Fiqh) of the Five Pillars (8)

ISL451 Islam In The Modern World (8)

ISL460 Introduction to Arabic Reading (8)

ISL461 Beginner Arabic Language 1 (8)

ISL462 Beginner Arabic Language 2 (8)

ISL463 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 1 (8)

ISL464 Intermediate Arabic Grammar 2 (8)

ISL465 Advanced Arabic Grammar (8)

ISL466 Advanced Arabic Grammar II (8)

ISL467 Applied Arabic I (Balaghah) (8)

ISL468 Applied Arabic II (Bayan) (8)

ISL470 Islamic Spirituality I: Ihsan Essentials (8)

ISL471 Islamic Morality (Akhlaq) and Character (8)

ISL481 Islamic History I: Biography (Sirah) of Prophet Muhammad (8)

ISL502 Usul ad-Din: Methodology in Classical Islamic Theology (8)

ISL511 Usul al-Fiqh: Methodology in Islamic Jurisprudence (8)

ISL530 Usul al-Tafsir: Methodology in Qur'anic Exegesis (8)

ISL532 Usul al Hadith: Methodology in Prophetic Narrations (8)

ISL560 Arabic in Exegesis of the Qur'an (8)

ISL561 Arabic in Hadith Study (Prophetic Narrations) (8)

ISL562 Arabic in Islamic Jurisprudence (8)

ISL563 Arabic in Theology (8)

ISL590 Dissertation for Islamic Studies (16)

ISL591 Interpreting Islamic Sacred Texts (16)

ISL592 Islamic History, Law and Society (16)

ISL594 Social Research Methods for Islamic Studies (16)

ISL595 Islamic Studies Honours Project/Dissertation (32)

ISL599 Guided Research in Islamic Studies (16)

ISL601 Master Research (Islamic Studies) PT (64)

ISL602 Master Research (Islamic Studies) FT (64)

ISL701 Doctoral Research PT (192)

ISL702 Doctoral Research FT (192)

ITC001 Preparation for Information Technology Studies (8)

ITC103 Modelling with Objects and Classes (8)

ITC104 Introduction to Computer Science (8)

ITC105 Communication and Information Management (8)

ITC106 Programming Principles (8)

ITC108 Games 1 - Games Design (8)

ITC114 Database Management Systems (8)

ITC117 Introduction to the Senses (8)

ITC118 Industrial Project 1 (8)

ITC119 Industrial Project 2 (8)

ITC126 Introduction to the Internet (8)

ITC133 Customer Support Management (8)

ITC140 C++ Programming Techniques (8)

ITC161 Computer Systems (8)

ITC173 Fundamentals of Information Technology (8)

ITC182 Foundations of Information Technology (8)

ITC199 Storage Technology Foundations (8)

ITC203 Object Oriented Systems Analysis and Design (8)

ITC204 Human Computer Interaction (8)

ITC205 Professional Programming Practice (8)

ITC206 Programming in Java 1 (8)

ITC209 Mobile Application Development (8)

ITC211 Systems Analysis (8)

ITC212 Internet Technologies (8)

ITC213 Social Networking (8)

ITC214 Database Implementation (8)

ITC215 Modelling and Decision Support (8)

ITC216 Online Multimedia (8)

ITC219 Industrial Project 3 (16)

ITC222 Computer Organisation (8)

ITC224 Systems Programming in C (8)

ITC226 Applications Development for Windows (8)

ITC233 Computer Networks (8)

ITC236 Industry Project 1 (16)

ITC240 IT Infrastructure Management (8)

ITC254 Wireless Networks (8)

ITC256 Industry Project 2 (16)

ITC262 Operating Systems (8)

ITC270 C++ Object Oriented Programming Concepts (8)

ITC301 Information Technology Project Management (8)

ITC303 Software Development Project 1 (8)

ITC306 Project Preparation (8)

ITC308 IT Project (8)

ITC309 Software Development Project 2 (8)

ITC313 Programming in Java 2 (8)

ITC314 Virtualisation Technologies (8)

ITC315 Physics Engine Development (8)

ITC318 Industrial Project 4 (32)

ITC319 Industrial Project 5 (32)

ITC320 Advanced Graphics for Games (8)

ITC321 Introduction to ITIL Practices (8)

ITC322 Data Structures (8)

ITC330 Life, Chaos and Virtual Worlds (8)

ITC331 Ethics and Professional Practice (8)

ITC333 Server Administration and Maintenance (8)

ITC335 Advanced Windows Programming (8)

ITC348 Inside Active Directory (8)

ITC354 Routing and Switching (8)

ITC355 Network Design (8)

ITC356 Getting Started With Linux (8)

ITC358 IT Security (8)

ITC361 Computational Models (8)

ITC363 Computer Graphics (8)

ITC364 Computational Intelligence (8)

ITC366 Expert Systems (8)

ITC367 Computer Visualisation (8)

ITC368 Image Processing and Analysis (8)

ITC369 Computer Vision (8)

ITC372 Games 2 - Advanced Games Programming (8)

ITC381 Object-Oriented Technology with C++ (8)

ITC382 Business to Business Systems (8)

ITC392 Industry Project 3 (32)

ITC404 Information Systems Implementation (8)

ITC411 Computer Organisation and Architecture (8)

ITC412 System Analysis PG (8)

ITC415 Programming Principles (8)

ITC417 Wireless Networks (8)

ITC418 C++ Programming Techniques (8)

ITC421 Programming in Java 1 (8)

ITC423 Database Systems (8)

ITC431 Networks and Communications (8)

ITC467 Games 1 PG (8)

ITC468 Data Structures PG (8)

ITC469 Software Development Project PG (8)

ITC475 Ethics and Information Technology (8)

ITC482 Computer Management & Security (8)

ITC483 Information Systems for Health Services Management (8)

ITC491 Mobile Application Development PG (8)

ITC493 Information Technology Project Management (8)

ITC499 IT Project Proposal (0)

ITC501 Strategic Information Management (8)

ITC504 Interface Useability (8)

ITC505 ICT Project Management (8)

ITC506 Topics in Information Technology Ethics (8)

ITC507 Information Technology Concepts (8)

ITC508 Object Modelling (8)

ITC509 Inside Active Directory PG (8)

ITC510 Online Communities (8)

ITC511 Networking Concepts 1 (8)

ITC512 Networking Concepts 2 (8)

ITC513 Wireless Networking Concepts (8)

ITC514 Network and Security Administration (8)

ITC515 Professional Programming Practice (8)

ITC516 Data Mining and Visualisation for Business Intelligence (8)

ITC518 Principles of Programming Using C# (8)

ITC520 Information Systems Strategy (8)

ITC521 Programming in Java 2 (8)

ITC523 Digital Forensics Science (8)

ITC527 Concurrent Programming (8)

ITC528 Artificial Intelligence (8)

ITC530 IT Specialisation Project 1 (32)

ITC531 IT Specialisation Project 2 (32)

ITC532 IT Specialisation Project 3 (16)

ITC533 IT Specialisation Project 4 (16)

ITC534 Computing Research Preparation (16)

ITC535 Research Methods in Computing (16)

ITC536 Advanced Readings in Information Technology (16)

ITC537 Project Method & Proposal (16)

ITC538 Programming in Java 1 (8)

ITC539 Mobile Application Development PG (8)

ITC540 IT Infrastructure Management PG (8)

ITC542 Internetworking with TCP/IP (8)

ITC543 Enterprise Design Patterns (8)

ITC544 Computer Organisation and Architecture (8)

ITC545 Object Oriented Systems Modelling (8)

ITC548 System Analysis PG (8)

ITC549 Web Site Operations and Publishing (8)

ITC550 Advanced SGML and XML (8)

ITC555 Linux Networking and Security (8)

ITC556 Database Systems (8)

ITC557 Web Based Information Systems PG (8)

ITC558 Programming Principles (8)

ITC559 Readings in Information Communications Technology / Multimedia (16)

ITC560 Internet Technologies PG (8)

ITC561 Cloud Computing (8)

ITC562 Theory of Computation (8)

ITC563 IT Management Issues (8)

ITC565 Business Applications Development (8)

ITC569 Modelling and Decision Support (8)

ITC570 IT Project Experience (8)

ITC571 Emerging Technologies and Innovation (8)

ITC574 Information Technology for Management (8)

ITC577 Information and Communication Technology Fundamentals (8)

ITC589 Multimedia Systems PG (8)

ITC593 Network Security (8)

ITC594 E-commerce Technologies (8)

ITC595 Information Security (8)

ITC596 IT Risk Management (8)

ITC597 Digital Forensics (8)

ITC701 Doctoral Research (part-time) (192)

ITC702 Doctoral Research (full-time) (192)

ITC711 Research Issues in IT (16)

ITC712 Conducting a Research Project in IT (16)

ITC713 Research Project Plan in IT (16)

ITC714 Research Project Development in IT (16)

ITC715 Thesis (Full-Time) (128)

ITC716 Thesis (Part-time) (128)

ITE501 Windows Forms Application Development (8)

ITE502 ASP.NET Application Development (8)

ITE503 ADO.NET Application Development (8)

ITE504 Windows Communication Foundation Application Development (8)

ITE505 Enterprise Applications Development (8)

ITE506 Advanced Windows Development (8)

ITE507 Advanced Web Development (8)

ITE508 Developing Web Applications (8)

ITE509 ITIL Toolsets (8)

ITE510 SharePoint Application Development (8)

ITE511 Digital Forensics Security Essentials (8)

ITE512 Incident Response (8)

ITE513 Forensic Investigation (8)

ITE514 Professional Systems Security (8)

ITE515 Forensic Analysis (8)

ITE516 Hacking Countermeasures (8)

ITE517 Developing Applications for Windows Phones and Mobile Devices (8)

ITE518 Agile Project Management (8)

ITE519 IT Service Management (8)

ITE520 Managing Mail Servers (8)

ITE521 Hardware and Software Essentials (8)

ITE522 IT Helpdesk and Career Search (8)

ITE523 Virtualisation (8)

ITE524 Certified Business Analyst (8)

ITE525 Cyber Law (8)

ITE526 Practical Internetworking (8)

ITE527 Server Administration (8)

ITE528 Cross Platform App Development (8)

ITE529 Cross Platform Game Development (8)

ITI111 Computer Support 1 (8)

ITI112 Supporting Desktop Applications (8)

ITI113 Deploying and Maintaining Desktop Clients (8)

ITI114 IT Help Desks (8)

ITI211 Computer Support 2 (8)

ITI212 Career Search and Communication (8)

ITI213 IT Project Management Introduction (8)

ITI214 Introduction to Computer Networking (8)

ITI311 Project Lifecycles (8)

ITI312 Enterprise Support (8)

ITI500 Entry to Industry Courses (0)

ITI501 Technology Partners in Learning 1 (8)

ITI502 Technology Partners in Learning 2 (8)

ITI503 Linux Fundamentals (8)

ITI504 Linux Administration (8)

ITI505 Managing Linux Enterprise Servers (8)

ITI506 Linux Enterprise Security (8)

ITI507 Novell Administration (8)

ITI508 Managing Desktop Resources (8)

ITI516 Administering a SQL server (8)

ITI517 SQL 2000 Database Designing (8)

ITI521 Interconnecting Network Devices (8)

ITI522 Building Scalable Internetworks (8)

ITI523 Building Multilayer Switched Networks (8)

ITI524 Building Remote Access Networks (8)

ITI525 Troubleshooting Internetworks (8)

ITI526 Network Design (8)

ITI527 Internetworking Expert (8)

ITI530 Application Development Foundations (8)

ITI531 Windows Based Client Development .NET 2.0 (8)

ITI532 Web Based Client Development .NET 2.0 (8)

ITI533 Distributed Application Development .NET 2.0 (8)

ITI534 Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications (8)

ITI535 Neworking and Operating System Essentials (8)

ITI536 Supporting a Network Infrastructure (8)

ITI537 Implementing & Administering Network Directory Services (8)

ITI538 Desktop Operating Systems (8)

ITI539 Mail Server Implementation & Administration (8)

ITI540 Enterprise Administration (8)

ITI541 Configuring Application Platforms (8)

ITI542 Securing Networks (8)

ITI550 Microsoft MCSE 2003 Upgrade (8)

ITI551 Virtual Private Network and Firewall Management 1 (8)

ITI553 Designing a Secure Distributed Network (8)

ITI555 Operating System Essentials (8)

ITI556 Supporting a Network Infrastructure 1 (8)

ITI557 Supporting a Network Infrastructure 2 (8)

ITI558 Active Directory Infrastructure (8)

ITI559 Designing Active Directories & Network Infrastructure (8)

ITI561 Developing Web Applications (8)

ITI562 Programming with Microsoft Languages (8)

ITI563 Developing XML Web Services (8)

ITI564 Analysing & Defining Solution Architectures (8)

ITI567 Visual Studio 2005 (8)

ITI568 Digital Curriculum 1 (8)

ITI569 Digital Curriculum 2 (8)

ITI571 Migrating to Object-Oriented Programming (8)

ITI576 Industry Challenge - Sun (8)

ITI577 IT Service Release, Control and Validation (8)

ITI578 IT Service Operational Support and Analysis (8)

ITI581 Security Fundamentals (8)

ITI584 Introduction to Oracle SQL (8)

ITI585 Database Administration Fundamentals 1 (8)

ITI586 Database Administration Fundamentals 2 (8)

ITI588 Programming with PL/SQL (8)

ITI592 Designing Database Administration Solutions Using SQL Server (8)

ITI593 Developing Database Administration Solutions Using SQL Server (8)

ITI594 Designing Database Programming Solutions Using SQL Server (8)

ITI595 Developing Database Programming Solutions Using SQL Server (8)

ITI597 IT Infrastructure Library Foundation (8)

ITI598 Implementing and Maintaining SQL Server (8)

JRN101 Newsgathering and Writing (8)

JRN112 Journalism in Society (8)

JRN113 Digital Imaging for Journalism (8)

JRN200 Convergent Storytelling (8)

JRN201 Print Journalism 1 (8)

JRN203 Print Journalism 2 (8)

JRN204 Broadcast Journalism 2 (8)

JRN205 Data Mining and Research (8)

JRN207 Multiplatform Publishing and the Law (8)

JRN213 Images and Text for Magazines (8)

JRN215 Reporting (16)

JRN225 The Specialist Reporter (8)

JRN300 Subediting (8)

JRN316 Journalism Speciality (8)

JRN317 Research Methods in Journalism (8)

JRN318 Deadline: Multiplatform Delivery (8)

JRN322 Beyond News: Longform Journalism (8)

JRN324 Journalism 3 (8)

JRN325 Journalism Internship (8)

JRN326 Professional Journalism Communication Practice (16)

JRN519 Journalism Project (16)

JRN520 Research and Reporting for Journalism (8)

JRN521 News Reporting (16)

JRN522 Specialist Reporting (16)

JRN523 Newswriting (8)

JRN524 Journalism Cultures (8)

JRN525 Journalism Dissertation (32)

JRN526 Research, writing and reporting for journalism (16)

JRN527 Journalism Cultures and Practice (16)

JRN528 Convergent Journalism (16)

JST104 Foundations in Criminology (8)

JST108 Justice Studies: Theory and Practice (16)

JST110 Introduction to the Australian Legal System (8)

JST123 Indigenous Australians and Justice: An Introduction (8)

JST135 Introduction to Policing (B) (8)

JST150 Introduction to Tertiary Studies (Policing) (8)

JST201 Criminal Law and Process (8)

JST203 Punishment and the State (8)

JST204 Young People and Crime (8)

JST205 Criminology: History and Theory (8)

JST212 Juvenile Justice in context (8)

JST215 Juvenile Justice in Practice (8)

JST226 Introduction to Police Investigations (8)

JST228 Policing and the Community (8)

JST301 Applying Criminology To Crime Reduction (8)

JST302 Criminological Perspectives on Social Problems (8)

JST309 Indigenous Issues In Policing (8)

JST310 Information and Investigation (8)

JST311 Evidence and Investigation (8)

JST312 Criminal Law and Investigation Management (8)

JST313 Investigative Interviewing (8)

JST317 Ethics and Professional Practice for Police Prosecutors (8)

JST318 Human Rights and Social Justice (8)

JST319 Evidence and Procedure (8)

JST320 Drugs, Crime and Society (8)

JST321 Justice Studies Workplace Learning (8)

JST322 Crime Reduction (8)

JST323 Custody and Duty of Care (8)

JST324 Team Management and Leadership (8)

JST325 Accountability And Policing (8)

JST328 Road Trauma Reduction (8)

JST330 Restorative Justice - Community Conferencing (8)

JST331 Crime Prevention and Young People (8)

JST333 Community Corrections (8)

JST334 Case Management for Criminal Investigations. (8)

JST344 Terrorism Awareness (8)

JST345 Police and Victims (8)

JST346 Criminal Investigations in Culturally and Ethnically Diverse Societies (8)

JST347 Policing and the Media. (8)

JST408 Cyber and Technology Enabled Crime (8)

JST409 Investigations Principles (8)

JST410 Investigations Management 1 (8)

JST411 Investigations Management 2 (8)

JST412 Financial Crime Control and Risk Management (8)

JST413 Risk Management (8)

JST415 Foundations of Fire Investigation (8)

JST426 Crime Analysis and Investigation (8)

JST428 Operational Intelligence (8)

JST430 Introduction to Corrections in Asia and the Pacific (8)

JST431 Psycho-Social Aspects of Correctional Management (8)

JST432 Practicum - Correctional Administration (8)

JST433 Principles of Correctional Management (8)

JST434 Police Investigations and Forensic Psychology (16)

JST435 Psychological Vulnerability, Victims of Crime and Police Investigations (16)

JST436 Advanced Criminological Theory (8)

JST437 Criminological Research (8)

JST438 Criminology Honours Fieldwork (16)

JST439 Criminology Honours Dissertation (32)

JST440 Criminological Practice (8)

JST441 Psychology of Crime (8)

JST442 Criminology (8)

JST443 Psychology and The Legal System (8)

JST444 Deviance and Control (8)

JST445 Criminology Honours Dissertation Part-time (32)

JST450 Introduction to Intelligence (8)

JST452 Intelligence Management (8)

JST455 Wildfire Investigation (8)

JST456 Islam and Policing in the Modern World (8)

JST457 Challenges in policing, security, and emergency management (16)

JST462 Corporate Governance (8)

JST473 Forensic Accounting and Asset Recovery (8)

JST477 Community Corrections (8)

JST478 Imagery & Geo-spatial Intelligence (8)

JST484 Structures and the Effects of Fire (8)

JST487 Police in Social Context (8)

JST488 Specialist Fire Investigation (16)

JST489 Crime Prevention Partnerships (16)

JST491 Ethical Issues in Investigation (8)

JST492 Strategic Intelligence Practice (16)

JST493 National Security & Intelligence Issues (16)

JST495 Intelligence and analytics (8)

JST496 Fire-Setting Behaviour, Legal Issues and Investigative Practice (8)

JST497 Multi-Agency Investigations (16)

JST498 Foundations in Financial Crime (16)

JST499 Investigating and Prosecuting Financial Crime (16)

JST508 Researching Crime & Deviance (8)

JST509 Prison: Institution and Experience (8)

JST512 Refugees, Governance and Asylum Policy (16)

JST515 Correctional Policy & Practice in Asia and the Pacific (8)

JST516 Correctional Administration Reading Subject (8)

JST517 Violence in Society: Interpersonal to International Perspectives (8)

JST518 Emerging issues and professional practice in policing and security (16)

JST520 Theories of Crime and Deviance (8)

JST521 Theories of Crime and Deviance (8)

JST522 Selected Issues in Criminological Practice Reading Subject (16)

JST526 Refugee Testimony and Narration (8)

JST527 Refugee Settlement (8)

JST528 Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing: Operational Issues (16)

JST529 Financial Crime: Management and Operational Issues (16)

JST530 Research Methodology and Dissertation Proposal (16)

JST531 Dissertation (16)

JST532 Juvenile Justice Perspectives (8)

JST533 Juvenile Justice for Professionals (8)

JST534 Restorative Justice - Community Conferencing (8)

JST535 Crime Prevention & Young People (8)

JST601 Master Honours Research (Policing) PT (128)

JST602 Master Honours Research (Policing) FT (128)

JST701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

JST702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

JST703 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

JST704 Doctoral Research FT (192)

JWD101 Introduction to Metal Techniques (8)

JWD103 Jewellery Components (8)

JWD105 Jewellery Workshop Techniques (8)

JWD106 Structural Elements (8)

JWD202 Clients and Commission (8)

JWD203 Industry essentials (8)

JWD205 Applied Practice and Processes (8)

JWD206 Advanced Methodologies (8)

JWD305 The Language of Jewellery (16)

JWD401 Jewellery Design: Form and Content (8)

JWD404 Jewellery Design: Studio Research (16)

LAW100 Australian Legal Systems (8)

LAW107 Applied Legal Studies (Forensics) (8)

LAW110 Business Law (8)

LAW111 Mental Health Law and Policy (8)

LAW131 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health (8)

LAW200 Commercial Activities: Law & Policy (8)

LAW211 Law for the Human Services 1 (8)

LAW220 Business Organisations Law (8)

LAW221 Law for the Human Services 2 (8)

LAW240 Industrial Law (8)

LAW260 Administrative Law (8)

LAW281 Organisations Law (8)

LAW291 Environmental Law and Administration (8)

LAW301 Taxation Law (Principles) (8)

LAW302 Taxation Law (Issues) (8)

LAW304 Legal and Ethical Issues in Complementary Medicine (8)

LAW307 Youth and the Law (8)

LAW330 Finance Law (8)

LAW335 International Business Law (8)

LAW350 Advanced Commercial Law (8)

LAW370 Law of Employment (8)

LAW380 Company and Taxation Law (8)

LAW381 Taxation (8)

LAW395 Electronic Commerce & The Law (8)

LAW401 Legal Issues in Child and Adolescent Welfare (8)

LAW402 The Law of Evidence in Child Abuse (8)

LAW502 Law of International Business (8)

LAW503 Administrative Law (8)

LAW504 Business and Corporations Law (8)

LAW505 Taxation 1 (8)

LAW511 Commercial Law 1 (8)

LAW512 Commercial Law 2 (8)

LAW514 Australian Taxation (16)

LAW515 Law of Employment (8)

LAW516 Dispute Resolution: Methods and Results (8)

LAW517 Mediation: Processes and Uses (8)

LAW518 Taxation 2 (8)

LAW519 Negotiation Skills (8)

LAW523 Finance Law (8)

LAW525 Contemporary International Legal Issues (8)

LAW530 Environmental Law and Management (8)

LAW531 Law for the Human Services (8)

LAW535 Ethical & Legal Dimensions in Sport (8)

LAW540 Australian Law & Legal System (8)

LAW545 Taxation Strategies (8)

LAW550 Legal Research Dissertation (32)

LES101 Introduction to Leisure and Health (8)

LES102 Leisure Programming with Diverse Populations (8)

LES110 Foundations of Leisure Activity (8)

LES202 Community Leisure & Health Issues (8)

LES210 Diversional Therapy and Leisure Practice (16)

LES301 Health Policy and Program Development (8)

LES302 Leisure and Social Relations (8)

LES501 Issues in Leisure and Health (8)

LES510 Project Management in Community Leisure and Health (16)

LIT101 Language and Text (8)

LIT107 English Literature 1 (8)

LIT108 English Literature 2 (8)

LIT111 Texts and Meanings (8)

LIT114 Literature, Culture, and Society (8)

LIT124 Children's Literature: The Oral Tradition (8)

LIT201 Irish Literature (8)

LIT212 American Literature (8)

LIT214 Australian Literature (8)

LIT216 Introduction to Literary Theory (8)

LIT218 The 'Woman Question' in Nineteenth-Century England and America (8)

LIT219 Drugs and Alcohol in Literature (8)

LIT220 Screenwriting (8)

LIT221 Creative Writing (8)

LIT224 Children's Literature: Fantasy And Realism (8)

LIT301 Modernism (8)

LIT302 Contemporary Australian Writing (8)

LIT303 The English Novel from Austen to Lawrence (8)

LIT315 The Author in Context : Special Literary Study (8)

LIT324 Australian Children's Literature (8)

LIT325 Writing For Children And Teens (8)

LIT401 English Dissertation (32)

LIT411 Reading Subject A: Literary Criticism (16)

LIT414 Literature Reading Subject (16)

LIT701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

LIT702 Doctoral Research FT (192)

LNG110 Indonesian 1 (8)

LNG120 Indonesian 2 (8)

LNG230 Indonesian 3 (8)

LNG340 Indonesian 4 (8)

MBA501 Management, People and Organisations (8)

MBA503 Marketing for Managers (8)

MBA504 Accounting & Financial Management (8)

MBA505 Managing Business Information (8)

MBA506 Operations Management (8)

MBA507 Business Research Methods (8)

MBA508 Business Strategy (8)

MBA551 International Placement and Study Tour (8)

MBA552 Doing Business in China (8)

MCR101 Introduction to Microbiology (8)

MGI511 Project Management Fundamentals (8)

MGI512 The Project Lifecycle (8)

MGI513 Enterprise Project Management (8)

MGI514 Project Management Leadership (8)

MGI515 IT Service Quality Management (8)

MGI516 IT Governance (8)

MGI517 Project Management Communications (8)

MGI518 Program and Portfolio Management (8)

MGI521 Professional Communications (8)

MGI522 Developing Solutions (8)

MGI525 Emerging Themes in Marketing (8)

MGI526 Marketing Analysis and Decision (8)

MGI527 Marketing Leadership and Planning (8)

MGI528 Managing Corporate Reputation (8)

MGI529 Applied Marketing Research Project (16)

MGT100 Organisations And Management (8)

MGT120 Management in Practice (8)

MGT173 Understanding Organisations and Management (8)

MGT200 Property Management & Design (8)

MGT210 Organisational Behaviour (8)

MGT211 Business Ethics a Global Perspective (8)

MGT220 eCommerce (8)

MGT221 Introduction to Macro/Microeconomics (8)

MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability and Culture (8)

MGT242 International Studies (China) (8)

MGT245 Managing Yourself & Others (8)

MGT250 Asia-Pacific Business (8)

MGT290 Project Management (8)

MGT310 Operations Management (8)

MGT320 Managing Change (8)

MGT330 Business Strategy (8)

MGT340 International Management (8)

MGT351 Ethics of Corporate Governance (8)

MGT352 Regulation, Governance and Accountability (8)

MGT353 Management and Sustainability (8)

MGT354 Leadership and Business Ethics (8)

MGT355 Social and Economic Environment (8)

MGT356 Management Theory & Practice (8)

MGT360 Risk Management (8)

MGT362 Commodity Pricing Management (8)

MGT367 Leadership Issues (8)

MGT381 Project Management and Regional Economics (8)

MGT382 Strategy And Corporate Governance (8)

MGT383 Business and Financial Decisions (8)

MGT384 Leadership and International Management (8)

MGT385 Communications and Professional Ethics (8)

MGT386 Managing Change Internationally (8)

MGT387 International Management Practice (8)

MGT388 Organisational Change (8)

MGT391 International Business (16)

MGT392 International Business Practice (16)

MGT393 Cross-Cultural Management (16)

MGT394 Developing Cross Cultural Capabilities (16)

MGT501 Management Theory and Practice (8)

MGT503 The Social and Economic Environment (8)

MGT505 Foundations of Quality Management (8)

MGT506 The Learning Organisation (8)

MGT510 Strategic Management (8)

MGT512 Asian Business Environment (8)

MGT517 Advanced Research Methods (8)

MGT520 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Development (8)

MGT521 Managing in a Changing Environment (8)

MGT522 Managing Strategically (8)

MGT523 Managing People and Performance (8)

MGT524 Managing Knowledge and Finance (8)

MGT529 Small Business Strategic Plan (8)

MGT530 International Business (8)

MGT531 Business Ethics (8)

MGT535 Developing and Managing the Enterprise (8)

MGT536 Leadership - A Critical Perspective (8)

MGT537 Entrepreneurial Project (8)

MGT538 Quality and Operational Management in Sport (8)

MGT539 Strategic Management (8)

MGT540 Management of Change (8)

MGT542 Internet Ethics (8)

MGT544 Organisational Change and Development (8)

MGT547 Ethics of Corporate Governance (8)

MGT550 Operations Management (8)

MGT553 Project Management (8)

MGT556 Innovation and Entrepreneurship (8)

MGT557 Ethics for Managers (8)

MGT558 Project Management Practice (8)

MGT561 Organisational Management (8)

MGT562 Managing Business Operations (8)

MGT563 Managing People (8)

MGT564 Managing Financial Information (8)

MGT565 Business Research Project (16)

MGT567 Business Decisions (8)

MGT571 Contemporary Management Practice (8)

MGT572 Managing Organisational Change (8)

MGT573 Strategic Practice (8)

MGT575 Alliance Foundation (8)

MGT576 Alliance Team Development (8)

MGT577 The Alliance Environment (8)

MGT578 Integrated Delivery (8)

MGT580 Forecasting and Risk Assessment (8)

MGT581 Risk Management Practice (8)

MGT582 Managing Sustainability Effectively (8)

MGT583 Managing for Sustainability (8)

MGT584 Leadership in Business (8)

MGT589 Managing Risk (8)

MGT591 Leadership and Organisation Effectiveness (8)

MGT594 Leadership and Business Ethics (8)

MGT595 Embedding Change Leadership (8)

MGT596 Embedding Quality and Innovation (8)

MGT599 Leadership Theory and Practice (16)

MGT601 Masters Honours Research P/T (128)

MGT602 Masters Honours Research F/T (128)

MGT701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

MGT702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

MGT703 Doctoral Research Extension (0)

MHP105 Introduction to Primary Health Care: Mental Health (8)

MHP109 The Body, Illness and Health (8)

MHP111 Clinical 1 (16)

MHP112 History, Social and Emotional Wellbeing (8)

MHP113 Introduction to Pharmacology in Mental Health (8)

MHP114 Human Development Across the Lifespan (8)

MHP115 Introduction to Substance Use, Alcohol and Other Drugs (8)

MHP209 Mental Health, Law and Ethics (8)

MHP211 Clinical 2 (16)

MHP212 Healing Our Spirit: Grief, Loss and Yarning (8)

MHP213 Crisis and Assessment Management (16)

MHP214 Primary Health Care: Community Development (8)

MHP216 Suicide Prevention (8)

MHP301 Research in Mental Health (16)

MHP302 Professional Issues in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health (16)

MHP311 Clinical 3 (16)

MHP312 Sexual Assault, Family Violence and Associated Trauma (8)

MHP313 Working with Families and Diverse Communities (8)

MHT601 Masters Honours Research Thesis P/T (64)

MHT602 Masters Honours Research Thesis (F/T) (64)

MID440 Midwifery Practice (8)

MID441 Midwifery Studies 1 (8)

MID442 Midwifery Studies 2 (8)

MID443 Midwifery Practice (24)

MID444 Midwifery Practice (24)

MID452 Midwifery as Primary Health Care 1 (8)

MID524 Challenges in Midwifery Practice (8)

MID525 Midwifery as Primary Health Care 2 (8)

MIN450 Institutional Chaplaincy (8)

MIN451 Ministry Professional Practice (8)

MIN500 Foundations of Church Ministry (16)

MIN501 Guided Research in Ministry (16)

MIN502 Professional and Institutional Ethics in Ministry (8)

MIN540 Approaches to Enquiry in Ministry (16)

MIN541 Reflective Practitioner Perspectives in Ministry (16)

MIN740 Approaches to Enquiry in Ministry (16)

MIN741 Reflective Practitioner Perspectives in Ministry (16)

MIN742 Literature Review in Ministry (16)

MIN743 Research Proposal in Ministry (16)

MIN744 Doctoral Thesis in Ministry FT (128)

MIN745 Doctoral Thesis in Ministry PT (128)

MIN792 Literature Review in Ministry (16)

MIS110 Radiographic Fundamentals (8)

MIS120 Radiological Instrumentation 1 (8)

MIS220 Radiological Instrumentation 2 (8)

MIS302 Imaging Pathology (8)

MIS310 Radiological Instrumentation 3 (8)

MIS320 Radiological Instrumentation 4 (8)

MIS334 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (8)

MKT110 Marketing & Society (8)

MKT173 Introduction to Marketing (8)

MKT220 Consumer Behaviour (8)

MKT230 Market Research (8)

MKT235 Brand Management (8)

MKT240 Market Analysis and Analytics (8)

MKT260 International Marketing (8)

MKT303 Social and Environmental Marketing (8)

MKT310 Integrated Marketing Communications (8)

MKT331 Relationship Marketing (8)

MKT335 Marketing of Services (8)

MKT336 B2B Marketing (8)

MKT340 Strategic Marketing Management (8)

MKT350 Product Innovation Management (8)

MKT360 Applied Marketing Research (8)

MKT381 Marketing and Trade (8)

MKT389 Strategic Marketing and Planning (8)

MKT501 Marketing Management (8)

MKT510 Customer Behaviour (8)

MKT519 Marketing for Small Business (8)

MKT520 Managing Product and Service Innovation (8)

MKT525 Digital Marketing (8)

MKT531 Marketing Practice (8)

MKT535 Global Sport Business & Marketing (8)

MKT540 Marketing Strategy (8)

MKT550 Global Marketing (8)

MKT560 Marketing and Organisational Research (8)

MKT561 Services Marketing (8)

MKT562 Managing Business Relationships (8)

MKT570 Integrated Marketing Communications (8)

MKT571 Marketing for Business Managers (8)

MKT701 Doctoral Research (part -time) (192)

MKT702 Doctoral Research (full-time) (192)

MPI210 Photomedia Studio 1 (8)

MPI211 Photomedia Studio 2 (8)

MPI220 Authoring and Designing Multimedia (8)

MPI303 Multimedia Production Project (8)

MPI304 Multimedia Studio and Project Management (8)

MPI305 Multimedia Seminar and Research (8)

MPI306 Multimedia Authoring Project (8)

MRS100 Professional Fundamentals (16)

MRS110 Introductory Medical Radiation Science (16)

MRS203 Imaging Anatomy (8)

MRS211 Imaging Pathology (16)

MRS222 Nuclear Medicine Science 1 (16)

MRS233 Digital Image Processing And Informatics (8)

MRS251 Radiation Therapy 1 (16)

MRS270 Radiological Imaging 1 (16)

MRS290 Medical Radiation Science Practicum 1 (16)

MRS321 Nuclear Medicine Science 2 (16)

MRS322 Nuclear Medicine Science 3 (16)

MRS323 Nuclear Medicine Science 2 (8)

MRS341 Image Interpretation and Correlative Imaging (16)

MRS351 Radiation Therapy 2 (16)

MRS355 Radiation Therapy Technology (16)

MRS360 Radiation Dosimetry Biology & Protection (8)

MRS370 Radiological Imaging 2 (16)

MRS426 Diagnostic Ultrasound (8)

MRS432 Computed Tomography (8)

MRS434 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (8)

MRS490 Medical Radiation Science Residency (48)

MRS491 Medical Radiation Science Residency (32)

MRS500 Mammography Practice (24)

MRS501 Breast Imaging Physics and Instrumentation (16)

MRS502 Breast Imaging (16)

MRS503 Issues in Breast Imaging (8)

MRS513 Digital Imaging Technology (8)

MRS522 Quality Assurance in the Medical Radiation Sciences (8)

MRS542 Small Parts and Paediatric Ultrasound (8)

MRS543 Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound (8)

MRS544 Clinical Sectional Anatomy (8)

MRS545 Musculo-skeletal Ultrasound (8)

MRS546 Obstetric Ultrasound (8)

MRS547 Vascular Ultrasound (8)

MRS548 Medical Ultrasound Dissertation (32)

MRS549 Professional Practice (8)

MRS551 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics and Instrumentation (8)

MRS552 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Practice (8)

MRS553 Trends in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (8)

MRS554 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Practice And Trends (16)

MRS555 Advanced Principles in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (16)

MRS561 Computerised Tomography Physics and Instrumentation (8)

MRS562 Computerised Tomography Practice (8)

MRS563 Trends in Computerised Tomography (8)

MRS564 Computed Tomography Practice And Trends (16)

MRS565 Advanced Principles in Computed Tomography (16)

MRS571 Appendicular Skeleton Image Interpretation (8)

MRS572 Axial Skeleton Image Interpretation (8)

MRS574 Chest And Abdomen Image Interpretation (16)

MRS575 Appendicular And Axial Skeleton Image Interpretation (16)

MRS580 Image Guided Therapy (16)

MRS590 Medical Radiation Science Clinical Placement (32)

MST114 Production Planning (8)

MTH100 Foundation Mathematics (8)

MTH101 Computer Aided Mathematics 1 with Applications (8)

MTH102 Computer Aided Mathematics 2 with Applications (8)

MTH105 Introductory Mathematics (8)

MTH110 The Evolution of Mathematics (8)

MTH129 Discrete Mathematics (8)

MTH135 Mathematics And Statistics In Health Sciences (8)

MTH172 Mathematics (8)

MTH203 Numerical Methods (8)

MTH218 Multivariable Calculus (8)

MTH219 Linear Algebra (8)

MTH220 Ordinary Differential Equations (8)

MTH307 Mathematical Modelling (8)

MTH309 Principles of Operations Research (8)

MTH328 Complex Analysis (8)

MTH418 Topics In Calculus (8)

MTH419 Linear Algebra (8)

MTH427 Linear Algebra (8)

MTH601 Research Masters Thesis P/T (96)

MTH602 Research Masters Thesis F/T (96)

NMT110 Introductory Nuclear Medicine (16)

NMT221 Nuclear Medicine Technique 1 (8)

NMT222 Nuclear Medicine Technique 2 (8)

NMT331 Nuclear Medicine Technique 3 (8)

NMT332 Nuclear Medicine Technique 4 (8)

NMT415 Computerised Tomography for Nuclear Medicine (8)

NMT500 Advanced Practice in Nuclear Medicine Science (16)

NRS101 Physical Health Nursing 2 (8)

NRS111 Professional Nursing: Foundations of Learning (8)

NRS112 Essential Nursing Care: Valuing Health (8)

NRS113 Introduction to Primary Health Care (8)

NRS115 Care of Infants (8)

NRS117 Contexts in Nursing Care (8)

NRS121 Professional Nursing: Foundations of Communication (8)

NRS122 Essential Nursing Care: Foundation Skills (8)

NRS123 Professional Nursing: Health Law for Nurses (8)

NRS130 Community Health (8)

NRS132 Nursing and Communities (8)

NRS170 Context of Nursing Practice 1 (8)

NRS189 Foundations of Learning (8)

NRS191 Primary Health Care Nursing 1: Health Promotion and Education (8)

NRS192 Primary Health Care Nursing 2: Fundamentals of Nursing Practice (8)

NRS193 Discipline of Nursing 1: Contexts of Nursing (8)

NRS194 Indigenous Cultures, Health and Nursing (8)

NRS195 Psychosocial Nursing (8)

NRS211 Essential Nursing Care: Acute Care (16)

NRS212 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Health and Nursing (8)

NRS220 Professional Nursing 2 (8)

NRS221 Life-stage Considerations: The Older Person (8)

NRS222 Essential Nursing Care: Mental Health Nursing (8)

NRS223 Essential Nursing Care: Chronic and Complex Nursing (16)

NRS235 Pain Management (8)

NRS246 Emergency Care in Mental Health (8)

NRS279 Health Assessment and Physical Examination (8)

NRS291 Health Challenges 1: Nursing Interventions and Rehabilitation (8)

NRS292 Health Challenges 2: Nursing Interventions and Rehabilitation (8)

NRS293 Clinical Nursing Practice 1 (8)

NRS294 Clinical Nursing Practice 2 (8)

NRS295 Discipline of Nursing 2: Health, Law and Ethics (8)

NRS296 Discipline of Nursing 3: Inquiry and Research (8)

NRS303 Health Challenges 1: Nursing Interventions and Rehabilitation (8)

NRS305 Discipline of Nursing: Inquiry and Research (8)

NRS306 Health Optimisation 1: Gerontic Nursing Care (8)

NRS311 Life-stage Considerations: Child, Adolescent and Family Health (8)

NRS312 Essential Nursing Care: Managing the Deteriorating Patient (16)

NRS325 Child Health Care and Promotion (8)

NRS327 Essential Nursing Care: Theory to Practice (16)

NRS333 Team Development In Nursing (8)

NRS334 Team Development Project (8)

NRS349 Nursing Project (16)

NRS375 Health Optimisation 1: Gerontic Nursing Care (8)

NRS376 Health Optimisation 2: Mental Health Nursing (8)

NRS377 Health Optimisation 3: Chronic and Complex Nursing Care (8)

NRS378 Health Optimisation 4: Family, Community and Rural Nursing (8)

NRS379 Discipline of Nursing 4: Transition to Professional Nursing Practice (8)

NRS381 Clinical Nursing Practice 3 (8)

NRS382 Clinical Nursing Practice 4 (8)

NRS396 Paediatric Nursing (8)

NRS408 Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Nursing 1 (8)

NRS409 Psychosocial Interventions in Mental Health Nursing 2 (8)

NRS420 Perspectives of Managing Chronic and Complex Conditions (8)

NRS421 Chronic and Complex Nursing Practice 1 (8)

NRS422 Chronic and Complex Nursing Practice 2 (8)

NRS423 Advanced Chronic Care Nursing (8)

NRS512 Perspectives in Mental Health Nursing (8)

NRS516 Advanced Nursing Skills - The Therapeutic Relationship (8)

NRS517 Advanced Nursing Skills - Group Process and Therapy (8)

NRS523 Rural Health Practice (8)

NRS525 Midwifery in Context (8)

NRS527 Clinical Practice Profile in Indigenous Mental Health (16)

NRS531 Critical Inquiry and Evidence Based Nursing Practice (16)

NRS532 Health Assessment for Advancing Nursing Practice (8)

NRS533 Advancing Emergency Care Nursing Practice (8)

NRS534 Foundations of Palliative Care Nursing (8)

NRS535 Primary Health Care: A Pathway to Better Health (8)

NRS537 Leadership and Management for the Nurse 1 (16)

NRS538 Leadership and Management for the Nurse 2 (16)

NRS543 Clinical Management in Palliative Care Nursing (16)

NRS544 Cultural Competence in Indigenous Health Care: Implications for Nursing (8)

NRS546 Clinical Management of Older People (16)

NRS547 Applied Emergency Nursing in the Rural and Remote Setting (8)

NRS548 High Dependency Nursing (8)

NRS549 Introduction to Child and Family Health Practice (8)

NRS550 Clinical Perspectives in Child and Family Health Practice (8)

NRS551 Diagnostic Reasoning 1 (8)

NRS552 Diagnostic Reasoning 2 (8)

NRS553 Advanced Practice: Clinical and Professional Leadership (8)

NRS554 Advanced Clinical Practicum (8)

NRS601 Master Research (Nursing) Part-time (128)

NRS602 Master Research (Nursing) Full-time (128)

NRS701 Doctoral Research (Nursing) Part-time (192)

NRS702 Doctoral Research (Nursing) Full-time (192)

NUT101 Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics (8)

NUT201 Food and Health (8)

NUT220 Food Intake Analysis and Meal Planning (8)

NUT301 Community and Public Health (8)

NUT303 Nutrition Education (8)

NUT304 Clinical Nutrition And Assessment (16)

NUT320 Food Intake Analysis and Meal Planning (8)

NUT324 Community Nutrition and Dietetics (8)

NUT325 Food Service Practice & Management (16)

NUT401 Management of Nutrition Care (8)

NUT403 Professional Issues in Nutrition and Dietetics (8)

NUT404 Community and Public Health Nutrition (16)

NUT421 Nutrition and Dietetics Residency (16)

NUT422 Nutrition and Dietetics Synthesis (16)

NUT502 Food Service And Management In Dietetic Practice (16)

NUT503 Introduction to Clinical Dietetics (8)

NUT504 Dietetic Counselling and Education Practice (8)

NUT505 Applied Clinical Dietetic Practice 1 (8)

NUT506 Applied Clinical Dietetic Practice 2 (16)

NUT507 Applied Professional Dietetic Practice (16)

NUT508 Public Health Nutrition Practice (8)

NUT509 Community And Public Health Nutrition Theory (8)

OCC100 Occupation and occupational therapy (16)

OCC103 Communication for Occupational Therapy Practice (8)

OCC201 Occupational Therapy Processes (16)

OCC204 Enabling Strategies: Environmental Adaptation and Assistive Technologies (8)

OCC205 Occupational Engagement, Creativity and Groupwork (8)

OCC300 Enabling Strategies: Working with Individuals (16)

OCC302 Occupation: Time and Narratives (8)

OCC304 Enabling Strategies: Working with Communities (8)

OCC310 Occupational Therapy Practicum 1 (32)

OCC311 Occupational Therapy Practicum 1 (Honours) (24)

OCC320 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 1 (16)

OCC321 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 2 (16)

OCC330 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 1 (Honours) (12)

OCC331 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 2 (Honours) (12)

OCC404 Enabling Strategies: Specialist Areas of Practice (16)

OCC405 Applying Knowledge in Occupational Therapy (8)

OCC413 Occupational Therapy Practice in Context (8)

OCC420 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 3 (16)

OCC421 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 4 (16)

OCC430 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 3 (Honours) (12)

OCC431 Occupational Therapy Workplace Learning 4 (Honours) (12)

OLV401 Quality of Olive Products (8)

OMT519 Research Review and Clinical Practicum in OMT (16)

OMT520 Clinical Practicum in OMT (8)

OTY320 Research and Evaluation 1 (8)

PAD591 Public Sector Management (8)

PHC100 Professional Communications (8)

PHC180 Introduction to Paramedic Practice (8)

PHC190 Paramedic Law and Ethics (8)

PHC200 Health, Society & Paramedic Practice (8)

PHC303 Evidence Based Practice (8)

PHC304 Paramedical Research (8)

PHC401 Paramedic Intensive Care for Paediatrics (8)

PHC402 Paramedic Intensive Care for Adults (16)

PHC404 Paramedic Systems (8)

PHC410 Paramedicine as a Discipline (8)

PHL101 Applied Ethics (8)

PHL103 Theories Of Human Nature (8)

PHL201 Critical Reasoning (8)

PHL202 Ethical Theory (8)

PHL206 Problems of Philosophy (8)

PHL209 Theories of Justice (8)

PHL301 Philosophy of Religion (8)

PHL302 Values and Decisions (8)

PHL304 Philosophy of Science (8)

PHL305 The Self (8)

PHL401 Critical Reasoning (8)

PHL402 Ethical Theory (8)

PHL403 Social Justice (8)

PHL404 Ethics and the Public Sector (8)

PHL405 Dissertation (32)

PHL407 Philosophy of Psychology (8)

PHL408 Philosophy Reading Subject (8)

PHL409 Theories of Justice (8)

PHL411 Metaphysics and Epistemology (16)

PHL412 Advanced Ethics (8)

PHL415 Dissertation (32)

PHL501 Critical Reasoning (8)

PHL502 Law, Ethics and Human Rights (8)

PHL504 Criminal Justice Ethics (8)

PHL506 Ethics Research Dissertation (32)

PHL601 Master Honours Research (Philosophy) PT (128)

PHL602 Master Honours Research (Philosophy) FT (128)

PHL701 Doctoral Research PT (192)

PHL702 Doctoral Research FT (192)

PHM101 Introduction to Pharmacy (8)

PHM131 Pharmaceutics 1 (8)

PHM215 Pharmacy Practice 1 (8)

PHM231 Pharmaceutics 2 (16)

PHM300 Research Methods for Pharmacy Honours (0)

PHM315 Pharmacy Practice 2 (16)

PHM320 Organic and Medicinal Agents (16)

PHM341 Pharmacokinetics (8)

PHM401 Professional Practice 1 (8)

PHM402 Professional Practice 2 (8)

PHM405 Professional Practice 2 (16)

PHM412 Radiopharmacy (8)

PHM430 Pharmacotherapeutics (16)

PHM490 Rural Pharmacy Practice (16)

PHM500 Pharmacy Research Methods (8)

PHM501 Readings in Pharmacy Practice (8)

PHM508 Pharmacy Research Methods & Proposal (16)

PHM509 Pharmacy Dissertation (16)

PHM511 Advanced Topics in Pharmacy (Specialisation) (16)

PHM512 Pharmacy Dissertation (Full-time) (32)

PHM513 Pharmacy Dissertation (Part-time) (32)

PHS100 Introduction to Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (16)

PHS201 Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Practice (16)

PHS250 Evolving physiotherapy clinical practice (8)

PHS300 Integrated Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (16)

PHS301 Acute Care Physiotherapy Practice (8)

PHS302 Neurology and paediatric physiotherapy practice (12)

PHS303 Fundamentals of Physiotherapy Clinical Experience (4)

PHS400 Transition to Physiotherapy Practice (8)

PHS401 Physiotherapy Clinical Practice Competency (24)

PHS402 Preparation for Advanced Physiotherapy Practice (16)

PHS420 Physiotherapy Clinical Practice (16)

PHT106 Introduction to Digital Imaging (8)

PHT108 Introduction to Light (8)

PHT114 Digital Imaging (8)

PHT115 Black and White Analogue Photography (8)

PHT116 Introduction to Digital Photography (8)

PHT203 Imaging Theories and Techniques (8)

PHT220 Photo Imaging (8)

PHT221 Digital Photography Studio (8)

PHT222 Photomedia Studio (8)

PHT321 Photography Practice and Research (16)

PHY100 Medical Radiation Physics (16)

PHY101 Mechanics and Thermal Physics (8)

PHY102 Electricity and Waves (8)

PHY104 Engineering Physics (8)

PHY107 Engineering Physics (8)

PHY110 General Physics (8)

PHY111 Medical Radiation Physics 1 (16)

PHY209 Radiation Physics (8)

PHY215 Scientific Instrumentation (Electronics) (8)

PHY216 Modern Physics (8)

PHY232 Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation (8)

PHY233 Nuclear Medicine Data Processing (8)

PHY299 Introduction to Astronomy (8)

PHY301 Astrophysics (8)

PHY302 Quantum Mechanics (8)

PHY304 Relativity and Cosmology (8)

PHY317 Radiological Physics (8)

PHY335 Emission Tomography (8)

PHY336 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (8)

PHY503 Medical Imaging Physics (8)

PHY541 Ultrasound Physics & Instrumentation (8)

PKM208 An Introduction to Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism (8)

PKM230 Social Psychology of Risk in Outdoor Recreation (8)

PKM260 Planning Environmental Education and Interpretation (8)

PKM266 Culture and Heritage (8)

PKM302 The Philosophy of Outdoor Education (8)

PKM307 Environmental Planning (8)

PKM363 Shoreline Recreation Management (8)

PKM364 Outdoor Recreation Design (8)

PKM366 Site Survey Design (8)

PKM371 Social Issues in Recreation (8)

PKM397 Heritage Site Management (16)

PKM398 Cultural Heritage Policies and Planning (16)

PKM466 Culture and Heritage (8)

PKM561 Economics of Protected Areas (8)

PKM562 Environmental Policy (8)

POD203 Introduction to Podiatric Clinical Practice (16)

POD213 Clinical Podiatric Practice (8)

POD306 Advanced Clinical Podiatric Practice (16)

POD307 Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Pathology (8)

POD308 The Diabetic Foot and Chronic Wound Management (8)

POD309 Advanced Clinical Podiatric Practice For Honours (8)

POD312 Podiatric Surgery & Pharmacology (8)

POD315 Mental Health, Neurological and Vascular Medicine (8)

POD316 Sports Medicine and Electrophysical Agents (8)

POD331 Podiatry Honours Research Seminar (8)

POD332 Research Methods: Podiatry Honours (8)

POD403 Clinical Podiatric Residency (16)

POD404 Complex Cases in Podiatric Practice (16)

POD405 Diagnostic Sciences for Podiatric Practice (8)

POD406 Podopaediatrics (8)

POD407 Clinical Podiatric Residency & Complex Cases in Podiatric Practice for Honours (24)

POD413 Professional Podiatric Practice (8)

POD414 Contemporary Issues in Podiatry (8)

POD441 Podiatry Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

POL106 Government and Police (8)

POL110 Australian History and Politics (8)

POL111 International Relations (8)

POL205 Political Ideas (8)

POL210 Politics of Identity (8)

POL213 Australian Government And Politics (8)

POL303 Organised Crime (8)

POL304 Issues in Australian Politics (8)

POL305 Politics and the Media (8)

POL401 Political Theory (16)

POL402 Politics Reading Subject (16)

POL403 Politics Honours Project/Dissertation (32)

POL601 Master Honours Research (Politics) PT (128)

POL602 Master Honours Research (Politics) FT (128)

POL701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

POL702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

PPP101 Simulated Policing (Acquiring Confidence) & Weapons and Tactics 1 (4)

PPP102 Investigation and Communication in Policing 1 (8)

PPP103 Criminal Justice & Society 1 (8)

PPP104 Criminal Justice & Society 2 (8)

PPP105 Investigation and Communication in Policing 2 (8)

PPP106 Simulated Policing (Acquiring Confidence) and Weapons and Tactics 2 (4)

PPP111 Simulated Policing - Acquiring Confidence (4)

PPP112 Police as Investigators 1 (8)

PPP113 Communication in Policing (8)

PPP114 Criminal Justice and Policing (8)

PPP115 Police, Crime and Society 1 (8)

PPP116 Weapons and Tactics 1 (4)

PPP121 Simulated Policing - Acquiring Competence (4)

PPP122 Police as Investigators 2 (8)

PPP123 Professional Ethics (8)

PPP124 Policing and Road Safety (8)

PPP125 Police, Crime and Society 2 (8)

PPP126 Weapons and Tactics 2 (4)

PPP128 Law, Policy & Procedure 1 (16)

PPP129 Investigative Practice 1 (8)

PPP130 Customer Service & Communication 1 (8)

PPP131 Ethical Practice & Decision Making 1 (8)

PPP132 Officer Safety (8)

PPP133 Law, Policy & Procedure 2 (16)

PPP134 Investigative Practice 2 (8)

PPP135 Customer Service & Communication 2 (4)

PPP136 Ethical Practice and Decision Making 2 (4)

PPP137 Law, Policy & Procedure 1A (8)

PPP138 Investigative Practice 1A (4)

PPP139 Customer Service & Communication 1A (4)

PPP140 Ethical Practice & Decision Making 1A (4)

PPP141 Law, Policy & Procedure 1B (8)

PPP142 Investigative Practice 1B (4)

PPP143 Customer Service & Communication 1B (4)

PPP144 Ethical Practice & Decision Making 1B (4)

PPP231 Session 3 Policing Practice (8)

PPP232 Police as Investigators 3 (8)

PPP241 Session 4 Policing Practice (8)

PPP242 Problem Oriented Policing & Vulnerable People (8)

PPP251 Session 5 Policing Practice (8)

PPP252 Ethical Values and Leadership (8)

PRH601 Master Research (Environmental Science) P/T (128)

PRH602 Master Research (Environmental Science) F/T (128)

PRH701 Doctoral Research (Environmental Science) P/T (192)

PRH702 Doctoral Research (Environmental Science) F/T (192)

PSC102 Botany (8)

PSC103 Botany (8)

PSC104 Soil Science (8)

PSC201 Invertebrate Pest Management (8)

PSC202 Crop And Pasture Science (8)

PSC208 Plant Metabolism (8)

PSC215 Plant Physiology (8)

PSC236 Pasture Production and Utilisation (8)

PSC255 Plant Protection (8)

PSC270 Annual Crop Management (8)

PSC271 Crop Agronomy (8)

PSC272 Agronomy 1 (8)

PSC302 Water Resource Management (8)

PSC350 Advanced Soil Management (8)

PSC360 Pastures and Rangelands (8)

PSC371 Plant Pathology (8)

PSC405 Advanced Cropping Systems (8)

PSC415 Soil Management (8)

PSC420 Water Policy and Management (8)

PSC690 Integrated Pest Management (8)

PSY101 Foundations of Psychology 1 (8)

PSY102 Foundations of Psychology 2 (8)

PSY111 Foundations of Psychology for Health and Human Services (8)

PSY113 Child & Adolescent Psychology (8)

PSY114 Indigenous Australians and Psychology: An Introduction (8)

PSY201 Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (8)

PSY202 Developmental Psychology (8)

PSY203 Social Psychology (8)

PSY204 Psychological Testing (8)

PSY208 Biopsychology (8)

PSY211 Psychology of Crime (8)

PSY212 Psychological Dimensions of Disability (8)

PSY214 Health Psychology (8)

PSY216 Psychology of Ageing (8)

PSY218 Psychology of Substance Abuse (8)

PSY219 Psychology International Experience (8)

PSY220 International Cultural Experience (0)

PSY301 Advanced Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology (8)

PSY303 Language and Subjectivity (8)

PSY304 Psychopathology (8)

PSY305 Psychology of Personality (8)

PSY307 Cognition (8)

PSY308 Psychology of Learning (8)

PSY309 Qualitative Research Methods (8)

PSY313 Psychology and the Legal System (8)

PSY315 Sport and Exercise Psychology (8)

PSY316 Psychology of Stress and Trauma (8)

PSY319 Cognitive Processes in Computer Games (8)

PSY320 Indigenous Cultural Immersion Experience (8)

PSY401 Advanced Personality Theory (8)

PSY404 Psychological Assessment (8)

PSY413 Psychology of Substance Abuse (8)

PSY420 Ethics and Current Issues in Psychology (8)

PSY421 Clinical Psychology - Treatment (8)

PSY422 Forensic Psychology (8)

PSY423 Industrial / Organisational Psychology (8)

PSY424 Psychology Honours Dissertation (32)

PSY425 Cognitive Science (8)

PSY427 Issues in Health Psychology (8)

PSY429 Psychology Advanced Topics (8)

PSY431 Organisation Development and Change (8)

PSY432 Personnel Psychology (8)

PSY433 Organisational Psychology and Work Environment (8)

PSY436 Research Project (24)

PSY437 Counselling Theory and Practice (8)

PSY500 Psychology Masters Dissertation (32)

PSY518 Psychology Practicum 3 (0)

PSY519 Psychology Practicum 4 (0)

PSY523 Problems Emerging During Childhood and Adolescence (24)

PSY524 Research Methods (8)

PSY525 Human Neuropsychology (16)

PSY527 The Clinical Psychologist in Practice (16)

PSY528 Introduction to Clinical Psychology (8)

PSY530 Masters Dissertation (32)

PSY531 Adult Mental Health (24)

PSY533 Foundations of Clinical Psychology (8)

PSY534 Clinical Psychopathology (8)

PSY535 Adult Assessment (8)

PSY536 Adult Interventions 1 (8)

PSY537 Child Assessment (8)

PSY538 Child Interventions 1 (8)

PSY539 Adult Interventions 2 (8)

PSY540 Clinical Research Methods (8)

PSY545 Clinical Psychology Placement 1 (0)

PSY546 Clinical Psychology Placement 2 (0)

PSY601 Master Honours Research (Psychology) PT (128)

PSY602 Master Honours Research (Psychology) FT (128)

PSY701 Doctoral Research PT (192)

PSY702 Doctoral Research FT (192)

PSY705 Advanced Clinical Psychology (32)

PSY722 Doctoral Dissertation (Psychology)(Full Time) (64)

PSY723 Doctoral Dissertation (Psychology) (64)

QBM117 Business Statistics (8)

QBM120 Business Data Analysis (8)

QBM217 Advanced Business Statistics (8)

RAD110 Radiological Imaging 1 (8)

RAD120 Radiological Imaging 2 (8)

RAD310 Radiological Imaging 5 (8)

RAD320 Radiological Imaging 6 (8)

RAD324 Topics in Medical Imaging (8)

RAD370 Radiological Imaging 2 (8)

RAD390 Advanced Radiography 1 (8)

RAD391 Advanced Radiography 2 (8)

RAD392 Digital Image Processing (8)

RAD393 Advanced Radiography 3 (8)

RAD426 Diagnostic Ultrasound (8)

REC167 Leadership and Communication (8)

REC200 Principles of Ecotourism (8)

REC205 Open Space Planning (8)

REC302 Interpretive Guiding Management in Ecotourism (8)

REC305 Advanced Principles of Ecotourism (8)

REC306 Ecotourism Project (8)

REC400 Interpretive Guiding Management in Ecotourism (8)

REC405 Open Space Planning (8)

RPC0A1 Recognised Prior Candidature (128)

RPC0B2 Recognised Prior Candidature (128)

RPC0E3 Recognised Prior Candidature (128)

RPC0S4 Recognised Prior Candidature (128)

RSC201 Cardiorespiratory Anatomy and Physiology (8)

RSC301 Asthma Management (8)

RSC431 Advanced Pulmonary Function Testing (8)

RSC441 Advanced Respiratory Laboratory Diagnostics (8)

RSC460 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (8)

SCI101 What is Science? (8)

SCI102 Experiencing Science (8)

SCI103 Communicating Environmental Data (8)

SCI173 Understanding Science (8)

SCI201 Science in Modern Society (8)

SCI300 Biotechnology and Industry (16)

SCI301 International Practical Experience (8)

SCI302 International Practical Experience 2 (8)

SCI401 Advanced Topics 1 (8)

SCI402 Advanced Topics 2 (8)

SCI415 Social Science Research Methods for Natural Resource Management (8)

SCI420 Research Methods (8)

SCI500 Science and Research Methods (8)

SCI501 Special Topics 1 (8)

SCI502 Special Topics 2 (8)

SCI506 Special Topic 6 (16)

SCI507 Special Topics 7 (24)

SCI509 Special Topics 9 (16)

SCI510 Special Topics 10 (40)

SCI601 Master Research (Dentistry & Health Sciences) Part-Time (128)

SCI602 Master Research (Dentistry & Health Science) Full-Time (128)

SCI701 Doctoral Research (Science) P/T (192)

SCI702 Doctoral Research (Science) F/T (192)

SLV204 Industry Practicum (16)

SOC101 Introductory Sociology (8)

SOC102 Social Inequality (8)

SOC108 Sociology Of Health And Health Care (8)

SOC173 Studying Society (8)

SOC203 Sociology of Youth (8)

SOC205 Social Research (8)

SOC212 Class: Images and Reality (8)

SOC215 Gender, Family and Society (8)

SOC217 Fame and Social Control (8)

SOC218 Policy, Power and Social Action (8)

SOC219 Policy Research (8)

SOC220 Living in a Global World (8)

SOC226 Rural Sociology (8)

SOC302 Environment and Society (8)

SOC303 Sociological Theory (8)

SOC308 Community Analysis (8)

SOC314 Organisations, Culture and Society (8)

SOC315 Immigration and Settlement Policy (8)

SOC316 Animals and Society (8)

SOC411 Advanced Sociological Theory (8)

SOC413 Sociology Reading Subject (16)

SOC421 Sociology Dissertation (32)

SOC422 Environment and Society (8)

SOC601 Master Honours Research (Sociology) PT (128)

SOC602 Master Honours Research (Sociology) FT (128)

SOC701 Doctoral Research P/T (192)

SOC702 Doctoral Research F/T (192)

SPA120 Introduction to Spatial Analysis and Modelling (8)

SPA210 Incident Information Systems (8)

SPA212 Cartography and Data Visualisation (8)

SPA215 Principles of Geographic Information Systems (8)

SPA217 Remote Sensing of the Environment (8)

SPA303 Algorithms in GIS and Modelling (8)

SPA304 Remote Sensing Algorithms (8)

SPA313 Advanced GIS Applications and Modelling (8)

SPA320 Current Issues in GIS (8)

SPA330 Project (16)

SPA402 Spatial Statistics (8)

SPA403 Algorithms in GIS and Modelling (8)

SPA404 Remote Sensing Algorithms (8)

SPA405 Image Analysis (8)

SPA406 GIS Applications (8)

SPA409 Introductory Mathematics for Spatial Analysis (8)

SPA412 Integrated GIS/Remote Sensing (8)

SPA414 Critical Review of GIS and Geocomputation (8)

SPA415 Principles of Geographic Information Systems (8)

SPA417 Remote Sensing of the Environment (8)

SPA500 Precision Agriculture (Technology & Data Acquisition) (8)

SPA501 Advanced GIS Applications and Modelling (8)

SPA512 Cartography and Data Visualisation (8)

SPA513 Advanced GIS Applications and Modelling (8)

SPC203 Sociology of Youth (8)

SPE101 Introduction to Politics and Social Policy (8)

SPE211 Foundations in Social Policy (8)

SPE301 Critical Issues in Social Policy (8)

SPE401 Social Work and Social Policy Practice (8)

SPE501 Advanced Social Policy Analysis and Planning (16)

SPE502 Social Work and Social Policy Practice (8)

SPH101 Speech, Language, and Culture (8)

SPH105 Introduction to Therapeutic PracticeA (8)

SPH106 Foundations of Therapeutic Communication B (8)

SPH201 Speech Impairments in Children (8)

SPH202 Managing Auditory Impairments (8)

SPH204 Diversity and Communication (8)

SPH211 Language Impairments in Children and Adolescents (8)

SPH213 Fieldwork 1 (8)

SPH214 Therapeutic Communication Practice 2 (16)

SPH305 Fieldwork 2 (16)

SPH306 Evidence-Based Management of Stuttering (8)

SPH308 Communication, Disability & Neurological Impairment (16)

SPH312 Swallowing (8)

SPH314 Therapeutic Communication Practice 3 (16)

SPH315 Therapeutic Communication Practice 3 (Honours) (8)

SPH401 Management and Reflective Practice (8)

SPH402 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4a (Honours) (16)

SPH403 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4a (16)

SPH404 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4a (24)

SPH405 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4a (Honours) (12)

SPH411 Advances Topics in Communication and Swallowing (8)

SPH412 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4b (Honours) (16)

SPH413 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4b (16)

SPH414 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4b (24)

SPH415 Therapeutic Communication Practice 4b (Honours) (12)

SPH421 Management and Reflective Practice (16)

SPH422 Advances in Professional Practice (8)

SPH423 Advanced Topics in Communication and Swallowing (16)

SPH510 Introduction to communication and swallowing (8)

SPH511 Introduction to models of communication and swallowing practice (8)

SPH512 Assessment and analysis of sensory-motor skills (8)

SPH513 Assessment of language and cognition in speech pathology (8)

SPH514 An introduction to reflective practice and clinical reasoning (8)

SPH522 Intervention for sensory-motor impairments in speech pathology (8)

SPH523 Intervention for language and cognitive impairments in speech pathology (8)

SPH524 Issues of ethics, access and equity in speech pathology practice (8)

SPH532 Integrating research and practice for complex case studies in speech pathology (8)

SPH534 Cultural competency and community development as speech pathology practice (8)

SRM500 Social Research Methods (8)

SSC501 Science & Society (8)

SSC502 Ethics, Law and Medical Science (8)

SSC503 Rural Populations and Places (8)

SSS008 Mathematics for the Sciences (4)

SSS009 Mathematics for Calculus (4)

SSS010 Introduction to Chemistry (6)

SSS011 Introductory Physics (6)

SSS013 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences (2)

SSS014 Stepping into Statistics (2)

SSS015 Transition to Policing Studies (6)

SSS016 Transition to Nursing Studies (4)

SSS018 Foundation Mathematics (4)

SSS019 ADPP Bridging (8)

SSS020 Transition to Tertiary Study for Indigenous Students (6)

SSS021 Transition to University Study (5)

SSS022 Writing at University (5)

SSS023 Introduction to Learning Online (5)

SSS024 Grammar Essentials for Writing at University (5)

SSS025 Introduction To Bioscience (6)

SSS026 Developing Skills in Information Technology (6)

SSS027 Mathematics for Teachers (4)

SSS028 Transition from TAFE/VET to University (6)

SSS029 Introduction to Anatomy (6)

SSS050 CSU Connect: Introduction to Tertiary Study (8)

SSS061 CSU Connect: Preparation for Studying Business (8)

SSS062 CSU Connect: Preparation for Studying the Sciences (8)

STA001 Bridging Into Statistics (2)

STA172 Statistics (8)

STA201 Scientific Statistics (8)

STA302 Statistical Techniques (8)

STA308 Experimental Design and Analysis (8)

STA335 Generalised Linear Models (8)

STA347 Multivariate Statistical Analysis (8)

STA382 Research Methods & Statistics (8)

STA401 Postgraduate Scientific Statistics (8)

STA404 Statistical Reasoning (8)

STA408 Linear Models (8)

STA409 Extended Linear Models (8)

STA420 Scientific Statistics (8)

STA427 Generalised Linear Models (8)

STA447 Advanced Business Statistics (8)

STA502 Spatial Statistics (PG) (8)

STA508 Postgraduate Experimental Design & Analysis (8)

STA517 Nonlinear Regression Modelling (8)

STA526 Stochastic Models (8)

SWK402 Social Planning and Evaluation (8)

SWK404 Advanced Groupwork (8)

SWK414 International Social Development (8)

SWK415 Social Work and Social Policy I (8)

SWK423 Ethics and Social Work Practice (8)

SWK424 Social Work Field Education 2A (16)

SWK430 Social Work Honours Project/Dissertation (16)

SWK500 Social Work and Human Services Dissertation (16)

SWK501 Advanced Social Work Practice Theory (8)

SWK504 Human Services Research Methods (8)

SWK505 Social Work/Social Welfare Dissertation (16)

SWK701 Social Work in Practice (16)

SWK702 Advanced Human Services Research (16)

SWK703 Social Work Research Critique and Publication (16)

SWK704 Dissertation Development (16)

SWK705 Doctoral Dissertation (Part Time) (64)

SWK706 Doctoral Dissertation (F/T) (96)

SWK707 Doctoral Dissertation (P/T) (96)

SWK712 Advanced Human Services Research (16)

SWK713 Social work research critique and publication (16)

SWK715 Doctoral dissertation (full-time) (64)

SWK725 Doctoral dissertation (part-time) (64)

THL100 Introduction To Biblical Languages (8)

THL101 New Testament Greek 1 (8)

THL102 Biblical Hebrew 1 (8)

THL104 Old Testament History and Theology (8)

THL105 Introduction To Old Testament Studies (8)

THL106 Introduction To New Testament Studies (8)

THL111 Introduction To Christian Theology (8)

THL113 Being The Church (8)

THL115 Liturgical Theology (8)

THL120 Practical Theology (8)

THL131 Rise of Christianity to 600 C E (8)

THL132 The European Reformations, 1400-1700 (8)

THL202 Old Testament History And Narrative (8)

THL203 Paul And His Letters (8)

THL204 New Testament Greek 2 (8)

THL208 The Synoptic Gospels (8)

THL209 Wisdom And Worship Traditions (8)

THL211 Creation And Ecology (8)

THL215 Jesus The Christ (8)

THL216 Christian Spirituality (8)

THL218 Christian Ministry (8)

THL220 The Diaconate (8)

THL225 Aboriginal Cultures and Spirituality (8)

THL228 Pastoral Care (8)

THL230 Cross Cultural Ministry In Australia (8)

THL231 Christianity In Australian History (8)

THL235 Medieval Church History (500-1500 CE) (8)

THL238 Mission, Evangelism And Apologetics (8)

THL241 Biblical Hebrew 2 (8)

THL242 New Religious Movements, Cults and Sects (8)

THL245 God, Humanity and Difference (8)

THL250 Ministry Across The Lifespan (8)

THL301 Alternative New Testament Voices (8)

THL302 New Testament Greek 3 (8)

THL303 Judaism And Early Christianity (8)

THL304 The Pentateuch (8)

THL306 Biblical Hebrew 3 (8)

THL307 The Johannine Literature (8)

THL308 The Prophetic Literature (8)

THL310 Ordination Studies (8)

THL314 Sacramental Theology (8)

THL315 Anglican Foundations (8)

THL316 The Triune God (8)

THL319 Uniting Church Studies (8)

THL320 Homiletics (8)

THL322 Theology, The Arts And Film (8)

THL324 Worship 2 (The Extemporary Tradition) (8)

THL325 Pastoral Care: Advanced Practice (8)

THL326 Theological Ethics (8)

THL328 Reconciliation: The Theological-Political Nexus in Indigenous Public Policy (8)

THL329 World Religions (8)

THL330 Global Christianity Since 1700 (8)

THL332 Christian Mission: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (8)

THL334 Interfaith Dialogue (8)

THL341 Guided Research (8)

THL354 Youth, Culture And Mission (8)

THL361 Theology International Study Experience (8)

THL366 Christian Education (8)

THL400 Pastoral Counselling Skills (8)

THL407 Jesus The Christ (8)

THL408 Introduction To Old Testament Studies (8)

THL409 Introduction To New Testament Studies (8)

THL410 The Rise Of Christianity To 600 C E (8)

THL411 Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies (16)

THL412 Contemporary Theology in a Global Context (16)

THL413 Church History Methodology (16)

THL414 Truth and Knowing in Theology (16)

THL415 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (32)

THL416 Biblical Hebrew 1 (8)

THL417 New Testament Greek 1 (8)

THL418 Christian Ministry (8)

THL419 The European Reformations, 1400-1700 (8)

THL420 Pastoral Counselling: Theory and Professional Issues (8)

THL421 Principles of Church Leadership (8)

THL422 Principles of Church Management (8)

THL423 Mission and Evangelism (8)

THL426 The Diaconate (8)

THL427 Theology Research Project (8)

THL428 Pastoral Counselling: Grief and Loss (8)

THL430 Pastoral Counselling: Crisis Intervention (8)

THL432 Pastoral Counselling: Relationship and Family (8)

THL433 Applied Pastoral Counselling Skills (8)

THL434 Spiritual Direction in the Christian Tradition (8)

THL435 Applied Pastoral Theology (8)

THL438 Mission, Evangelism And Apologetics (8)

THL440 Anglican Foundations (8)

THL441 Uniting Church Studies (8)

THL443 New Testament Greek 2 (8)

THL444 Pastoral and Spiritual Care in Residential and Community Aged Care Settings (8)

THL445 Psychosocial and Spiritual Development in Older People (8)

THL446 Pastoral Care and Elderly People (8)

THL447 Pastoral Care in Mental Health and Dementia (8)

THL451 Ethical and Theological Issues in Ageing (8)

THL453 Supervision in Ministry (8)

THL454 Christologies in Context (16)

THL455 Mission Leadership in Australia (8)

THL456 Ministry in Context: Rural (8)

THL457 Biblical Hebrew 2 (8)

THL458 Theology for Youth Ministry (8)

THL459 The Ageing Person: Challenges for Body and Spirit (8)

THL460 Introduction To Christian Theology (8)

THL461 Being The Church (8)

THL462 Theological Perspectives on Ageing (8)

THL463 Pastoral Care in Ageing: Family and Social Contexts (8)

THL467 Research Project in Ageing and Pastoral Studies (32)

THL470 Religious and Values Education In Context (16)

THL471 Teaching The Bible (8)

THL472 Teaching Philosophy of Religion (8)

THL473 Teaching Religious Ethics (8)

THL474 Teaching Religions Of The World (8)

THL478 Independent Guided Study in Theology and Social Policy (8)

THL479 Religious and Values Education Reflective Practice (16)

THL480 Principles of Public and Contextual Theology (8)

THL481 Scripture, Culture and Context (8)

THL482 Cultural Foundations of Cross-Cultural Theology (8)

THL483 Christian Perspectives on Multiculturalism in Australia (8)

THL485 Christian Theology and Religious Pluralism (8)

THL486 Cross Cultural Ministry In Australia (8)

THL487 World Religions (8)

THL488 Doing Theology on Aboriginal Land (8)

THL489 Doing Theology and Ministry in Diaspora (8)

THL493 Christian Ethics (8)

THL494 Contemporary Discipleship (8)

THL495 Mark in the Market Place (8)

THL497 Politics, Power and the Person of Christ (8)

THL501 Independent Guided Reading (16)

THL510 Issues in Ministry: Project (16)

THL511 Contemporary Approaches to Biblical Studies (16)

THL512 Contemporary Theology in a Global Context (16)

THL513 Church History Methodology (16)

THL514 Truth and Knowing in Theology (16)

THL515 Issues in Public and Contextual Theology: Project (16)

THL517 Advanced Biblical Exegesis (16)

THL518 Studies in Liturgy and Worship (16)

THL520 Advanced Pastoral Counselling (16)

THL521 Pastoral Counselling and Spirituality (8)

THL523 Pastoral Counselling Professional Practice (16)

THL524 Reflective Practitioner Perspectives in Pastoral Counselling (16)

THL530 Social Research Methods for Pastoral Studies (8)

THL531 Pastoral Counselling: Research Proposal (8)

THL540 Public Theology (16)

THL541 Critical Studies In Ecotheology (16)

THL554 Christologies in Context (16)

THL555 Theology Honours Project/Dissertation (32)

THL560 Issues in Ageing and Pastoral Studies: Project (16)

THL563 Pastoral Care in Ageing: Family, Social and Cultural Contexts (16)

THL564 Dementia: Challenge for Pastoral and Spiritual Care (8)

THL565 Dying, Death and Pastoral Care in Ageing (8)

THL566 Pastoral Practice in Ageing: Politics, Policy and Principles (8)

THL580 Religious And Values Education: Media, Popular Culture And The Arts (16)

THL581 Religious And Values Education: Philosophical & Ethical Enquiry (16)

THL585 Religious and Values Education: Research Project (16)

THL601 Master Honours Research (Theology) PT (128)

THL602 Master Honours Research (Theology) FT (128)

THL611 Masters Research (Theology) PT (64)

THL612 Masters Research (Theology) FT (64)

THL625 Pastoral Counselling Dissertation (32)

THL660 Masters Dissertation in Ageing and Pastoral Studies (32)

THL701 Doctoral Research (Theology) PT (192)

THL702 Doctoral Research (Theology) FT (192)

THL706 Doctoral Dissertation (Ministry) PT (96)

THL708 Doctoral Dissertation (Ministry) FT (96)

THM108 Principles of Theatre/Media (16)

THM207 Drama and Theatre for Young People (8)

THM208 Devised Performance (16)

THM300 Theatre and Cultural Action (8)

THM302 Theatre Media Workshop (16)

THM308 Production Workshop (16)

TRM210 Introduction to Tourism (8)

TRM310 Tourism Impacts, Ethics and Sustainability (8)

TRM330 Issues in Tourism Policy and Planning (8)

TRM340 Tourism Project (8)

TRM360 Tourism Event Management (8)

TRM515 Tourism Policy and Strategic Planning (8)

TRM516 The Management of Tourism Events (8)

TVP105 Television Technology (8)

TVP106 Television Production 2 (8)

TVP203 Television Post Production. (8)

TVP204 Outside Broadcast Production (8)

TVP302 Television Project 1 (16)

TVP305 Television Industry Internship (0)

TXT111 Introduction to Textiles: Surface & Form (8)

TXT201 Textiles & Costumes for Theatre & Television (8)

ULM511 University Approaches to Leadership and Management (16)

ULM512 University Governance and Strategic Leadership and Management (16)

VFX101 Introduction to Animation (8)

VFX105 3D Modelling and Rendering (8)

VFX106 3D Animation (8)

VFX205 Digital Compositing (8)

VFX206 Special Effects (8)

VFX220 Interactive Animation (8)

VFX301 Visual Production Project (16)

VIS101 Visual Communication (8)

VIS102 History of Photography (8)

VIS202 Contemporary Photography (8)

VIS503 Writing for the Arts (32)

VIT211 Viticultural Science (8)

VIT301 Vine Physiology (8)

VIT311 Vine Health (8)

VIT312 Vineyard Establishment (8)

VIT402 Vine Physiology (PG) (8)

VIT403 Vineyard Establishment (PG) (8)

VIT404 Vine Health (PG) (8)

VIT501 Advanced Viticultural Science (8)

VIT502 Advanced Grape and Wine Studies (8)

VPA101 Fundamentals of Design 1 (8)

VPA102 Fundamentals of Design 2 (8)

VPA104 Introduction to Digital Imaging (8)

VPA105 Typography and Publishing (8)

VPA106 Introduction to Sound Production (8)

VPA110 Visual Story Telling (8)

VPA111 Live Studio Collaboration (8)

VPA112 Live Studio Collaboration (8)

VPA113 Sound and Space (8)

VPA200 Creative External Production (8)

VPA209 Studio and Location Practice (8)

VPA210 Arts Management (8)

VPA211 Materials and Image Development (8)

VPA212 Materials and Image Research (8)

VPA213 Music Technology (8)

VPA215 Broadcast Sound (8)

VPA301 Studio Production (16)

VPA302 Industry and Internship Experience (8)

VPA303 Stage and Screen Project (16)

VPA310 Project Management (8)

VPA315 Portfolio (16)

VPA316 Studio Research (16)

VPA317 Design Management (8)

VPA318 Contemporary Design in Context (8)

VPA319 Studio Research & Seminar (24)

VPA320 Studio Research and Seminar (24)

VPA414 Research Methods for Arts Practice (Honours) (16)

VPA415 Creative Practice Honours Project (32)

VPA500 Master of Art Research Project & Seminar (64)

VPA501 Master of Art Research Project & Seminar (64)

VPA705 Contemporary Critical Issues (16)

VPA706 Creative Arts Practice Research Project (96)

VPA707 Reflection on Practice (16)

VPA715 Contemporary Critical Issues (16)

VPA716 Creative Arts Practice Research Project (96)

VPA717 Reflection on Practice (16)

VSC100 Pre Veterinary Science (0)

VSC110 Animal Production and Welfare (8)

VSC112 Animal Behaviour and Welfare (8)

VSC113 Fundamentals of Veterinary Cell Biology (8)

VSC114 Applied Veterinary Epidemiology (8)

VSC115 Pastures and Profits in Grazing Systems (8)

VSC118 Veterinary Practice 1 (8)

VSC201 Introduction to Veterinary Life (8)

VSC218 Veterinary Practice 2 (8)

VSC219 Veterinary Practice 2 (0)

VSC223 Veterinary Histology and Immunology (8)

VSC224 Veterinary Anatomy (8)

VSC225 Comparative Anatomy (8)

VSC226 Veterinary Physiology (8)

VSC227 Applied Veterinary Physiology (8)

VSC310 Principles of Pathobiology (8)

VSC319 Veterinary Practice 3 (0)

VSC321 Principles of Clinical and Systematic Pathology (8)

VSC323 Veterinary Microbiology and Parasitology (8)

VSC324 Veterinary Pharmacology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics (8)

VSC331 Diagnosis and Critical Thinking in Veterinary Science (8)

VSC332 Advanced Animal Nutrition And Biochemistry (8)

VSC410 Clinical Practice 1 (8)

VSC415 Population Medicine (8)

VSC416 Production Animal Medicine 1 (8)

VSC417 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery 1 (8)

VSC418 Public Health and Biosecurity 1 (8)

VSC419 Veterinary Practice 4 (0)

VSC420 Clinical Practice 2 (8)

VSC425 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery 2 (8)

VSC426 Production Animal Medicine 2 (8)

VSC427 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery 3 (8)

VSC428 Population Medicine and Public Health (8)

VSC432 Advanced Animal Nutrition And Biochemistry (8)

VSC450 Clinical Practice 3 (8)

VSC451 Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery 4 (8)

VSC453 Public Health And Biosecurity 2 (8)

VSC455 Transition to the Profession (8)

VSC456 Clinical Rotation 1 - Equine Practice (8)

VSC457 Clinical Rotation 2 - Small Animal Practice (8)

VSC460 Veterinary Professional Practice (8)

VSC461 Clinical Rotation 3 - Dairy Cattle Practice (8)

VSC462 Clinical Rotation 4 - Rural Practice (8)

VSC463 Clinical Rotation 5 - Veterinary Diagnostic Services (8)

VSC464 Clinical Rotation 6- Specialism Practice (8)

VSC465 Clinical Rotation 7- Livestock Industries (8)

VSC466 Clinical Rotation 8 - Mixed Practice (8)

VSC467 Clinical Rotation 9 - State Veterinary Medicine (8)

VSC470 Clinical Rotation 10 - Clinical Extramural Studies 3 (8)

VSC501 Herd & Flock Consultancy (8)

VSC502 Whole Farm Major Consultancy (16)

VSC503 Whole Farm Minor Consultancy 1 (8)

VSC504 Whole Farm Minor Consultancy 2 (8)

VSC507 Clinical Related Disciplines Practicum (16)

VSC508 Clinical Practicum 1 (8)

VSC509 Clinical Practicum 2 (8)

VSC511 Veterinary Clinical Skills (32)

VSC612 Masters Research (16)

VSC613 Veterinary Masters Dissertation (32)

VSC614 Clinical Research Internship (16)

VSC621 Master Research (Animal and Veterinary Sciences) Part-time (128)

VSC622 Master Research (Animal and Veterinary Sciences) Full-time (128)

VSC706 Clinical Research Dissertation (96)

VSC707 Advanced Clinical Related Disciplines Practicum (16)

VSC708 Advanced Clinical Practicum 1 (8)

VSC709 Advanced Clinical Practicum 2 (8)

VSC711 Advanced Veterinary Clinical Skills (32)

VSC712 Doctorate Research Plan (16)

VSC714 Advanced Clinical Research Internship (16)

VSC721 Doctoral Research (Animal and Veterinary Sciences) Part-time (192)

VSC722 Doctoral Research (Animal and Veterinary Sciences) Full-time (192)

WEL108 Casework (8)

WEL109 Youth Service Provision and Delivery (8)

WEL110 Practice & Theory of Case Management (8)

WEL112 Perspectives in Developmental Disabilities 2 (8)

WEL116 Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling 1 (8)

WEL206 Facilitating Positive Behaviour (8)

WEL207 Skills of Living (8)

WEL217 Social Dimensions of Disability (8)

WEL218 Developing Cross Cultural Competencies (8)

WEL220 Programming Skills (8)

WEL221 Acquired Brain Injury (8)

WEL228 Disability Issues for Families (8)

WEL229 Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling 2 (8)

WEL306 Non-Metropolitan Welfare Services (8)

WEL407 Child and Adolescent Welfare in Aboriginal Communities (8)

WEL409 Grief and Loss (8)

WEL414 Genetic Counselling (8)

WEL415 Professional Issues in Genetic Counselling (8)

WEL418 Case Management (8)

WEL420 Working in Child Protection (8)

WEL422 Substitute Care (8)

WEL423 Counselling Theory and Practice (8)

WEL424 Loss, Grief and Palliative Care for Older People (8)

WEL503 Social Policy Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation (16)

WEL505 Child Welfare: Policy and Practice (16)

WEL508 Social Policy Reading Subject (8)

WEL522 Addiction Studies (8)

WEL601 Master Honours Research (Welfare) PT (128)

WEL602 Master Honours Research (Welfare) FT (128)

WEL701 Doctoral Research PT (192)

WEL702 Doctoral Research FT (192)

WIS408 WISE Exchange Program (8)

WIS418 WISE Exchange Program (8)

WIS448 WISE Exchange Program (8)

WRT210 Writing for Publication (8)

WRT211 Screenwriting Television Drama Series (8)

WRT301 Life Writing (8)

WSC101 Wine Science 1 (8)

WSC111 Grape and Wine Science (8)

WSC201 Wine Production 1 (8)

WSC210 Sensory Science (8)

WSC260 Wine Industry Experience (0)

WSC301 Wine Production 2 (8)

WSC304 Wine Chemistry (8)

WSC307 Wine Microbiology (8)

WSC310 Wine Sensory Assessment (8)

WSC312 Wine Science 2 (8)

WSC314 Research Project (8)

WSC401 Wine Science (PG) (8)

WSC402 Wine Production (PG) (8)

WSC403 Wine Production 2 (PG) (8)

WSC404 Wine Sensory Assessment (PG) (8)

WSC501 Viticulture and Oenology Research Proposal (8)

WSC502 Advanced Viticulture/Oenology Dissertation (32)

WSC503 Viticulture/Oenology Dissertation (16)

WSC504 Advanced Oenology (8)

WSC510 Sensory Science (PG) (8)