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CHP203 Primary Health Care Research Project (16)


This subject relates theoretical and practical application gleaned from previous subjects to Primary Health Care model, to deduce full examination of an elected aspect of contemporary Aboriginal Health. The subject includes research of the topic and contributing factors, management and prevention strategies, and a plan for a health promotion strategy. A one week placement is a compulsory component of this subject.

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLSchool of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health

Assumed Knowledge


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
* demonstrate an understanding of what research is and why research is necessary and valuable to Indigenous health workers.
* explain the cultural requirements, which must be met in order to carry out research in an Indigenous context.
* determine a set of guidelines for research within an Indigenous context/community.
* write a proposal outlining the topic and project plan, including: aims; clear objectives; description; target group/s; positive influences; obstacles; scope; anticipated outcomes of the project.
* access literature and conduct a literature search of material relevant to the topic of choice.
* demonstrate an understanding of the different research methods.
* justify research method selected for proposed project.
* demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of ethics. Submit a proposal to an ethics committee (if applicable).
* demonstrate an understanding of consent and demonstrate how to present their project to intended research subjects. (If applicable).
* undertake data collection activity/s.
* analyse and format data for presentation within the framework of the project proposal.
* demonstrate an understanding of elementary statistical methods and how to use them when analysing data. (If applicable)
* produce a comprehensive research report, indicating implications for the project proposal and making strategic developments and/or changes based on the evidence produced.
* ensure availability of resources to implement project.
* identify the sequence of tasks logically.
* manage time effectively.
* provide information about task requirements for other personnel involved in the project (if applicable).
* coordinate the deployment of resources.
* ensure the community/organisation is aware of the purpose of the project through marketing strategies.
* overcome any community/organisational resistance to the project.
* implement the Primary Health Care/Health Promotion Project.
* evaluate the effectiveness of the project.


The subject will cover the following topics:
* Choosing a topic of research. * Designing a project: literature review; determining available resources; data collection methods; writing a research project outline. * Questionnaire design and surveys. * Writing a submission for an ethic committee. * Ethics/confidentiality/plagiarism/consent issues. * Elementary statistics. * Data review and analysis. * Writing up a research report and conducting a presentation of the findings. * Plan, design and implement an educational or health promotion program based on the specific needs of Indigenous people and their communities.

Residential School

This subject contains a compulsory 14 day residential school. A residential school is offered to enhance the students learning experience. Time is spent delivering lectures and tutorials. As well CSU's Indigenous support unit offers additional intensive support to students. During this time the student is acclimatised to the rigour of academic study.


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