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COM119 Media Production and Presentation 2 (8)


This subject extends the participants' critical understanding of a range of media production procedures and presentational issues associated with digital media production, seminar presentations and 'in-role' communication through live and recorded media performances. COM119 develops core production, presentation, and digital media competencies that prepare undergraduates for second and third level subjects in all strands of the BA (Communication). Approaches to voice production are introduced to develop awareness of breath control, relaxation, body alignment and voice projection for live performances and mediated presentations.

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Subject information

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One sessionHD/FLSchool of Communication and Creative Industries

Assumed Knowledge


Enrolment restrictions

Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Advertising) Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Journalism) Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Organisational Communication & Public Relations) Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Theatre Media) Bachleor of Arts (Communication - Commercial Radio) Bachelor of Sport & Recreation/Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Journalism) Bachelor of Arts (Communication - Advertising)/Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Bachelor of Arts (Communication Public Relations and Organisational Communication)/Bachelor of Business Studies

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
- be able to present a developed analysis of how social communication initiatives use the concepts of aesthetic distance, frame and (re)framing and conventions of dramatic role to facilitate critical communication transactions with radio audiences and participants in live events
- be able to demonstrate a range of skills that enhance that enhance the interpersonal, vocal, and presentational dimension of effective communication in both live event and digitally mediated performance contexts
- be able to cooperatively interact with others as an effective collaborator in the development of multiple projects; from initial concept through to mediated live performances and submission of post-production reports
- be able to demonstrate a developed capacity to create well-researched, problem-posing briefings on a range of communication topics and use situated role-performances to present a persuasive rhetoric that communicates passion and enthusiasm for the topic discussed


The subject will cover the following topics:
- social constructivist strategies for effective teamwork that emphasise critical thinking though co-intentional dialogue; especially, where these tasks promote the application of critical reasoning, critical self-reflection and collaborative cultural action through presentational tasks; digital media cultures and concepts of converging technologies; - manipulation strategies for image, sound, and text in an integrated digital environment; - software tools for presentations and web authoring; - planning and presentational issues for media productions, live performances, and professional presentations; - voice as persona : presentation of self and 'self in-role'; - attitudes to voice and text: energy, imagery and sound for public address systems; and - physical presence: body alignment, body language, gesture, and breath control for professional communicators.


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