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EML110 English 1: Language as Social Practice (8)


This subject develops critical knowledge of English language and literacy as socio-cultural practice. It focuses on language development and literacy practices in home and community settings examining the nature of texts, their characteristics and functions within an environment of multiliteracies. Specific emphasis is placed on enhancing students' understanding and use of literary, factual and multimodal texts. Students' academic literacy skills will be enhanced by developing confidence and competence using a range of texts. It is one of a series of subjects focussed on English literacy and prepares students for subsequent study of reading and the Primary English curriculum.

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One sessionHD/FLFaculty of Arts and Education

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EED112 EML101

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
- be able to describe the social construction of literacy, language and culture;
- be able to describe the nature of language development;
- be able to describe the relationship between the purposes and the processes involved with the construction of text;
- demonstrate knowledge of the key concepts and theoretical underpinnings of literacy and language;
- recognise that texts have different forms, structures, grammatical and organisational characteristics;
- appreciate that control over different forms of text is fundamental to literacy development;
- critically analyse techniques, forms and structures employed by writers to position readers;
- be able to evaluate different forms of texts and their demands on the reader;
- understand the Four Practices of a literacy learner;
- have engaged in the discourse of the profession.


The subject will cover the following topics:
-Literacy and language as social practice. -Language acquisition and development. -Text, language and culture. -Literature and identity. -Four Practices Model (Freebody & Luke, 1990). -Understanding multiliteracies and multimodal texts. -Developing the metalanguage of English. -Analysis of text: global coherence ? (meaning patterns, linguistic patterns, visual and auditory patterns) and local coherence (sentence, grammatical patterns, vocabulary). -Academic literacy skills. -Critical appreciation, analysis, interpretation and creation of a wide range of texts.


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