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HLT100 Professional Issues in Health (8)


This subject considers topics such as professionalism, ethics, medico-legal issues and communication in the health care field. It introduces students to the basic responsibilities of the health care professional. It also considers the differential access and distribution of health care both within and between communities. The subject is multi-disciplinary and is intended for students in different allied health courses. Students will focus on professional issues pertaining to their own profession as well as gain an overview of those relevant to other allied health areas. The subject will also cover health issues and illnesses experienced by different groups and societies and how the level of organisation and development within a society determines health standards. The social processes involved in dealing with the promotion of health and health care will also be covered.

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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLSchool of Biomedical Sciences

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
Discussed the development of the profession of which they are a part.
Reviewed the Australian health care system and issues surrounding indigenous and ethnic health
Discussed and used strategies which foster good communication
Discussed how professional practice is informed by the study of ethics
Discussed medico legal issues which impact on professional practice
Examined the relationship between health, illness and social class
Explored the relevance of gender in health care professions, health care delivery and access to appropriate health care.
Articulated social factors which lead to unequal chances for good health.
Discussed issues surrounding availability of appropriate health care services for particular social groups
Sociologically analysed the social production of health care in local, national and global contexts
Examined current issues in the promotion of public health.
Examined issues surrounding increasing use of technology in medicine.
Developed an appreciation of the skills required to critically review literature


The subject will cover the following topics:
Professionalism Definitions of professions Histories of professions Current professional issues The Health care system Public health care system Private health care system Alternate models of health care Communication Verbal communication Non-verbal communication Models of communication Literature appreciation Professional writing Literature searches and use Appraising literature Ethics Schools of ethics Health ethics Application of ethics in clinical sciences Codes of professional conduct Medico legal issues Areas of Responsibility Laws Procedures Guidelines Health, illness and wellbeing from a social perspective Sociological approaches to health and illness Social origins of health class position life style occupations Public health Equity in the provision health chances and access to appropriate services Disadvantaged groups Gender and health Aboriginal health Age and health Ethnicity and health Current issues The new public health Health promotion Illness prevention Aging population Technology


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