ISL282 History of Prophets: Adam to Jesus (8)


This subject looks at the history of prophets and monotheism from the perspective of the Qur’an spanning the human legacy from the first man and the first Prophet Adam (pbuh) to the last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Qur’anic narratives will be given in order to see how prophets influenced the world history. Main topics that will be covered are: Qur’anic approach to prophetic stories; Adam, the first man and the first Prophet, prophets up to Noah and the flood, the Prophet Abraham and his fight against paganism, the Prophet Joseph, the Prophet Moses, prophets sent to Bani Israel after Moses and Jesus.

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Session 1
Distance*United Theological College
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Subject information

Duration Grading System School:
One sessionHD/FLCentre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this subject, students should:
  • be able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the prophetic history of as described in Islamic sources
  • be able to understand critically the relevance of prophetic stories in contemporary times and people
  • be able to analyse and discuss critically to theological matters related to each Qur'anic prophet and their history
  • be able to articulate an understanding of how religion develops within the context prophetic history
  • be able to demonstrate independent research, organisation, written and oral communication skills through the presentation of a substantial work


The subject will cover the following topics:
  • Adam: The First Man and First Prophet and Idris
  • Noah and the Flood
  • Hud and Salih Prophets
  • Abraham and Monotheism in the Near East
  • Prophets Lot, Shu'ayb, Ismail and Ishaq
  • Jacob, Joseph and the Children of Israel
  • Prophets Job, Dhul-Kifl, The People of Yasin and Jonah
  • Moses
  • David, Solomon, Luqman, al-Khidr, Dhu al-Qarnayn
  • Zachariah, John and Mary
  • Jesus in the Qur'an and Islamic Tradition


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